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Thanks to Acer and Intel for sponsoring today's video. Acer's Earthion is a mission platform towards a greener future. You can join this mission by advocating for sustainability or simply by living a greener life! Check out the new Acer Aspire Vero at the link below:

Old PC hardware always feels like it gets slower, but it doesn’t – It’s the SOFTWARE! Let’s refurbish some obsolete e-waste and make it into an inexpensive gaming machine!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:56 Meet the obsolete big box store PC
2:29 The CPU
4:10 The RAM
5:25 The Power Supply
7:39 The Storage
8:54 The GPU
10:14 The OS
10:31 Meet the Vero
14:13 Let's get gaming
15:12 Atlas OS
18:44 Outro




Hey! Atlas Dev here, we are appreciated to be noticed on LTT!

Most of the issues were fixed in the latest release that has just been released.

    Felix Cyberius

    @VFX _Valiant I don’t know, but I suspect there’s no company involved with AtlasOS. It’s a project that (probably) cannot be monetized, and you can’t have a company without money.

    World Of Gaming

    Can I use atlas wizard on windows 10, which I have already tweaked a bit?

    Regius Eques

    Considering how much slower my laptop seems to have gotten I’m absolutely giving this a try. Only issue is I have so much stuff on it that figuring out what I need to remove vs what I can simply reinstall will be a pain.

    Mal0gen ΘΔ

    @CodySmith_73 amazing pfp 😮

    gabi ailincai

    Could you be more specific about what has been fixed, please? Are the only removed features the ones on the official website (there are only 2 now)? I’m particularly interested in Remote Desktop being available and the Meltdown/Spectre fixes.


That moment when their old system is 4-6 years newer than your PC.

    Yisus Games

    I have a pc from 2008 with an Intel Pentium dual core, 2gb ram and no dedicated gpu, so I can confirm


    @ZackSNetwork Not really, even core2duos from 2006 are still somewhat usable if only for light use (videos, internet, word processing) – that’s enough for most of people


    @ZackSNetwork You *need* a new pc. You must *consoom* the latest hardware. You *must*


    Just like me, man

Izaya Ch

This was a fantastic video! I would love LTT to keep tabs on AtlasOS from time to time with updates! And in general I’d like to see a possible series on the state of OS’ in 2023 and beyond to see how they are in their current states after updates and such.

    Zyt L

    I have no knowledge of AtlasOS but if you want a deep dive into it there are probably YouTube channels that reviews each update.

    LTT probably won’t do anymore videos on the OS unless they can spin it into another video with another purpose that’s not just showing of changes in the OS like this one where they showed it off by installing it in old hardware.

    softxpan dguest

    Atlas would be cool… Except they go out of they way to completely neuter and disable Windows Defender.

    If you never connect your gaming computer to the internet, or only use the OS long enough to run benchmarks, then sure, it *looks*, great…

Gokalp Cetin

I loved to see this video, this green approach and this much progress at it is awesome to see. I myself just turned an old desktop pc (dell optiplex 790) to a server for minecraft, plex and ftp, I used linux so far but I would love to try setting up another VM with AtlasOS to see how much performance it brings back on the table compared to regular Windows 10/11! I really like the idea of reusing and recycling e-waste as much as possible! Thank you AtlasOS for doing this!!

Bilbo Swagg3nz

You should make a video about making Atlas and similar windows de-bloats as usable as possible. You could talk about good antivirus to pair with it if Windows Defender doesn’t work, the true cost of windows update being disabled, etc

    Dimitar Kaloyanov

    @gozu tell us you’ve simply glanced and scrolled through the video instead of watching it without telling us you’ve done it lmao

    Justin Moore

    ​@Dimitar Kaloyanov ikr, I wonder if he even thought about what he typed.

    Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Yup, I still don’t trust a debloater to do what I want it to do without going too far. I want to keep Windows Updates, but I don’t want it to ever pop up the full screen blue popup and shut down my PC, I have win10 for 1,5 years now and still haven’t figured how to kill it for good without killing whole Windows Update or having to go through a process each time I update my PC.


    @Justin Moore more than your parents thought about you this morning

    Justin Moore

    @gozu lol

aaron gardener

Love coming back to these awesome budget videos 🙂

Peter Liu

Would be really nice if you guys can do a deep dive into atlusOS with testings, bechmarks for games, common software, and productivity stuff (3D softwares, Adobe suite) etc

    Dominik Modrzejewski

    @Tiggy Bits i quite disagree, i wholeheartedly believe that Microsoft is in fact malicious. Their system has a literal keylogger built-in and the amount of data they gather about their users is rather alarming


    @Dominik Modrzejewski said _”I have made a 100 pages long thesis about linux and windows regarding today’s users needs and the possibility of replacing windows with the penguins for everyday use”_
    Is that available online somewhere?


    Putting my vote with@Dominik Modrzejewskion the corporate culture of MS. Used to work for Dell, and the crap Microsoft made them do to keep the MS sticker was insane. And it was all in the name of making MS look good. So many bugs cropped up because of MS issues, and we couldn’t say a thing about it. On top of that, MS’s history of actively silencing dissenters is something out of cyberpunk dystopia novels.

    Dominik Modrzejewski

    @LabGecko not really, it was made for my university. I could send it to you but it is written in my native language


    @Tiggy Bits this is what has stopped me every time I try to transition. Guild Wars 2 was a game that I’ve struggled to get to work. Years of trying, multiple versions of Linux Mint. It just wouldn’t despite being rated gold and tons of proof that it works “fine” on Linux Mint. Finally did get it to work in a recent attempt, but there was a noticeable performance loss. Was also into Lost Ark at the time and that was a no go. At the end of the day, my computer is used for 99% gaming, and Linux just doesn’t serve that goal. I want to get off Windows, but I’m not going to build a $3000 PC only to be hindered in gaming by the OS.

