SpaceX Starship Test Ends With a Bang

SpaceX's Starship exploded 4 minutes into its flight. Watch the video here.

Fast forward to the explosion: 3:59

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it didn’t achieve orbit, so it self destructed lol.

    Hugh Huang

    achieve orbit wasn’t the goal for this very first test flight

Canadian Car Guy


Vector Pacer

Bang bang here goes the ship

David Muench

I’m not a rocket scientist, but having the entire rocket go boom is a bad thing, right?

    Jav Jav

    Just look at all that diversity in the crowd there 🤦🏽‍♂

    – Riaz

    When does Zephram Cockram go up?

    vall 77

    For a rocket?
    Not necessarily.


    You could see from the get go there were problems. It lumbered off the pad. You could see not all the engines were firing in concert. “All the rest is icing…” Or your public relations scripted comment, if it went awry after getting off the pad.

    Bill Magann

    Not if you are a an Elon lover.


They probably hit the destruct button, realising the fuel laden flying bomb could land anywhere.

    vall 77

    It was well over the ocean by the time they lost control I assume the avionics computer decided to self-terminate

M. Hill

So this is how the Kerbals feel when the kraken attacks.

The Good Guy

They are more excited than Apple employees at iPhone launch day 2007


The fact that it even went of the launch pad is already a massive success


Wow ❤


Clearly, it failed.😂


What and incredible achievement for the first test launch on this platform…absolutely stunning work by the SpaceX Team!!!

Péter Veres

Funny, I have to be happy when something made by my company will explode!?? 😢😂


It literally went UP in flames

Masterchief 2024

They dared to dream, semper fi

chinmoy s

Love CNET ❤️

John O’Neil


William Knowles

Back to drawing board I am looking forward to space cargo shipping service in the near future


2:25 the fuse for stage sep exploded but no separation.


Everyone asking why they’re cheering after it blew up – this was a test flight. The fact that it exploded means there was an issue, and the next model of the starship will likely have a different issue. Eventually after testing for a while there will be no more issues to fix. This is how they do things. Getting the ship off the launch pad was their goal for this launch, and they went above and beyond. Everything here was deserving of celebration!

Boomerino Kripperino

It’s but a minor hiccup. Incredible work and keep pushing forward. Don’t be phased at all.

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