Are You Smarter Than Me? – WAN Show April 21, 2023

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Mashhood Ahmad

Thanks to the timestamp guy for his service.

    AmaBoss Be Your Own Boss

    Zero timestamps …

    Crazy Harry the Muppet

    ​@Jeremy Corbett OG timestamp guy retired a few weeks back. He posted on the subreddit that he didn’t have the time anymore.

    I ditched My truck in unity

    ​@Crazy Harry the Muppet ironic


    @Crazy Harry the Muppet awww


    Usually such “services” are valued in cash, but it seems LTT doesnt have a spare dime to pay someone for doing their editorial work


I’ll be watching this on floatplane, but omg… I wake up and you guys aren’t live anymore. The length of wanshow is becoming reasonable again 🙁

Edit: it’s not on floatplane yet, so I’ll watch it here


As someone who works overnight security, I am constantly convinced people who make games have literally never used a half decent flashlight. Linus calling it out is hilarious.

    yellow bat

    @Marco Genovesi making the flashlight and making sure it’s usable is top priority. figuring out a way to perfectly diffuse the light and have it illuminate a very large area while not absolutely tanking performance is a completely different beast. the bigger your light is, the more shadows it’s casting and more bounces it will have.


    Currently replying to this at the end of an overnight security shift. 😂 I couldn’t agree more with you!

    Marco Genovesi

    @yellow bat Are you huffing copium? Changing flashlight size or strenght has zero measurable impact on performance in anything from 1995 onwards. Yes the game is already able to render relatively large maps with full illumination and that creates loads of shadows.
    The choice to keep the flashlight small and crappy is 10000% a design choice, you can mod the game and change flashlights or torches illumination range, no problem. It’s a very popular mod for most games that allow modding.

    Sasha Rudyy

    I mean, to have a flashlight light up a dark room like it does in real life you need raytracing to simulate the bounces the light makes, and that is pretty expensive in terms of performance. Tho they could increase their range: they usually don’t reach like, 20 meters.


    Just like as a developer I’m convinced a guy who works overnight security literally never made a fun game.
    It’s about balancing, not realism


Not ashamed to admit it got me at first.
Stage 1> it’s a bodycam
Stage 2> it’s a bodycam with some post processing to make it look kinda gamey, very cool
Stage 3> wait how much editing would that take to make it look that borderline
Stage 4> oshit that’s a game.
It was pretty convincing, had me until pretty close to the end.


    I don’t know how the hell anyone thought that it’s real, just watch 20+ inches display and you’ll see missing shadows, some very low quality assets and even some low quality textures. FFS even in first “scene” when entering the building railing looks like it’s some super streatched texture, multiple times during whole trailer you can see streatched low quality ground texture too.


    The unrealistic part isn’t graphic, it is the movement that character does. There is no way they will be able to make so many complex animations and disconnection between movement direction and camera direction with good “gameplay feel”


    I really don’t understand how any one can think it’s not a game… lol

    Leon C

    @ً me either, it looks like a game within a few seconds, the best guess is that these are people who dont play games and are surprised to see something this much closer to being real that they couldn’t tell the difference.
    edit: the animations are also good, but they are obviously not realistic to the point that you cant tell it from irl


    I still though it was fake untill reading the comments cuz i think a combination of the lighting/graphics, warped camera, and uniwue movement as well as the way the body is incorporated just feels incredibly ungamey

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I love the part when the time stamp guy timestamped all over the place, truly a timestamp moment of all time

Andrew :)

AutoMod won’t let me post Timestamps in 1 comment so here it is in 4!