Joey Matthews

You should test this operating system on much older hardware. Like 3rd gen intel or even FX platforms to see if it can make truly old rigs sitting in closets fully functional secondary PCs.


    Fx? My bro uses an phenom2x4 i got for free as a daily


I guarantee that the Spectre and Meltdown mitigations being disabled is the greatest contributing factor to that feeling snappier than with just the upgraded RAM and SSD, because they’ve had to add more of those over time and the older the CPU, the less secure the microcode and architectures were and the more software mitigations were needed. I would’ve liked to see a CPU benchmark to see how much performance was gained, because it’s easily in the 20-30% range, if not higher. Again, they’ve found more bugs and added to those more and more over time, so unless you have the latest CPUs on the market, you’re guaranteed to have slightly less performance from those security fixes.

As a silly, who cares if it’s compromised system because it’s just for games—it’s fine. I just wouldn’t use it to do anything like log into important websites or hold financial information on it.

    Breakfast of Champions

    Gibson InSpectre can turn these mitigations off, it’s really nice on older hardware.

    Gabe Heller

    Until I saw they turned these mitigations off, I thought this OS might be a real option for me or maybe anyone, but without these mitigations in place are there any actual use cases for this OS that are even remotely safe? If my old machine is currently running Windows 7, would this even be as secure as that is? Are we even reasonably sure the team/person behind this OS isn’t just hoping to add more machines to their secret botnet?


    @Gabe Heller not really, No. It’s basically a “Haha Low Process / RAM Usage goes brrrr” kind of thing, for the kids out there that have no clue (or a system would need to be so old that it doesn’t even matter anymore anyways).

    It has so much security disabled and other things, that it’s basically just a “Show Off” it feels like.

    Even worse, that Linus is promoting it kind of now, especially after getting hacked not so long ago himself, kinda ironic lol

    And the worst, you can’t even be sure how the Atlas OS gets handled by Anti-Cheat Games (Riot Games, etc). Maybe you get a (Shadow-)Ban the moment you log into it with it, maybe not.

    Roadside Picnic

    Quick question: have there even been any known hacks or attacks caused by the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities?

    ARitz Cracker

    Disabling CPU vulnerability mitigations is irresponsible, but you can’t deny that windows gets more bloated with junk with every passing year. Non-esoteric (think mainstream Ubuntu) are still very responsive on old CPU even with all the mitigations enabled. So a pre-packaged minimal windows system would be very valuable.


Hearing Linus call a system from the generation of my current one super obsolete is a bit rough XD
Nice contributions from both Acer and AtlasOS. To Acer’s credit, I just recently tossed an old SSD and a new install in an old Acer laptop for a family member, and the process of finding the drivers and info was remarkably unremarkable, which given how terrible it usually is, is a nice bonus.
I’d love to see some third party security audits of projects like AtlasOS as well, as that would give some additional confidence in the safety of it.


    Seconding the security audits. If nothing else, it would give users some ideas of what to lock down / watch for.

    Lewis Massie

    My computer is a generation older than this one :/

Palatech Gaming

I’d love to see this kind of content more often! We need to reduce, recycle, reuse more! Awesome video! 👍

Carp Andrei

I fully agree: old HW doesn’t have to die because software keeps getting bloated. I mean, I still use a 12 year old laptop (mostly with linux) for basic tasks like web browsing, youtube… even some very little schematic and PCB design (low complexity hobby projects). So yeah, videos like this are highly welcomed. Can’t wait for the LTT Labs to kick into high gear and check out how well entry level hardware performs, which will be supper handy for jobs like this one…

Gamer Heroine

I knew my build was starting to get a little painful to work with (i5 7500, not much newer than the one you’re using here) but this gives me hope I can maybe prolong the build a bit. I love recycling computer parts for the full dr. frankenstein experience but its difficult with part compatibility.
I’ll keep an eye out for these ewaste/recycle friendly options when I can’t delay the computer retirement anymore. I know its a drop in the bucket of the real problem but every bit helps

Andrea Carbone

Small addition for the psu suggestion you made: The power supply will not start up if it doesn’t have consensus from the motherboard. You just need to short out the green cable coming from the 24 pin connector, to a ground (the black cable just beside the green one will do it).

Connor Hillen

I’m interested in digging deeper into those trade-offs and seeing if Atlas is worth it as your standard OS, even for newer or moderately newer hardware. The Ryzen 5600, RTX 3060 (or 2070) build might stick around for a long while and could make for an interesting benchmark for things like this, given it’s a cheap and easy upgrade from old 1600 builds.

Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body

That moment when you’re thinking “nice let’s see how they’ll make very old and crap PCs work” and the setup they use is basically what your current PC is

    Jay Burton

    If only my current set up was running a 7th gen….


    nice pfp


    well that is an old and crap PC lol

David Willemoes Jensen

This is a very nice video and I really like how the sponsor is integrated into the video. I use a lot of 3d software, so I’m unsure whether I wanna take the leap with AtlasOS yet but this definitely sounds promising. Great work!


Securitywise, I’m not sure I’d jump on AtlasOS yet but that sounds great. I’m still on an i7 4790k paired with a r9 290 and while I will probably update soon because it will make editing 4k much easier (Resolve Studio helps a lot too for older hardware), my pc can probably still last a couple more years without struggling too much. Those kind of configs are snappy enough for anything you’d already be doing before 2020.

Chris SilverHaze

Would definitely recommend re-cycling an old PSU into a workbench supply or similar. Very good little project and quite easy to do as long as you follow a decent guide. I put some banana plugs on there for 5v, 12v output, couple of LEDs and a power switch etc and I’m not great at soldering or electrical work, but it came out fine.

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