iPhone 14 Pro, 7 Months Later

When Apple announced the iPhone 14 Pro, it hyped up the phone's Dynamic Island, updated cameras, and new deep purple color. But now it's seven months later and we finally have all the major iOS 16 features that were teased at WWDC and Apple's iPhone event. Rival flagships including Google's Pixel 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are now out, too. So let's check in on the state of the iPhone 14 Pro in April 2023.

0:00 Intro
1:05 iOS 16 Fully Loaded
1:34 Software Bugs
2:28 iOS 16 Refined
3:14 Cameras
4:02 Future Improvements
4:19 Battery
4:43 Final Thoughts

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mohit Ghanbahadur


Sabah Nashit Khan


2 B

7 months later the battery draining issues are still a problem

    David Jacobs

    Nonsense,I have no battery draining issues at all with my 14 Pro Max.

    Plastik Square

    ​@David Jacobs If some faces the issue, or a bunch of people, how is that nonsense?


7 months later… and my iPhone 14 Pro Max is still at 100% battery health. DAMN!

    Peter Rozanec


    David Jacobs

    Same here.

    Plastik Square

    Same company was hiding the fact that they slowed down phone. They could be updating battery health less frequently as well so that you enjoy your mental peace till the new one drops 😅


    @Plastik Square mean while Samsung doesn’t even put a percentage just statuses like “good” or “bad” 😅


Why 7 and not 6 or 8?

    Y A

    What’s wrong with seven? Scared😂??


    And what’s the point, in less than 5 months the 15 will be out anyway.

Alvin Nukman

7 months later, the iphone 15 will be the biggest upgrade with usb c, and that will make me upgrade from my Xr

Silent Is Gold

A $1,000 cell phone to be censored.


I have an old téléphone ❤ shopping for later

Thinh Nguyen Duy

that weather app bugs happend to me as well, i use iphone 8+ with ios 16

MJ Carpenter

Please stop bragging that you own an iPhone 14 Pro.


    He’s not bragging. 😂 Nobody wants an iPhone 14 Pro lol.


    @Floridajames04 Best selling phone in Q1 2023. Followed by iPhone 14, then 14 Pro, then iPhone 13. Nearest was S23U in 5th!


    @andyH_England  Best Selling doesn’t mean it’s the best phone. Just mean Apples won the brainwashing war is all. Gonna laugh when all you sheep have to upgrade to go to USBC later this year! 😄 🤣 😂 That’s like Apple tho, always dead last in innovation. 😄 🤣


cool t-shirt 😁

David Poon

Weather radar map is constantly buggy still

Reinnier Tiamzon

My iPhone 14 pro is fine, it’s heavy though. I currently have my eSIM back on my 13 pro


The iPhone 14 Pro is a joke.

    Krispy Dream

    Agreed. I compared an Iphone 13 pro and 14 pro at an Apple store today. I really don’t see a reason to upgrade. I am currently using 12 pro It’s still a go to phone for me and I I’ve always liked that blocky design similar to the Iphone 4 or 5.


    @Krispy Dream  it’s just a dressed up iPhone 12 is all it is. It’s nothing innovative and has alot of dated features.

Maria Elena Cabrera

Thank you. My 14 Pro Max has been the buggiest iPhone I’ve ever had. So far today, I have had to turn it off three times because it freezes. As a matter of fact it freezes all the time. I’m seriously considering getting the Pixel 7 Pro or the S23 Ultra. 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Weird, mine has been a beast with little issues. The battery life has been up and down, but up ATM. Great phone and along with the OPPO Find X5 Pro was the best phone of 2022. I expect iPhone 15 Pro Max to be best of 2023.

    MJ Carpenter

    Has Apple lost their edge? Serious question as these reviews seem very troubling.


    @andyH_England Same, I have had it for 5+ months, no freezing, no nothing, works like a charm.


    Mine works fine as well; I also have the S23U, you’ll run into bugs there, more than your 14PM. Also if you’re use to the 14PM battery, the Pixel 7 Pro won’t match with your use for batter efficiency

    Maria Elena Cabrera

    @MJ Carpenter I just have problems with the 14 Pro Max. The other iPhones were fine.


They really need to work on Dynamic Island potentials to make it more interesting so it won’t die like touch bar.

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