I bought every MacBook Ever.

Well there's $30,000 we're never getting back 😅 If we can ACTUALLY beat Apple in Subscribers, I will build the largest, most powerful iPhone in the world…myself 😳

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OK here’s a deal – the day we overtake Apple in subscribers (they’re on 16.9M), I will personally build the most powerful iPhone in the World….myself. 😎

    R EE Z E K


    B N Surya

    that’s nuts

    Lithiru Weerasooriya

    lol me who is watching your vids on a hp laptop that has intel core i3 7th gen processor i guess still works fine but I did a wifi speed test and the download speed is almost 4 mbps and the upload speed dosen’t even go above 1mbps XD





cherry-! 체리

i’ve been a fan of this guy for around 4 years and he still hasn’t failed to entertain me.


    u are a bts fan it isn’t hard to entertain you

    Ella Soderstrom

    i’ve been a fan of this guy for around 4 years and he still hasn’t failed to entertain me.

    cherry-! 체리

    @Akiara don’t understand what you said

    cherry-! 체리

    @Ella Soderstrom totally didnt js copy me 🤣


    @cherry-! 체리 I’ve been reading that for 2 seconds and I still haven’t gotten my Amazon package


camera man at 14:01 is a real one

    MK8 Master!

    How the hell do you have more subscribers than me?

    awad aka

    MKBHD needs that old Mac with iTunes to active he’s 1st Generation iPhone.



    Benson Paul

    @MK8 Master! Content quality

    MK8 Master!

    @Benson Paul My content is good quality too.


The lengths this man goes to giving us content is absolutely legendary. Hats off.

    Jay Pereira

    I hope he gives to people who need help as well. Otherwise, videos like these leave me thinking that people who do these kind of videos are alienated from what’s going on in the world. And yes, I give heavily to people in need.


    @Jay Pereira Of course he does, you need to look at his interview

    Jay Pereira

    @アルビナYunoa Good to hear, thank you.

    Gerrard Phest

    @Jay Pereira no he doesn’t do that he is really stingy


The audacity to call the customer service is hillarious

    Video KH Channel



    nah he had an issue and wanted to contact customer service
    edit: nah I just watched that part lmao bro really expected the customer service to understand


Love the effort he puts into his videos, and also always finding a way to rickroll us😂



    AbhiXR :)

    he left the 13inch macbook with intel i5 2020edition😛(mine)


    Did u see dat!? On 3:07



    Dhoreen Aniel

    @3RDEYESTUDiOSTOKYO ofc who wouldnt

Eli – Stringz

I’m just speechless by the quality, details and the educative parts of your contents, you’re on a league of your own.


    He sure is awesome


I’m quite surprised by how many of these machines I used, indeed including the Mac Portable.
Fun fact: the trackball of the Portable can be moved to the left side of the keyboard
You missed the PowerBook Duo, kind of the first Ultrabook, with its Dock (with a motorized eject mechism!).

Abhinav Diwakar

Love these kind of videos, they really tell a lot about how tech has evolved over the years that has led up to the point of us having such strong machines

Caleb Allgaier

Can i just point out the fact that the quality of his videos is insane.

    God Beluga

    Thank you

Kumar Sivadas

Crazy level of dedication as always. It’s not hard to imagine how this one man army is going to take over the biggest tech company in terms of subscription.


18:50 The light isn’t actually a separate source, it’s just the back light from the display, which is also why the brightness changes based on your display brightness, so it didn’t use up extra battery power


    Thanks for the correction!


    @Mrwhosetheboss bestie send me a macbook


    @Mrwhosetheboss hi

    Krishang Bhagria

    ​@zarrar me too


    @Mrwhosetheboss hi 🙂 and I see what you did in 3:07 😀

Bishal Khan

Wow, that’s an impressive collection! It’s fascinating to witness the evolution of MacBooks throughout the years, showcasing Apple’s dedication to innovation and design. I have no doubt that with your engaging content and dedication, you can overtake them in subscribers by the end of 2023. Kudos to you for taking on this unique challenge and sharing your experience with us. Keep up the fantastic work, and count on our support as your channel continues to grow and thrive!

Aarushi Bhayana

Arun is the only YouTuber whose videos I can watch for more than 10 minutes without checking how much time has passed. Awesome video as always, Arun and the Team.


These videos are so interesting because you get to see the development of technology as the years go past. You also get to learn a lot of things too!

Jeremy Markel

As a life time Windows and Linux user, buying a MacBook pro with M2 Max earlier this year was quite an experience. The performance is amazing and I’ve found that it’s become my daily driver instead than firing up my noisy and heat generating i9 13900k gaming rig to use it for work and non-gaming related tasks. I’m quite impressed on where Apple has taken their laptops today.


    I’ve been using unreal engine on an M1 macbook air and just recently the performance you could expect has jumped from playable framerates at low settings to high or even epic graphics. This is more a testament to Epic finally optimizing for apples hardware but it also shows just how much performance you can squeeze out of a bottom of the line apple silicon chip if you actually bother to design for it. And people were already impressed by what it could do under rosetta.


My first laptop was the PowerBook G3 – I had the 333mhz version. After that I got the white 500mhz iBook G3 (had to buy and install the AirPort card separately to get the WiFi working). One model line you missed was the Duo – it was the first ultra portable which was so small it didn’t even have a floppy drive and there was a dock you could insert it into like a cartridge and provided support for media/enhanced GPU etc. was the MacBook Air of the 90s


This guy spends every dollar to make me happy ❤

Subhayan Das

One small detail that Arun missed out in the video. Apple inverted their logo on top of the devices from the PowerBook G4 onwards, so when someone’s passing by while you are using your device at any public place, the Apple logo appears to them correctly instead of appearing inverted. A small but very significant update to the design, which I believe acted as an advertisement strategy and contributing to the Apple devices becoming the desirable ones that they are today.

It’s definitely not a coincidence that this design update came just after Steve returned to the company and hired Jony Ive, the two pioneers behind modern day Apple❤

TaLa – Fails

The fact that he’s been doing high-quality content for a long time and still hasn’t gotten bored or reduced the quality speaks volumes about his passion

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