Grab popcorn and watch Nogla suffer #shorts

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Kevyn Smith

This is FIRE I love y’all and cartoonz the sass in noglas voice is AWESOME

Zamir Ingram




just some random dude

Jokes on delirious I’m already eating popcorn πŸ˜‚

Tyler Perrow

I needed this. I’m really struggling with college right now. Having people like Delirious who can make me laugh in hard times is such a blessing.

    kutticherry paul tomy Tomy

    Hope you’ll feel better. I’m in college too and the Vanoss crew (and video games generally) have been a comforting presence so I can relate 😊

    Crystal Quest The First Curse

    Same here I am also struggling with college so I feel you

    Tyler Perrow

    I really appreciate your comments guys thank you so much

Dillon Cravey

Sorry for the downvote delirious love your stuff but anything and anytime I see nogla in a video it’s immediate down vote because I can’t stand gamers that are famous for being trolls


Bro i love you guys sm you guys are such icons😭



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