Gartic Phone – Monocle GentleDe Nogla!

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Paul Wiley

Petition for Monocle Gentlesir to be an Alpha Betas character

    Anthony D


    Gacha Gamer

    Here’s your 3k petitioner


    Sign me up

    Bryson Hartman

    Have it be Steven going to a energy division ball and he introduces himself as Monocle Gentlesir


I love these Gartic Phone videos keep them up.

    MeatCaynon 馃叆

    I have been waiting so long for this :

    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小

    馃叿馃吀 馃叾馃唲馃唸馃唫!!

Pietro maione

8:46 he always makes him a stickfigure and i love it


I’m happy that Panda is playing with them again.

    Jonathan Williams- Estevez

    @MeatCaynon 馃叆 wow unexpected but glad you also watch them


    @Jonathan Williams- Estevez that鈥檚 not the real meatcanyon

    Gavriel Musheyev

    @Jonathan Williams- Estevez that鈥檚 a fake meatcanyon

    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小

    膜寞 guys

    Shin Wave

    Im happy that Evan is really enjoying gartic so much to the point where he ask for more rounds XD


A Vanoss crew video a day, keeps the depression away 馃挄

    That’s awesome, I think

    and yet it always comes back


    鈥婡That’s awesome, I think Gotta mix it with Meme Time to get the maximum effect.

    Coolinquent Delinquent


    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小

    膜ii gu媒s..


    @MeatCaynon 馃叆 yo wuddup meat canyon 馃


Its always a better day when Vanoss uploads

    MeatCaynon 馃叆

    I have been waiting so long for this :


    and it鈥檚 even better when it has panda and tyler

    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小


Zanexsuke99 // asecca

The Gentlesir is a total game changer 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃憦馃憦

Elias The gamer

we need another prop hunt with panda tyler and nogla

    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小

    馃叿馃吀 馃叾馃唲馃唸馃唫

    Grumpy Percy

    I think Nogla’s retired from Prop Hunt.

    Rocky Curo

    鈥婡Grumpy Percynonsense




Regular Vanoss and the boys video uploads have been getting me through.


10:15 has one of the *DARKEST* jokes Panda has ever said, and it’s brilliant.


Monocle GentleSir has made its way to the Hall of Famous Jokes by the Vanoss Crew.

    ghjf76454 gjhs98623

    @Nixium u mean streme spoats


    @ghjf76454 gjhs98623 of course, apologies

    F#小袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪1小

    馃叿馃吀 馃叾馃唲馃唸馃唫!!


    and PUNCAKE


    nogla got his own joke now W


15:37 can we appreciate the subtle change in facial expression

Braeden Holstege

Literally bent over at work laughing 馃槀 love when they play this

    Chris Vela


I want money

I never expected Panda being able to end World War II by himself, what a hero. Also the legendary combo of Brine pig sound + Panda laught 11:16


love how monocle gentlesir is the new iconic line in a few years

TheNativeGamer 5

Love how they go straight for the Swastica instead of a Iron Cross馃槀馃槀 I love these guys to death man they can never disappoint in a video馃ぃ

Agent 47

You know a session and game is good when Evan starts to beg and bargain 馃槀
and doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain, still puts Nogla in the last round

Travis Orne

This video is proof that there needs to be a Gartic Phone session dedicated to trolling Nogla.

Grim shadow

I haven鈥檛 laughed this hard at a gartic phone video since the first one 馃槀

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This video Literally just feels like 6 friends just letting us see them have fun in their days off

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