DEAD ISLAND 2 IS FINALLY OUT!!! (My First Reaction)

This video is sponsored by Epic Games! Check out Dead Island 2 on the Epic Games Store Now!!! @Epicgames #DeadIsland2 #epicpartner

Check out Episode 1 of my full playthrough on my let's play channel!

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Dead Island 2! This thrilling First-Person Action RPG takes place in a Los Angeles, where a zombie infection has taken over the city. Explore iconic locations, from the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills to the quirky promenade of Venice Beach, and meet larger-than-life characters as you fight your way through countless foes with tons of weapons, mods, and skills.

Combat in Dead Island 2 is intense brutal melee options that allow you to slice, smash, burn, or rip your way through the zombie horde. With six unique characters to choose from, each with their own personality and dialogues, you can fully customize your Slayer's abilities with our brand-new skill system.

With dozens of distinct zombie types, each with their own mutations, attacks, and hundreds of visual LA-themed variants. These relentless and challenging monsters will keep you on your toes as you try to survive.

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This video is sponsored by Epic Games! Check out Dead Island 2 on the Epic Games Store Now!!! @Epicgames #DeadIsland2 #epicpartner

Check out Episode 1 of my full playthrough on my let’s play channel!

    Kalvin Mason

    Hey delirious I love you man

    chris mims

    kinda wanna see you and toonz do a co-op on this one



    bomer doomer

    Make it a series

    Also *MOAARRRR* goblins…attack!


    love ur vids


If vanoss was here it would’ve been 10× funnier 😂 the zombie duos expert’s

    Leonel Martinez

    Like the dead rising days

mark :3

You gotta do a series on this delirious it’ll be amazing

    bomer doomer

    I wanna see him play factorio with the squad
    Just imagine them trying to figure out stuff togheter,hilarious
    Or maybe they could invite Marticitopants to play and teach them…the amout of content that would make…


    You guys obviously dont stay up to date with his lets play channel, he posted a whole hour of footage of this game

    Leonel Martinez

    @CrookedCrisis I already watched it when it got posted

    Austin Kleinschmidt

    Or you don’t read the descriptions to the link for an hour vid

    Not Ardi

    He did tho 😅😂

Ruhtam 111

I love the gruesome limbs effect in this game, it’s very brutal.


12 minutes of evil Delirious laughing 😂 😈 gotta love it


this game came out WAYYYY better than it should’ve, this game was in purgatory for so long


9 years later delirious is back to dead island


“I’ve put toilet paper on your shopping list” 😂 that was brilliant

I’m Aaron

From 18 y/o and now 27 still watching delirous. 🙌

    Cloud Citizen

    i feel like smthing happened to him.
    hes not getting much views anymore


    @Cloud Citizen no it’s just people grow up and grow out of things so every YouTuber will go through drops of views because not everyone will stay up forever but some people can get back up but there’s always drops in views bound to happen due to people just sadly growing up.

Arjohn Antones

Finally he played a zombi game 😊

Cliperclaper !

H2O Delerious is at his best when edited and out of context, I love it


dude i love dead island and it was one of the only two zombie games i felt like finishing (along with dying light) and i am so pumped to see you play more of this


    Yes both games brilliant zombies games, that mission in dead island with the name dying light convinced me they were made by same company when I was younger


Let’s goo I can’t wait to see the full vod on the let’s play

Brooke Woods

I so want to play this game! Can’t wait to watch your walkthrough!


    It’s so worth it

Chris Espinosa

Love your video bro keep up the good work my dude and your always the best

rayson helder

I’ve been waiting so long for this.
This video is going to be classic

rebecca broad

This brings nostalgia when u and cartoonz played dead island 1 man so happy number 2 came out hopefully u can play with toonz

anwar bojorges

Zombie games with Delirious have been the best since the Pandemic started


Hell yeah! I was up for 3 hours playing this after our 9pm release 😆 Such a fun game!

Constance Nicole

Bruh I love H20dilirious his editing is amazing

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