VW ID.7’s “smart vents” remind us a lot of the Tesla Model and have us missing real physical knobs.

VW aims to dethrone the Tesla Model 3 with its long-ranging ID.7 electric sedan.

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You can read the full review here: https://bit.ly/3AIVFt3


Fortunately it’s still miles ahead of anything Hyundai and Kia

Kyle Way

Lmao straight up copying Tesla.

    Eric Lotze

    Or just *using what works in a use case*, I’m sure plenty of people could have thought “hey what if we control the AC with the touchscreen”…

    Eric Estes


Jon Meissner

Meh, electric cars peaked with the Mitsubishi Mi-EV.

    Eric Lotze

    I’m partial to the Chevy Volt.

    A PHEV (Non Chrysler-Fiat) Minivan or Honda Fit type Hatchback would be the only thing better in my mind.

    That and/or a PHEV with Fuel Cells or a Fancier Engine (Opposed Piston, Linear Generator, etc)

Ilqr D.

Can’t wait for the touchscreen too lag, get greasy and feel outdated one day after I bought the car


    Right?! Car makers need to stop being so damned cheap and put in at least half decent CPUs in their infotainment systems if they expect it to handle literally every single feature of the car.

Eric Lotze

A bit pedantic but it just says “tesla model” in the title.


Honestly what’s worse is that the climate controls aren’t backlit and are capacitive


    They are backlit in the id7

Matthew Shields

Why do auto makers think this is a good idea?

Saul Goodman

I love physical buttons.


Do Automakers design cars for UX anymore? You don’t need to be a genius to realize making multi-step gestures on the touchpad will distract drivers more than a physical button in one convenient location that drivers can manipulate just by muscle memory. Also, it makes repair job a lot more costly and nearly improbably for most users because it deals with integrated circuits and software control.


dear automakers: just because tesla did it doesn’t mean you should.


I mean this one’s going directly to the salvage yard when it goes out of warranty, right


I love tech but nothing like a good ol manual shift muscle car. Rather take that kind of tech than a Tesla any day.

David Ramirez

Auto manufacturers should just give up on developing their own awful UIs and surrender full control to enhanced CarPlay


“…Elon Musk’s popular EV…”
If you ever wondered how the personality cult came to be.

a secret one

Tesla aint Apple.

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