Humane finally announced what they’ve been working on. A wearable AI assistant. #shorts

Humane finally announced what they've been working on. A wearable AI assistant.

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The Verge

Do you believe this thing will actually work like it did in the presentation?

    Josh Witte


Shawn Orjiakor

Hell no…

Reaper Shaggy

What is it called?

    Saul Goodman


Sergio Sanchez

Just add the useful stuff (IA assistant with the analysis and agenda and translations) in an easy way to a phone.
Keep tue projection and other gadgety stuff off.

Saul Goodman

Beam me up Scotty.

    Jason McCall

    Saul, may you live long and prosper. 🖖

    This was the first Star Trek comment I saw.


I would mainly use this for traveling when you don’t know a language and it’s handy

Darrius W

I’d replace my apple watch with this.


there are some really good concepts here that i would love integrated with a smartwatch/phone

Pondering Spirit

Less technology. More ethics and humanities

Tran Shah

Dude, this is literally like star trek

Blake Walsh

What an absolute dud

David Morrow

Star Trek !!!! I’m in for a communicator thanks

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