Fortnite Scary Doll (not really) – Jumpscare Trolling!

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Check out Dead Island 2 on the Epic Games Store Now!!!

    Amanda Huggenkiss


    Eben Thomas E

    where is DI2 game play?


    You guys should try playing Gotham Knights

    Junior The Pegasus

    excited for the steam release as most pc gamers wait for lol

    Cody smith

    Can you do another dead realm video


Hi Vanoss, you’re one of my favorite Youtubers great content . Keep going bro.

    Chrispin Creamers

    @BulkyStew yeah he didn’t 😡😡😡


    @BulkyStew yeah he totally didn’t 😡😡


    Bro e is a meme me and my friends know how do you know the meme e unless you watched my content (you should)


    @Ryantheraider who tf you talking to???


    @UglyboionYoutube kids like 12 leave him alone 😂

MarshKip Gaming

Thank you for feeding us content mr vanoss

    *gawk gawk gawk*
    Oh vanoss you taste so goooood


Hey vannoss been watching a few years love the content keep it up👍


Vanoss video a day keeps the insanity away

    Leonardo Santuario

    Cringeberg. Littleboyberg.

    Han Polo

    Wultuh I require methe.

    Viking Gamer


    Jeffrey Lor

    You’re everywhere Heisenberg

Axel Reyna

Vannos has been the best content creator over the years 👏

    Archie Outdoors

    Yeah just not enough to get over that damn 25.8M subscribers


    @Archie Outdoors tbf its hella hard to even get 10 mil. regardless if you are a well known yter

Santa Clause

Vanoss will be a skin if he keeps these video’s up.


    He’s got a banner in game, so technically he’s already in Fortnite lol

Landon Gogolowski

Can’t wait for Vanoss to play Vegetable Nightmares


    I’m pretty sure he played that already on delirious channel

    Landon Gogolowski

    Well I mean on his channel but I’ll check it out


    Wait what?
    First thing I thought was “Is that a Veggie Tales horror map” lmao

    Dominic Johansen

    My buddy and I were crying laughing at how goofy that banana runs 💀


I laughed too hard at terroriser when he said this 5:48 😂


    “Ah, they made dolls not made in China”


Lui coming back to play with the crew has been so much more funny

    Aiden Kelly

    @Cropek ooga booga bababooey


    @Samhain you make me think of that mexinator guy, love him


    @Cropek u are aware you’re watching a group of YouTubers who have said the n-word MULTIPLE times each? Keep your energy.

    eren eyeballs

    Sui is the goat


never thought I’d see Vanoss playing fortnite again


    he played it like 12 days ago


    he just played fortnite backrooms abt 2 weeks ago

Renzel Perez

5:30 What’s funny is it’s actually Japanese characters and Brian got it right. 😂


    i was hoping someone would point that out lol

The Dummies

Vanoss has been an OG content creator and still one of my favorites after all these years much love Vanoss

Ido Simhi

I love that evan still puts (not really) in the scary maps titles


That outro edit was uncalled for 😂

    FazeDeadpool489 [MOVED]


    Fadhil Yusri

    Man i jumped

    Brent Wilson

    Ik, but it went with the outro song for some reason 😂


    Its 2:45 in the morning i have my headphones on and everything is quiet, this made me jump 😂

    Marco Ferramosca

    God damn it i look away for i 1 sec


I love seeing Vanoss make awesome gaming content with the friends! You inspire me and so many others. You are the best out there and you’re a legend on YouTube. I’ve been watching you for almost 10 years now. Keep being amazing!


I would love to see vanoss and the crew play dead island from the beginning to end it’ll be so funny 😂


13:03 you scared me real good Vanoss 😂


Lui’s laugh is still as contagious as ever.


No matter what, Vanoss and his friends will forever be cemented into history.

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