Why You Won’t See Rollable Phones For a While #shorts

Phones with expanding screens are cool, but they're not quite ready yet. #phone #flipphone #smartphone

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    Andrew Cohen

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    Muslim Central

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Ry Gregory

Phones with mechanical moving parts just allow for multiple fail points. I think my “old” phone is just fine. And I will probably buy another “old”-style phone as my next phone.

Gray Sky

I have both the Motorola Razr 2020 and the surface duo. I wanted them both because of their folding design. My opinion is that the folding screen on the Razr is a gimmick, and it doesn’t really add any value to the device, but having multiple screens on the surface duo is really useful because you can have two apps open side-by-side, without having to carry around a tablet.

    The Gadget Guru

    So you’d prefer something the flip over the fold 4 type of deal right?

Andrew Cohen

How am I going to get the proper case for it ?

Bryant Mitchell

I miss the Windows Lumia phones. Bright plastics really made them stand out


My need for a phone is 0, and that is a good thing.


The 2000s again so something completely different and mindblowing gonna come out


no thanks. I want phones with better haptics, it’s impossible to type as well as a physical keyboard with no feedback.

Jose A. De Leon

What do you mean? We just spend money on needles upgrades because spending money is cool. So unAmerican said a Mexican 🤣🤣🤣


Maybe lol


    It depends on the feature

Kian Spencer

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Jeremy Henderson

I want a smart watch that can roll/ straighten out into a phone.

Gee Speller

Yes a change of pace


I prefer the flat design because it already does everything, and it’s not as fragile as the foldable and flip designs are. My guess is I’ll never jump on this new thing

MJ Klein

Didn’t one of Gene Roddenbury’s shows feature a roll-out display on a portable video communications device? I always thought that was very practical. Also Red Planet (2000) shows a pull-out display on a tablet type device.

Fulton Barrons

I’d rather a phone that could project out in front of me. Maybe against a wall of notepad. I think the rollable ones might have too many points of problems by rolling.


Yes I’ve had my Z Fold 3 for 2 years now it’s time bring them to the market

Arnold Mbuthia

It’s like saying cars are boring because they basically are moving boxes on wheels. It’s simply a design convergence. Tech reviewers really don’t know much about tech. Most of them.

Brady McDaniel

Please new host

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