Gorish Dhandhi

I bet it won’t pass JerryRigsEverything’s bend test.

    Devin Dykstra

    Considering some of their recent phones have failed, yeah I’d be worried for the tablet.

Kyle Butler

OnePlus – “We need to make something to pull people away from the iPad.”

iPad users – “How?”

OnePlus – “We made an iPad but with android”

iPad users – “💀”

    Kyle Butler

    @CorruptedSquid by using all the features…FOUND ON AN IPAD!!!


    @Gaurav_kattagyan  as I said, it’s just my opinion, I don’t mean that android is better than ipad os, I just like it more

    Soumyaditya Agarwalla

    remember ipads dont have ios, they have ipados.. and as mkbhd said in 1 of his videos, ipados could be better if apple wanted to include simple things, but they did not cause they want u to buy macbooks for those things..
    Speaking of this comparison, processor better on ipad, but 1plus screen is 144hz, i dont think even ipad air has 120hz.. as i said, with a15, they could do 120 hz with ipad, but ……
    Although we know ipad’s longevity, don’t know how long this would last..
    Other than that, seems pretty similar, don’t know about camera, although ipad cameras are not iphone like.. so anyway.. don’t know about speaker..
    and then ios(ipados)/android debacle.. with android u can do whatever u want.. but with apple u do whatever they want u to do, but fast and efficient..


    As an iPad owner I agree 😂

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Ĥi ĝuys

Pulkit Kanoje

This deserves a full length review


    ​@internet user I’m buying it.

    Musharna mush

    @internet user im stealing

    Uni Tech

    ​@internet user i am selling one

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂!!

    Moe Ceesay

    Itll be a short review, just an ipad clone.

Ali BaniMalek

I genuinely thought it was an iPad, they look so similar even the homescreen is strikingly similar.

Adi Itzhakov

Will u make a full video on this? It’s really interesting

Daniel Garcia

I’m interested in this just for the price. If I can use it to type up some quick things and use it for surfing. I would like to see more

Jullia Capybara

Chinese OnePlus vs American Apple is gonna be one of the spiciest lawsuits battles in history


    @TheNamesJohny No but they still completely ripped off a lot of things like the design, the UI and the Pencil.

    Keylian EmBapé

    @Nielsf2704 xiaomi is way worse

    Blvck AF

    @Nielsf2704 it’s becoming a very common thing that tech is kind of all blending into similar designs. A few tech YouTubers have done videos about it. Tech companies are past the major experimentation phase and are now more interested in putting out the tried and true design language that they’ve seen over the years to work.


    @TheNamesJohny no s*** Sherlock but it’s to similar to iPads and the feature aren’t that impressive

・your non favorite person 👍・

This looks exactly like an iPad to the point where I was genuinely confused as to if the shot showed an iPad or an android tablet sometimes

Drew Harris

I need to know if it comes with a calculator app


Need a complete review on this

Come over. Now. Nobody is here

Nah dude- you can’t convince me that’s not an iPad.

Come Fast to take glimpse of my body

This is basically the iPad at home 😂

    Gaming With King

    Nah it too good for it

Tiff Tiff

I’ve never owned a tablet but this looks like one I would actually use in my day to day.

Maria de-flower me

Have to keep telling myself I don’t need a tablet.

    Ollie Magee

    You do


Looks good. I hope Marquees also looks into how the note taking apps perform on Android. iPad has a bit of an edge there and hopefully this introduces more competition in the area.

Adriana Robledo ASMR

I would love to see a full review of this! I’m hoping it is as responsive as OnePlus phones tend to be, because my experience with Android tablets has been disappointing in that area.


Weather app was savage 😂

Come Fast To Get Into My Body

I bet you do crossword puzzles in ink.

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