We’ve NEVER Seen This Before… (UPDATE)

Fortnite update – Legendary SMG + rare skins return!
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Love your vids


I saw the new smg I thought it was a glitch but I’m so glad it is back it is the og controller aim weapon



100K Sub With No Video

Ail A never disappoints us, he’s an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces. His content is amazing.

    Fortnite Map Concepts

    ​​@cade and reubon™ he is a bot


    He always creates masterpieces😂😂😂 what a bot. But he dose never disappoint us.🎉🎉🎉

    Fortnite Map Concepts

    @JackIsTheGoat bot too


    @Fortnite Map Concepts bot too

    Fortnite Map Concepts

    @JackIsTheGoat bot too

Mr Namekian

Hi Ali a love the vids

Katleho Mahlaola

You make better videos every time

Mohanad Tay

I love your channel 🎉😊

PRESS For success

You deserve 20 mill everything you upload is awesome get him to 20 mill rn

Infinity vids

When next season come how I actually hope they change the whole map and not even entire biome of like nights and futuristic stuff so that it matches the actual theme of the season which will be lava/paradise

Wolf the epic youtuber

There are new sydnicate quests 😮 can you make a video about it bc i love to watch these videos even if i did them


Weird update from Fortnite today – But a BIG one coming next week! Enjoy!


    11th reply

    Lisa Hopkins

    @Liam Devlin same🎉


    I didn’t realize the smg came back so when I took it I went straight to an upgrade bench and went all the way to legendary BTW I had max gold at 5000

    Stan The Gamer 99

    I’m hyped

Andrew Barrett

I can’t wait for the big update

Lochlan Chandler

Honestly dude I remember watching you not too long ago and you had 10 million and just a few months later you’ve already got 18.5 million

Joey D

Anyways, interesting update from Epic, wonder what’ll happen next week 👍


crazy how fast you do these!!


Isn’t there going to be Light
Sabers because of May the 4th?

Jay Burke

I’m excited for the Star Wars update. I don’t know about you, but I really like the lightsabers.

💘Your Sex Partner

Love your content keep on going

⭕️Get V-Bucks on My Profile

Thank for the update Alia, very helpful 👍
Love your content as well

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