I’m never going outside again – EcoFlow BLADE Showcase

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You've heard about robot vacuums, but what about a robot lawnmower? Gone are the days of spending a Sunday doing lawn work, now you can let the EcoFlow Blade take care of it for you.

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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:24 Unboxing the BLADE
2:08 Overview of the BLADE
4:00 Installing the charging station
5:41 "Installing" the GPS antenna
6:40 Using the app
10:34 Do as I say, not as I do
11:00 Mapping out the lawn
12:40 Off she goes!
16:55 The GPS antenna switch-a-roo failed
17:15 Re-mapping the lawn
18:09 Extreme mowing timelapse
18:20 The results!
19:00 Checking out the sweeper attachment
22:16 Outro



Matz 4k

Now I want a DIY smart-mower video from LTT, just so I can see Jake and Alex putting a motorcycle engine on one of these things 😀


    @Dafydd Taylor All in one home vac + conversion to lawn mower/multipurpose? Or just le lawn mower?


    (Linus) Look at how quiet this automatic mower is! _vvvvvvvv_
    (Pan to Jake/Alex/Tynan) Ours is faster _R1 engine starts_

    C Juice

    Rigging a regular push mower with some motors and servos is a popular DIY project and it would be pretty cool to see them attempt something like that. But I think RC and small engines might be too much for them.

    Personality Of Brick Wall

    combined with VR mariokart, its basically how Japan is using VR to allow disabled people to do stuff, remote mowers/drivers, robotic pickers.
    at some point, farmers wont have to be near the fields to plant rice.
    right now, they have a small tractor thing that will plant rice seedlings in the paddies without needing them to bend down as much


Linus moving on from monetizing his house to monetizing his lawn and garden care


    @Vince Pale his his old place


    He mentioned that this year they’re going to do a whole bunch of outdoor yard care tool reviews – because his new yard needs all the new tools!

    Tony Bologna

    this is not the original, this is a licensed design by GreenWorks, they have licensed their patent to ‘ecoflow’ which in return have literally made the same product but instead are charging twice the price of greenWorks version. (GreenWorks automated robot mower – Model:2530002, SKU:6474791)

    Nick Morgan

    Who cares? You didn’t have to watch it.


    @Luke Barnes Giant house? lol.


You know it’s not worth it when Linus doesn’t want to tell you the price 😂

    Joakim Carlsen

    ​@Tyler Schmidt agreed. From what it seems this machine has no chance against a wire setup Husqvarna. He says his yard is bumpy and has obstacles. He should take that poor machine to work here where my 430x mows away. It wouldn’t last 10 minutes. I was genuinely interested by this video since i have a large lawn that needs mowing.

    And collecting leaves would be nice for my compost. But it is instantly clear this machine could not handle the job. Perhaps as a dedicated leaf picker that runs around trees solely. But it can only handle 1600 square meters.

    Joakim Carlsen

    ​@Anthony Reynolds this one is advertised as 1600 square meters on their own website. And by the looks of this video, it could never handle a regular yard. It would not stand a chance against the 430x i have mowing my lawn. And even that one gets stuck sometimes. And Yes, i have a decently sized lawn and many bumps, holes, a lot of berry bushes, trees etc. This feels like more of a suburban style mower than a mower designed for actual work. Linus complained though that his lawn might be advanced, judging by the video his lawn is basically completely flat and with few obstacles. Im sure ecoblade is frustrated by his statement.

    This machine might work as a lead collector side by side with another robot though. Would be good for compost. But too small container.


    @James Graves You can get a very good electric ride on for that much money which will do a better job.

    Jonathan Brolsma

    It’s 3g to never mow your perfectly daily mown lawn ever again.

    Joakim Carlsen

    @Jonathan Brolsma 3g? Yeah. There is so much more interesting work to do than mowing your lawn over once a week. Especially when it takes almost 4 hours.


Hugely grateful this was called a showcase. I don’t care as much about the whole title thing anymore, but it is super nice to know exactly what I’m clicking on

    Conrad Robinson

    @TheKlngOfNewYork your own fault. You need to be better at understanding what you want to watch. You also need to be less negative. Be a bit happy every now and then.

    Tony Bologna

    this is not the original, this is a licensed design by GreenWorks, they have licensed their patent to ‘ecoflow’ which in return have literally made the same product but instead are charging twice the price of greenWorks version. (GreenWorks automated robot mower – Model:2530002, SKU:6474791)

    Slavi Slavchev

    @TheKlngOfNewYork Maybe a waste of YOUR time, but definitely not “a waste of time” in general – not every LTT video has to be tailored specifically to your tastes.


    @Adam Wasniewski not to mention that he wasted more time by complaining about the time he wasted.


    @Joe I… I don’t tho?? Like I said thank you for putting it in the name to save time, but I don’t demand it.


Can you do a household robot series? Especially vacuums? Your last video on those is 5 years old and there are some amazing ones out there now. They also make window cleaning robots.

    Yo Kun

    @Spitfire83 yeah but I really trustt LTT on tech stuff

    Tony Bologna

    this is not the original, this is a licensed design by GreenWorks, they have licensed their patent to ‘ecoflow’ which in return have literally made the same product but instead are charging twice the price of greenWorks version. (GreenWorks automated robot mower – Model:2530002, SKU:6474791)


    @Harrison Walters And rooting devices 🙂



    Václav Hochmal

    ​@Robby D Robot vacuums are quite good at this point, I have a roborock s7 and it does a good job even with a large dog that sheds a ton

Hezekiah Hendry

We need regular videos of the progress of the yard please. Would so watch!

