She only moves when I’m not looking…

The Classrooms is if the Backrooms and SCP had a baby and it was really scary
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Christopher Isaac R. P.

Holy CRAP I don’t think I’ve ever caught a video so soon after uploading. Can’t wait to get spooked lmao

    Civil Cayman



    same, I didn’t even get my notification yet lol!


You know it’s gonna be a good day when Jack uploads

    Saul milkmn

    Very true statement.


This is one of the scariest concepts to me for some reason. Being followed and not being able to stop it is terrifying. Thank you Jack for bringing some humor to this 🙂


    Your shadow does this all the time, bro.

    …sorry for ruining your day. 😔


so many youtubers come and go but only jack maintains his consistency throughout the years. mad respect man


The fact that Sean still does Top of the mornin intro shows how much he appreciates our nostalgia.


    its just his intro?


You know it’s gonna be a good day when Sean uploads

Barun Majumdar

Jack’s being on a orror marathon lately and I am Loving it


Love when jack posts horror gamplays 😀

Stanley Burgess

Jack playing funny games is one thing, but jack playing horror games is just on another level


More Sean? More HORROR?! YES please ❤

I’m 💯 That B@*!%

Watching this and listening to the podcast simultaneously. I need a laugh today.


Awesome. I am always so excited for jacks videos. Can’t wait for dredge ep 3


just saw this was uploaded after i finished the first two dredge episodes, i’m loving all these horror playthroughs they make my absolute day, thank you so much sean!!

Next Zero

I love how you always make me laugh with your hilarious reactions. You’re such a joy to watch

Izabella Wallin

i love when you make scary games video. its kind of the only thing i like to watch when someone else plays. but i also love when you play the phasmophobia with friends or thrilling indi games with story. <3

Elena Voinea

Jack is one of the person’s to play a scary game and dosen’t get scared that bad at all

Master Bouffalant

I love how all of his scary game-play is absolutely packed with comedy.


Jack your coffee brew is some of the best I’ve ever had not even joking! Props to you man!

Ruby Tiger H

I had only just finished watching the podcast and i was like “oh well i guess i should go to bed” then i saw this video and i was like “YES” and man am i excited

Railroad Guy Gaming

Btw, brain leak is right behind Joe Rogan on the Spotify podcast charts. I’m so happy, love you and Ethan so much and the first episode had me laughing out loud so much 😂

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