Asus ROG Ally Hands-On

An ambitious handheld gaming PC to take on the Switch and Steam Deck.

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Great if u have herpes

    Jensen Raylight

    now everyone know you got one,
    maybe people should think twice before they’re sharing their kink to the world


Is the handhelds revolution from the 90s making a comeback? Sony’s rumoured to have one in the works as well 😊


Did this man just call Linux proprietary……….


    Since they have not released the source code for SteamOs 3 yet, it is technically proprietary


    Relax, he said SteamOS. You try selling SteamOS. See what happens.


Yes Will Buy


Cool but when are we getting a portable Wii?

    Prosper Omiponle

    I don’t get the hype around a portable Wii tho. A lot of the best Wii games were motion control heavy, so wouldn’t it really suck to not be able to play those games?


    They’re all portable Wiis.

Tony Greco

How much ???

Der belgische Frank

i love it


gonna wait a year before i decide to buy. from my experience asus is one of the worst when it comes to support & updates


    This! This thing is dead on arrival imo. It´s not about the best hardware, but the best community/projects/updates. This is the main reason, the steam deck is so succesful.

Mike R.

Getting one for sure, I love handhelds!

Bryant Mitchell

These guys trying to take on Steam Deck or even the Nintendo Switch don’t seem to realize that price is extremely important. Even more than raw specs.

Nguyễn Mạnh Hà

The price point will be the make or break for this one. Of course this is Asus ROG brandname so I can’t imagine it being less than $800 for the base model. Which puts it in direct competition with all the current handheld PC makers.

Let’s wait and see.


    Speculation is it will be around 650.00 So we will see what happens. That is what ETA Prime was speculating anyways, and he constantly covers this kind of stuff. Check him out if he isn’t on your watch list.

abu jil

Don’t be happy yet
Rog ally have 2 version
1 The first one more powerful than steamdeck but more expensive start from 800+ usd
2 the second one is the troll one, this version not powerful than deck just good for emulator or streaming gaming online like Google stadia, this is the version that cost nearest deck price

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