The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is RIDICULOUS

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I’ve never seen so many requests for me to review this phone! Even though it took me time, hopefully this delivered ❤


    Nice try!

    Maximilian Drautzburg

    Can you do a video with the s23 ultra vs. xiaomi 13 ultra

    Alfred Gregory

    Could you do a review in Marbella Spain

    As a special one

    Hafeel hasan

    Could you please review the honor magic 5 Pro


    You didn’t review the phone tho. You compared it to a iPhone for views and engagement 😂

Tesla Gasoline

It’s super cool to see how these “gimmick” phones are designed.

I especially love that the Xiaomi doesn’t have much table wobble syndrome, like my pixel 6 pro does.


    Video and photos by rear cameras on Xiaomi is top notch


Shoutout to Arun for buying a new iPhone for every comparison video just to compare the unboxing experience.

    naturaz clips 2.0

    Love your videos




    @Shaq Gahjy yup he have mentioned in a video


    @Hashir okay bro I just said what he told in a video 🤷🏻‍♂️


    If he doesn’t put the iPhone on the thumbnail and compares it to the Xiaomi views are gonna be lower…


Imagine being able to afford either of these

    That Guy

    Well most of us can but better off buying other stuff we need….a non pro iPhone is enough tbf

    Cesar Torres

    ​@ in my country (czech republic) xiaomi ultra is price is 1700 usd


    @Devil Kazumi You end up paying like 150% the price.

    jackal monkey

    I have an iPhone 14 pro max. I just used money I make from the job I have to buy it. It wasn’t hard.


    he gets sponsors so he can fund his videos so just get 14 million subs and you will be getting sponsors to

Nathanael Eugene

10:15 it’s not just Xiaomi, the entire world is confused as to why Chinese phones’s front camera can’t do 4k.


    @Jim Anderson Ok boomer


    It’s made for nerds, and nerds don’t shoot selfies.


    My OnePlus Nord front cam can do 4k 60fps.. but rear can only do 4k 30fps..

    Nathanael Eugene

    @Zaydan Alfariz but the Vivo X90 Pro can’t for some reason??

Chigozi Ikeako

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s front Camera really raised Arun’s anxiety.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    ✔ ✔


    I honestly have yet to hear of anyone using the front camera off a smartphone for anything, especially for business oriented case scenarios. If I suddenly couldn’t choose between any other flagships I wouldn’t care.


Actually the f4.0 feature is necessary I think for these modern sensors! I am suffering with very soft/blurry edges on the photos of my pixel 7 pro. I ve seen this same problem with the iphone 14 pro max as well. Very obvious when scanning documents or just taking photos of text.

    Jubayer Wasid Raiyan

    exactlyyy, huawei’s mate 50 pro was cool af because of it and now xiaomi’s like this too. BUT i’m mad that samsung ditched this cool feature when they really needed it as the 108MP and onwards sensors are bigger and so there’s more fringing but they had it before like bruhhh


    @Da Nila You have no idea how optics work don’t you ? Just a fanboy
    Also android is an operating system, not a blurry camera

    Алексей Крупский

    ​@Da Nila apple fan boy 😭😂😂😱😱


    @Da Nila Dumb comment. Wide aperture means faster shutter speed, which means that focusing around the edge of the image suffers. It’s a common problem on conventional cameras with f1.8 lenses. Stopping down to f4 slows the shutter down and gives the sensor more time to focus across the frame.

    A scribbled drawing

    @Warisha E. very true I use Apple and my 14 pro max experiences the same problem

Eliaquim Guedes Crispim

It really surprised me at how consistent the color science is between all the different lenses, in the smartphone game only Apple had done properly until now.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    Samsung Galaxy has the same color science between all the lenses too


    Samsung,pixel are also really consistent.on par or even better than iphone


    Oppo fixed that by using the same sensors

Sawyer Seth

Hey @mrwhosetheboss! I have a suggestion for the comparison videos. I think it would be a better comparison if you weighted the categories. For example, audio is probably much less important than performance and camera to most people. So audio could be worth 5 points while the other ones would be worth 20 points or something like that. I think this would make the final score a lot more indicative of the user experience.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    weighting is mainly subjective.. for some it’s imp like audio.. for some it’s not very important.. like for me.. audio doesn’t matter much.. so it would not be very fair.. in the last he mentions about his personal choice signifying he can actually rate it like this but he chooses not to make the comparison more organic and orginal for the viewers as it’s their final choice to buy which one they like


The way this dude put effort for every video he makes is amazing. Visual and informative as usual.

Mayank Gupta

I’d still like to be with my s23 ultra just because of the reliability and accuracy….but damn that phone is good.

Arjun Krishna

That f4.0 aperture is necessary in large sensor cameras. When we record video in bright daylight, even with the lowest ISO, the shutter speed should be 1/800 to 1/3000 to get correct exposure. Videos with that high shutter speed looks jittery especially if you’re filming in 24/30fps. At f4, the shutter speed can be lower, creating slight motion blur that looks natural.

Branimir Teodorović

Smaller aperture is useful when you want to take a picture of something that is close and you want everything to be in focus: two people standing one in from of other, food, documents…
It is also useful when you are recording 24/30 fps video in sunlight because it will allow longer shutter speeds which will make video less choppy.
There is a reason why real cameras have variable aperture.

Jullia Capybara

In few years this man’s gonna buy a warehouse just to store the amount of equipment he purchases

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