SpaceX’s Starship successfully takes off before bursting into flames #shorts

SpaceX's Starship successfully took off before exploding or suffering from "rapid unscheduled disassembly," depending on who you ask.

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The Verge

You can read more about the launch here:


and so does Tesla stock



Purnesh Joshi

Gave me Roman Roy vibes!😂

Jeremiah Anderson-Ferguson

It’s not about the size of the rocket or how it looks, but if it gets the job done…

“Anyway better luck next time”

– That’s what they said

Steven Ingram

Well, it was test a launch. And considering that nature of Space-X, you know it won’t fail the same way twice. 😀


    Sounds like you’re coping.

    Steven Ingram

    Sounds like you’re projecting.

Jeremiah Anderson-Ferguson


= R.U.D.E. (to my intelligence)


Today was the first time humanity launched an interplanetary starship. And the verge chooses to mark the event by posting a vapid clips featuring a smirking reporter.

    Anonymous Freak

    Except… It wasn’t. It was the first launch of a vehicle whose eventual descendant vehicle that *MAY SOME DAY* fly people to another planet.

    If a SpaceX vehicle actually does land on Mars, it will differ _significantly_ from what launched today. Even if it looks kind of similar.


    @Anonymous Freak if raptors could be fueled with pedanticism, we’d be all set to launch you around the moon.

    Anonymous Freak

    @Dantali0n We’ve launched plenty of interplanetary – and even interstellar probes. Until a crew-rated Starship launches, it will be no different.


    @Anonymous Freak are you this fun at all the rocket launch parties? Let’s have a beer and revel in the dawn of the starship age.

    Anonymous Freak

    @Dantali0n I am! I’m just not over-exaggerating the situation. It was still the largest / most powerful rocket to make it off a launchpad.


Thank you Verge, for not being a cult member of Elon Musk.

    David Andersson

    I am sure you have suffered mush from this event. I’m sorry for your loss

Lucasish LOL

At least the start has been more exciting than your content the last few months. I don’t understand the negative news, it was a test and it was clear that not all is working ..

Cable Waffel

Don’t get it twisted. This flight accomplished so much more than the SpaceX team had hoped. Clearing the tower was the only goal.

    David Andersson

    this was literally the only goal SpaceX had. This is a success story


    They literally said they missed several objectives….so yeah don’t get it twisted. Besides launch, it’s was a key objective to make it to stage separation and to fire the raptor engines.

    Johnny Cash III

    Facts! Really wish the stories were being told from this but angle. But people love hype. Not the biggest Elon Musk fan but he is like the world super villain right now

Captain Marvel’s Son

What does it say about us as a society who cheer when something goes horribly wrong?

    Rick Morty

    Those that laugh at someone else’s misfortune, often posses the same character flaws they accuse the other person of having.


    its a successful test flight it was meant to blow up the whole point of the flight was to find weak points and find issues with the rocket

    Anonymous Freak

    Because the engineers gave it only a 50/50 chance of even making it off the pad without blowing up. The fact that it made it long enough into the flight that it should have separated first and second stages before blowing up was considered a huge success.

    Those people you heard cheering? SpaceX employees at the viewing party at company HQ. That was the audio of the actual official SpaceX YouTube feed.

    Dest!ny Fvcker

    I sure would want to cheer when YOU are on it


Just unsubed from The Verge


They don’t engineer ‘em like they used to. None of the Saturn series launches failed, from the first demonstrator launch to the final launch, through all the various vehicle configurations. Now THAT was impressive and even more so when you realize it was done 55 years ago.

William Lee

Going to mars? ok you first… 😂


It’s a prototype still work in progress

Alan Boron

Was almost meant for this to happen

Curtis Baker

It was planned


Still believe about outer space?

Andy S

It’s a clear super flop. But still some people say this was the plan. Man the world is crazy.

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