Minus 3dB In The Teens

I’ve seen forklifts with those wheels many years ago, pretty sick idea


I love that I don’t have a yard, yet my love for yardwork is now satisfied. Thanks Uncle Linus!

Trey Lutman

linus read the instructions to himself and ignored them for content but damn am i enjoying his dad energy of “damn it let me watch it mow my lawn, that’s cool as f***”


I like this mower, it continuously tried to attack the host lol, the opening “beware human” was spot on.
Edit: $3000~ USD isn’t too bad for what it can do, personally I’ll just keep mowing but I was expecting worst lol.


    Lots of commercial propertys are going to love this. Upper middle class and above with a nice lawn and but cant work anymore or dont want to.


    It’s not a replacement, it just means you’d have to mow your lawn less often and the robot maintains it in between doing it yourself. It’s expensive but so are ride on mowers.

    I have a robot vacuum and still have to vacuum my house every once in a while but the robot runs every day and it saves a lot of time and keeps cat hair levels down. I only manually vacuum a few times a month at most. Even tho the robot vacuum costs like double my regular vacuum, it saves a lot of time, it’s quiet and doesn’t require any more maintenance than a regular vacuum (emptying, clearing the brushes, etc). It even changes and some can empty themselves into larger bins so you don’t have to do it everyday. I tried a robot mop and it was garbage. I think the lawnmower is in between the two imo.


    @kenny woolhead like you are frolicking through 3000sqm. Sure, buddy.


    @AsinineIntentions I think it depends how you’ll use it. If you have a 2-3k sqm lawn and you set it to also sweep, you are probably going to have to empty its bag all the time so you can’t just let it do its work and forget about it. It will probably be more frustrating compared to mowing yourself if you have to clean it all the time.

    If you just set it to mow and not worry about sweeping, I think this can be great. But then again, if you have a perfect lawn for this machine, it’s probably super easy and fast to mow anyway.

    I’m the captain now

    @Hally Miao itll probably drop to half that within a year or two and usually these things last for 3-5 years easily so thats when itll be worth it.

SwedeX (Ajbp95)

Automatic grass cutters are very common in Sweden, but have never seen one with a sweeper, nor without some kind of edge line and definitely not anyone with crazy wheels like this one!

Milliardo Peacecraft

My eyes glaze over at the idea of needing a literal satellite signal in order to mow a lawn.


    Yeah good luck if your garden is under trees. GPS is garbage in a lot of places. I walk through woods a lot, exactly where I’d want a GPS to work if I get lost. And it doesn’t. 🤦‍♂️


I actually enjoyed watching him struggle to set this up. It is realistic and something that as a casual buyer would want to know before buying this

    Tony Bologna

    this is not the original, this is a licensed design by GreenWorks, they have licensed their patent to ‘ecoflow’ which in return have literally made the same product but instead are charging twice the price of greenWorks version. (GreenWorks automated robot mower – Model:2530002, SKU:6474791)


I remember watching Linus drop something out of a third floor window at the same time he deletes data off 6 SSDs in RAID0 to see which one was quicker. Now we get lawn mower reviews and troll shoe reviews and I’m absolutely here for it. This channel ages like fine wine.


    It ages like milk in the summer in a broken fridge.

    Underskilled N’ Underpaid

    ​@Flyboy there is only so many “we built the best pc ever” videos you can make, it’s nice to see the crew in a different setting from time to time


    @Underskilled N’ Underpaid That’s not all they do but what they do do is half-arsed a lot of the time.


Many years ago we were all outside and my grandpa was doing yard work, mowing the lawn in the dead of summer. We had raked a large pile of dead leaves and pine needles to the side and so while mowing next to the pile it struck a rock, sparked and immediately caught the pile of leaves and needles on fire. It was awesome. I’ve also been hit with stones flung about by a mower… doesn’t feel great.

Created Tech

I’m actually really excited about this. Here in tropical Australia I have to cut my lawn every week for 3/4 of the year (because it’s warm and sunny = perfect grass growing temperature). If I could just run this 2x a week (I think every day is too much) and maybe spend 5 minutes trimming every now and then, that would save me a lot of time!


    yeah it works all the time unless there’s sticks on your lawn… if you’ve got the time to remove all the sticks I think you’ve got the time to just start a normal mower


    no the idea is that it shaves a little bit every day


    @Hyper sticks still fall, and apparently this thing can’t handle sticks, plus i’d rather have to do an oil change on a mower from time to time than have that ugly gps thing in my backyard


    @Kaplunk to each his own


    Check out Gardena or Husqvarna robot movers. They are really common in scandinavia and looks to be miles ahead in both development and prcing compared to this thing.

Furr Pine Forest

Linus combining making YouTube videos and taking care of his lawn maintenance is the most Linus thing I could think of.


Linus’ life story has been a warning against early adoption and I love it.

Elijah Green

That gps antenna reminds me of something that we currently use on modern aircraft for instrument flying called Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) which uses ground stations at a known location to apply a correction factor to nearby aircraft. It allows scary good accuracy without having to upgrade the current satellites (but did lead to a few more being put in geosynchronous orbit).


    Now just wait 400 years for the authorities to approve it

    NeeP Backup

    I think it’s called RTK. DJI uses it for its more professional drones as well.


Its always so awesome seeing linus discover something new. Omniwheels are super awesome, and they are always designed so differently in every setting I’ve seen them in. I love it

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