Testing out all of the lenses on the Mavic 3 Pro. #shorts

DJI’s new Mavic 3 Pro rocks three cameras instead of two.

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David Andersson

Ah, let’s just flip my laptop on its side for a while 😀

Christopher Sibert

Must have been filmed near the equator…

Dexrn ZacAttack

I thought I was in Australia for a minute when it flipped


spuer . see ya~

Morten Holst

I had a dream that The Verge made a Balenciaga meme AI edit about carplay

The Transformation Channel

I hate vertical videos.

Avon Barksdale

song title? the bassline is the mandalorian theme, whats this called??

Ed Eevee


JFM Tech

my neck hurts now

Jan Gallas

The zoom lenses look surprisingly great, tbh!

黎惟信Vincent Pratama

*rotates monitor*

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