SpaceX Starship Self-Destructs #shorts

Watch SpaceX's Starship self-destruct 4 minutes into the flight

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#spacex #spacexstarship #shorts



Macabxender Beltoni


Matt VanLuven

No, this was a fail. It did not complete the mission expected out of the launch. FAIL


    All the Starship prototypes are being made to gather info about how to make next prototypes better, and this one did it. Each mission has point. If this one’s point was to sunk Ship in Pacific ocean and Booster in Mexican gulf – it’s a fail. If it’s point was to learn – it’s success. That’s what prototyping is, that’s what iterative design is. And they didn’t blow up Stage 0 conducting the test, that’s great


Why the cheering I’m pissed


He looks like a child watching his daddy at work


Back to the drawing board

Sergey Pol


Baylon Melanie

Elon watching like, why are we clapping? Billions of dollars just went up in flames and we are clapping?




    weekiely 123

    Not more like a few mil but that’s because it’s incredibly advanced technology

dameto cosita

What’s up with the clapping and cheering?


    Stage 0 is intact, that was the minimal goal

    John Theux

    Honestly they were probably pretty bored of working on the same ship and booster for the past two years, now they can focus on the next ones fresh from the production line.

Nicholas Rey

We blew it up! Let’s act like that’s ok so our stock doesn’t tank!!’


    The smartest SpaceX hater:

    Faiz Shaikh

    SpaceX is a private company and not publically traded.


    Would you rather essentially a bomb hit the ground or would you want it to take itself out in the air disintegrating most of the metal and fuel?

    vall 77

    They have private investors but they’re not a public company so they own the entire Company by themselves.

    Anybody who is smart enough to become a private investor (a extremely exclusive deal) SpaceX is betting for the long game this is not a short-term investment.

    John Theux

    It is ok, those rockets are mass produced.

Owen Iozzio

Why are they clapping?

The Gadget Guru

🤣 Elon is looking at everyone thinking wait this isn’t funny or cool why is everyone clapping? Ok I’ll just roll with it


Hope they pick up the pieces and make sure the animals are ok.

    weekiely 123

    They will


Would they cheer if people were on board?

vall 77

Everybody questioning why they are clapping to a failure is a fool.
You reveal your ignorance so easily.

They hope these issues show up early so they can fix them early instead of showing up later when it’s under Primetime operation who wants unresolved issues? raise your hand!
I thought so


I guess it was supposed to

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