[0:01] *Topics*
[1:00] *Intro*
[1:25] *Topic 1: Realistic Gameplay Footage*
>2:30 People don’t believe its fake
>3:52 Luke plays devil’s advocate
>6:02 Disproving the footage
>12:02 Area scans are the future of gaming
>17:42 The dangers of hyper-realism
[21:03] *LTT Wag Hoodie Launch*
>24:44 New LTT store items
[26:54] *Topic 2: Nintendo Modder Lawsuit*
>28:59 This is cruel and unusual punishment
>32:04 Possible solutions
>34:46 Does this reduce piracy?
>39:51 This out of line with other White Collar Crimes
[43:39] *Merch Message 1*
>45:36 Advice for an Embedded C Programmer
>48:07 Is AI depriving today’s youth?
>48:58 Post pupper pics on the Forum
>50:09 Youtube/Twitch response to Merch Messages
>51:01 What Kitchen tech do you recommend?
>51:31 What’s the most frustrating bud Luke has dealt with?
[52:34] *Topic 3: Game Devs Crack Down On Hardware Cheating*
>53:15 Cheating using Mouse and Keyboard (MnK) on Controller
>55:25 Why this is hard to stop
>58:12 How should we define cheating?
[1:01:12] *Topic 4: Seagate Fine*
>1:03:05 The double standard of fines
[1:06:58] *Topic 5: UrAvgConsumer LTT Backpack Review*
>1:10:58 Did we send him a backpack?
[1:13:37] *Topic 6: SpaceX Starship Successfully Explodes*
>1:16:13 This is what tests are for
>1:17:22 Armchair scientists
>1:19:29 Parked van was hit



    ​@matt a 20.6% is a very large portion of the video.


    At 26:54 I feel like he needs to get an under the table paying job so they can’t take away from all his money.

    Jeremy Pajot

    Came here because I forgot what magequit was called, thanks!

    Oliver Vaa

    thanks bro

    John Gamble

    ​@matt a Um… it’s 20% of the runtime.

    (This should not be considered a criticism of the actual, volunteer work on the timestamps.)

Mortimer Zabi

Gary Bowser’s sentence might end up encouraging people to pirate more out of spite.

    Marco Genovesi

    @felted sneed yeah don’t worry about it, it’s bad only if they make money out of it, stealing is perfectly OK if done without profit

    Leon C

    @felted sneed lol dude. leeches will still leech. the seeders will do their share. This only serves as a warning to be more careful exposing themselves as the pirates hopefully.

    Leon C

    @felted sneed you are mistaken that he is the creator of Team Xecuter. This is misinfo. Gary was the PR dude lmafo.

Soapy Papoose

Nintendo would happily take that cup of change and then spit in his face laughing.

General Li Shin

As someone who until recently was working on Embedded C myself, for device drivers on Numerical Relays, I’ve shifted to Linux Device Drivers and I’d suggest getting an online portfolio and LinkedIn was the way I got the new job. It’s not too hard to flip over or start over.

Josephine Schellenberger

the only maybe concerning thing about the “Bodycam” game ist the fact. That this Building he is walking through was the original Demo Video from the company who is doing these Megascans of real objects. So the question is will there be more levels or textures with that high quality

    Jan Tuts

    They could just keep scanning real locations (plenty of abandoned buildings, offices, woods, houses, …) but it would definitely limit level design intent. Then again, maybe it’s actually better if the environment are quite literally realistic, not “designed”?

    Also, not looking forward to a 1TB install size lol 😛


    @Jan Tuts Yeah we definitely need a way to load the leves over the internet instead of having them installed locally (a bit like MSFS, but without the luxury of being able to reuse assets so much)


When speaking about the size of fines for companies the size is really important because it is so rare for the people in charge to get prison sentences.

If the only penalty is a fine, then it becomes “cost of doing business” and in that case the fine must be larger than the profit.

This person got both prison and a fine bigger than the profit, which is why it is feels so cruel and unusual.

    P_ Mouse

    I am actually very confused about it in general. I guess that’s the difference between law systems in different countries? But in many many countries the judge would absolutely not fly with this at all for the same reason Linus already mentioned. Similar cases even have happened in the past. In most of these cases the person is just being declared bankrupt. (which btw also sucks). The only case were this wouldn’t be possible, is when there are highly illegal activities involved. These kinda cases are usually just a few years jail time.

reynardt van wyk

Here is where I lose my mind, A small group of individuals mess with Nintendo and end up being screwed for life. Yet somebody like SBF and Elizabeth Holmes (only got 13 years) get to just walk away nearly free of the impact they had on people, where their actions actually cost lives. When I was 20 and you offer me the chance to go sit in jail for $500 million dollars retirement at 40 it would not even be something I would think about. (If it isn’t clear my answer would be where do I sign)

I also think both their schemes was built for early retirement and both of them knew they were going to get caught. Their retirements are set for when they come out of jail.

I would like to see their future income garnished for the investors and lives they impacted but we all know there is two different legal systems in the world.

