5 Ways Apple’s VR Headset Can Win People Over

Apple could change the conversation around VR and AR with its rumored mixed reality headset, expected to be revealed in June. CNET’s Bridget Carey shares five areas where Apple’s tech could shine and win people over.

Apple's AR/VR Headset: What to Expect in 2023:

0:00 What Will Apple's VR Headset Actually Do?
2:00 Apple Health & Wellness Apps in VR
3:16 Apple Fitness Apps in VR
4:40 Gaming on Apple's VR Headset
5:22 Sports on Apple's VR Headset
6:24 How Avatar Design Will Impact Apple's VR Experience
7:28 The Apple Watch Made a Lot of Promises

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Chukwudi Ezeukwu

If it’s not Tony Stark level, it’s not ready yet

    Mike The Legendary Gamer

    You read my mind!

Australian Travel

I’m just excited for more development in the VR/AR space in general, very exciting stuff!

Bo Star

Love the comedy parts. Too funny 😁. And I’m not excited about a VR/AR head band. I think the AR glass maybe would be more appealing to individuals.

Kaneki Ken

If photorealistic graphics is not a feature it can provide then I’m not buying it.


Hopefully it comes and it’s amazing ❤

Silent Is Gold

Fuel for anyone wishing to criticise ‘amateur’ strategists’.


Bridget is so dang pretty 🙁

Matthew Scatterty

Music! The one major thing you missed is music and personal VR concerts. On the Quest 2 the app ‘Felix & Paul Studios’ has a 3D 360 VR video experience of musician Patrick Watson playing a song or two in his home studio. I showed it to my non-VR friend and he was floored. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. We were talking about it and imagined a huge artist like Taylor Swift putting out a personal home concert of a handful of songs, maybe accoustic, in a pleasant personal setting, and you can only watch the concert if you have an Apple VR headset, for example. The Swifties would love it! Apple is the creator of iTunes, they certainly have connections and power in the music world. VR concerts would be an excellent non-gaming use-case to get the average person curious about VR. It’s something unique to VR, and the video production costs could potentially be minimal. I’m just saying, I’d LOVE to have The National perform their new album for me in the comfort of their own home studio while I relax in my lounge chair!

M. Junaid Mahmood

Apple wants to redo the Steve Jobs iphone launch but seems that they are out of ideas with VRs.


damn that video filter for ASMR bridgette is scary….


Let me get this straight…When they release a new product and there’s not enough apps it’s a problem, and now it’s a problem when they release a product with too many apps?🤔 Nobody’s happy with anything anymore…gotta complain to the point everyone is confused all the time!


Bridget, can you start an ASMR channel? Please?!

Brent Cooper

I think it would be super cool if I could plug this into my MacBook Pro and see 3-4 screens in AR and still see/use my physical keyboard and mouse. This would very useful when traveling and staying in a hotel room.


But who would buy it at 3k? VR is still niche, and that pricing isn`t helping to make it go mainstream

Aubrie West

She’s so funny 😆

Teddy KGB

Considering how much people wave their hands around in the air in sci-fi movies & TV, I think AR & MR has a much brighter future than VR.


For Sports: This headset would likely be much cheaper than season tickets, flights and hotels to every game of a particular team or league. But if you add Apple’s special icing on the cake with sports stats and group FaceTime, it may become a thing! It certainly can just start as a “fan seat view” though.

Analogy to Apple Watch: Spot on! They are going to try to make this thing offer a taste of every experience in VR to see what sticks. I can’t live without Walkie-Talkie. I control most of Homekit stuff with Siri on the Watch vs my iPhone or Tablet. I use it for quick calls, I need it for pulse monitoring, check my solar production, who’s ringing the doorbell, etc. And others in my family use the Watch for countless other things I don’t even consider. So yeah, they will do the same to see what VR can do for as many people as possible. Then once they know, they’ll focus all resources on making “those” experience better.

VR vs AR: If there are exterior cameras than can re-transmit the outside world and superimpose VR then this device will be a perfect development tool to get ready for the AR glasses which I am guessing is what most would prefer.

Favorite line: “When you got the tech and the media, you can mess with the brain!” 1000% true

My biggest concerns are: 
1) power requirements. Rumored 2 hr battery pack is a no bueno for me unless $3k gets you a headset with 2 packs.
2) feeling tethered. I want more freedom of movement with new experiences; not less. This thing needs to be iterated into something smaller, lighter and more mobile as quickly as possible.

Arcane Cypher

Aw man! Apple VR, Facebook VR… (aside from playstation) is there ever going to be any GOOD companies jumping into VR?


VR is not taking off because there’s just not enough good content.


Find my iPhone is the killer app for your apple watch. Thank you for validating my silently held opinion until now.

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