A Person Flying Machine for Under $100,000

We got up close and personal with the Jetson One during its US tour.

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The KeenTribe

Shoot. I only have $98,000!


I will sell everything I have to buy one❤

dhirender sahani

Wow what an incredible futuristic flying machine 👏 😍

Novraj Singh khati

do we have a LMG attached version?


This looks gooooood!

Joanna Maria Ochoa

I would love to have one

Jeff Y

Awesome! Wish I could afford it, lol

InTo Chill

I want to see a racing series please.

Civil Repair

How long does the battery last for the average size man?

David Gaudette

Toroidal propellers are supposed to be quieter.

Graham McDonald

Still probably one of the coolest things ever.

    I Gonna Be Neenja

    Honestly it seems AHEAD of its time. Just yesterday we were pouring gas into a big heavy car….


They never let anyone hear how it sounds

Garry Q

I’m suprised it costs so much at $98k – it is essentially a drone with larger engines and battery – the 4 engines and battery would be the costliest components – the chasis and computer would be relatively cheap – I guess they have spent a lot on developing it so its expensive at the beginning to recover costs.

    Tony I.

    Are you serious? I dare you to find something cheaper, or how about you make it cheaper. Clearly you don’t understand how much a manufacturing process works with multiple comments and materials

    Garry Q

    @Tony I. there are competing vtols with similar specs already at half the price and they are not Chinese made even. DJI could easily enter this market at a much more competitive price point.


    you get a fixed wing plane kit with rotax engine for 30k usd

I Gonna Be Neenja

When you realize over night, they made flying cars you thought would be in 2089…….


can we get some raw video with sound of this taking off, in an urban environment

    Vilém Duha

    it’s probably not licensed to fly anywhere near people?

Benjamin Hawkhurst

They are many flying machines that you can ride on for under $100,000.

Yash Puri

The flying car everyone always hoped for in the past is here.


I would buy one if I could afford it 😂. That said, 20 minutes of flight time?

martin vegas

Will this come to the uk?

Henri-fillip BAUER

If that thing had real engines maybe

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