Martin Schou

The Gary Bowser problem really boils down to this – if a company had been hit with a fine of that size (proportionally), it could simply declare bankruptcy and everyone involved would just walk away and start elsewhere (except the employees, of course – they are always fucked in these things). And it’s not like you can jail a company either.

As long as companies are treated substantially better than actual people, society will not be just.


    ​@gyuI think it’s reasonable to expect your punishment to fit your crime. And I don’t think anyone would think something pretty close to debt slavery would be a reasonableness punishment

    Jared Gregory

    ​@xorinzor That’s mostly beside the point. The problem is not that there was a punishment dealt for committing a crime. The problem is that the punishment is not commensurate with the crime and is outlandishly severe.

    If someone steals, obviously they knew it was wrong, but they shouldnt get their hand cut off for it like they used to back in the day.

    Burhan Budak

    He plead guilty and that’s the issue. If I was Gary I would go off-grid and move abroad where Nintendo has no jurisdiction. American with student debt never does that to so I think it’s about attitude.

Sander Evers

Would be cool to see some coding based video’s on LTT.


Hopefully there will always be WanShow Operator DAN! ❤


45:36 My advice for the C programmer: learn a desktop programming language, like Python, C# or Java. Automation and tools is where 20 years have truly accelerated at, and finally some of the desktop development tools and paradigms are getting into embedded development. Things like unit tests, simulation/emulation before deploying on hardware, continuous integration (CI), CD, etc. are very powerful. Since I employed these techniques (especially unit tests), I’ve had far less need to sit in a lab with physical hardware attached to my laptop. I would write code once on my PC, functionally test it and verify edge cases, and then only have to make sure it compiles to sane code size/time complexity on the target device. That last part is already inclusive of the embedded mindset (no malloc, etc.), so I’m sure that sounds familiar.

Also consider learning C++11 and later. Since then , C++ has got very powerful compile-time expressions and there are plenty of alternatives to the heavy stdlib.
Learn how to automate tedious jobs with said desktop language like Python, C#. I’m not suggesting to go “full stack” professionally. But knowing bits here and there is useful.
Being able to build/automate your own dev environment is useful. Roll your own toolchain instead of the proprietary junk that manufacturers ship to you. Etc.

The programming of embedded devices in C hasn’t changed much. Take it as an advantage that this industry is generally fairly slow paced. It’s not like web where a new JS framework is the next best thing every 6 to 12 months. But given that legacy and high deployment costs is such a major pillar in embedded, it makes a lot more sense to invest in robust code development and testing techniques. There is still plenty of work in embedded, and unlike web/desktop development, I don’t foresee a tool like ChatGPT writing new firmware just yet in the next few years.


    That was the strangest part of that question to me, embedded programming is still useful and will be useful so I don’t know why they laughed.
    If we assume AI or whatever will take over embedded programming then why would anyone assume something else is safe

    Vincent Groenewold

    @CYJANEK They immediately stated they weren’t actually laughing at him… it’s just a kinda weird question to begin with.

    Peter Pain

    @CYJANEK I know of multiple companies over here in europe that would hire him no doubt. After an excruciating background check though. But still.

jean-christophe manciot

Thanks for this weekly show which is most of the time very interesting, but I have to admit not all topics are. However, adding markers in the progress bar for each major topic would be a huge improvement as they would allow us to jump right to the topic(s) that we’re interested in.


The thing that really makes the realistic gameplay footage for me is the natural camera shake. I tried recording videos in game with my Quest 2, just holding the headset in my hand as if it was a camera. And while the Quest 2 graphics are mid, the resulting video still has this weird realistic feel to it. Just because I was holding a “real camera” with my real hands in the game world. Resulting in very natural camera movement.

A Kerbers

Feedback on the more structured approach:
I like that you are scrambling less for what to do next. It’s nice that you already know what to do next and don’t have to constantly negotiate. It feels less stressful.
But I am a bit worried about too much structure destroying the casualness of the conversation. I very much love that you sometimes go off-script if it seems appropriate for the topic or the situation.
For example picking up an earlier topic again spontaneously if you see a good comment that can add to a conversation.
Keep it a genuine conversation and make sure it doesn’t become scripted.


That game demo looks fairly consistent with other UE5 content we’ve seen.

It’s extremely realistic but there are SO MANY things that make it obviously rendered.

It worries me so many people have failed to notice that even when it has been pointed out

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