The Sunbeam is here to save us!

The sunbeam is here to save us in Subnautica Multiplayer
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Bean Boy

So happy they are continuing this series

    Cursed Ichor

    ​@CeedayGaming #BIDEN2024 *Sean


    @Cursed Ichor *bot

    Cursed Ichor

    @Neytiri of course.


    ​@Cursed Ichor Seán*

    Cursed Ichor

    @LuckyPanda512 I don’t have accent marks on my keyboard; even still, I didn’t know it was accented.

Lana Greene

Always excited when I see Jack posting

    Eee Mozley



Seeing Jack come so far from 5-6 years ago almost brings me to tears 🎉


    Almost thought maybe jack was gonna teach gab the game in case he dies, but that’s not what’s happening here. It definitely makes a little sad, cuz I watched his series of it in 2018 and some of it in 2016, it’s been a journey watching him for that long and I’m glad I was along for the ride

    MasteredUI Music

    @Engaging “in case he dies” uhh in the game or?…


    @MasteredUI Music real life I mean, it just sounds like he’s teaching her the basics of the game, and that if passes she’ll know how to get around. But like I said there just playing together and having a good time, so just ignore that part if you want

    MasteredUI Music

    @Engaging Are you saying that it gives off that typa vibe, or it feels like that is what he’s doing, literally? If the first one, I get it, if the second, hell no.


    @MasteredUI Music idk, I guess it gives me that feeling that he’s showing her games that he’s played before and maybe? But obviously there just having a good time, it’s almost somber in a way


This is one of my favorite series of his, their energy is adorable together


    Couldn’t agree more

    Simon Petrikov

    @Wednesday Adam thats not a high bar

    Ben Fletcher

    @Simon Petrikov Was gonna say, even a comment from someone like Keemstar or Trisha Paytas would be a bigger achievement


    @Ben Fletcher I would still delete it out of embarrassment

    Ben Fletcher

    @Cokie I personally would delete my whole channel out of embarrassment


The heart attack I had at the beginning of this video when Jack thought the server was gone-


Nice to see that they’re keeping this series going.

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I always love seeing you guys just happy together, just being yourselves. It is amazing, and I wish you nothing but the best!!!


    hello the bot that has “free robux” that has infected millions of people.


    @ThatCodinSpud what surprises me is the people who “like” these comments. Their likes can’t all be from bots, can they?


    @Neytiri very “normal” indeed. *x files theme plays in the background*


I love their relationship, its soo pure and the fact they are enjoying themselves its just heart warming 😀

    The Suit

    Bro, reading your comment made me think of H2O Delirious and his wife!!!

    I made a fire song on my page making fun of bots.

    i luv u fr


    ​@The Suit 😂



spooty muc’ tooty

Im so glad their still playing subnautica once and a while, such a great game.

    Josephi Krakowski

    *they’re or they are.


Thank you Sean and Evelien, you just saved me from a boring evening 🙂


I’m so glad the sunbeam is there to save them!!! I’m sure that they’ll be fine now and nothing else bad will happen…

    A Drifting Link

    The captains name is probably Kennedy, and remember:

    “Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy’s!”


I love that in the last video they played together Sean knew EVERYTHING and in this one he’s like “I don’t remember this game at all”


I need more series of Jack and Gab playing games together.

    TR Editz

    I thought she was called evelien not gab

    Jack Buckley

    @TR Editz gab is her YT name


    Gab Smolders is her YouTube name. Gab is just the nickname ppl use because of that

Sentient Mustache

What a noble rescue ship! I’m sure nothing bad will happen to it! Especially not green anti-air lasers!


He’s looking more and more like a hippy as time passes. It’s honestly great 😂👌🏼


For thee wondering, the last capsule *- according to Google -* says: I am about to leave this beautiful planet, and I am still a little bit reluctant to part with the lovely hug fish, I hope you can take good care of him. With the kind help of three players as I struggled to survive, I decided to continue the tradition. Here you will meet many powerful creatures, hope this weapon can help you out of trouble. It is worth mentioning that it was left to me in a time capsule by the previous player. Maybe you already have it, it doesn’t matter, I also prepared the ion power unit and kyanite for you. Good luck, Survivor CA

From a Chinese player Guo Jiangyu 2018/04/25

    Md Arif Zakir Md Musa

    I really love how the time capsules are from actual players who have finished the game, it’s like the game’s way of having the players always be a part of it even after beating it

Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Subnautica multiplayer is a survival sim dream come true! Bought Subnautica back when you were playing the Alpha and I’m glad to be able to binge watch you playing this once again! 😂


    Is it a PC mod or new feature

    jessica voigt

    ​@AfroBear90 Its a bot


    Too many god dang bots man, what the hell yt?!

Ria Tesfaye

Jack calling the subs by their names is so wholesome and nogalistic 😭

Shelby Rainwater

Evelien always sounds like an absolute ray of tiny sunshine that I would 100% kill for

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Watching you and Evelyn gave me courage to dive back in and this time around, I am LOVING this game. Though the fear of the deep still gives me chills every time I play.

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