Is NOW the time to upgrade? Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S23

Should you upgrade your phone to the Samsung Galaxy S23? With older S20 and S21 phones starting to see diminished returns, it might be the right time to switch to the Samsung S23.

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00:00 – Setting the stage
01:27 – Rules for this Head to head
01:47 – Design
03:04 – PHNX Cases
03:38 – S23 vs S21 Price
03:55 – Does the S21 has the better Display?
05:19 – Battery
06:37 – S21 vs S23 Cameras
08:05 – Performance
08:42 – S21 vs S23 benchmark scores
09:46 – S23 is a champion phone
09:52 – Overall thoughts?

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Scroto T Baggins

Without a Micro SD card slot, both of them are e-waste

    Arnold M Xavier

    Absolutely right


i had a samsung a8 for close to 6 years before upgrading, why are ppl throwing away their s21?


    Haha same! And that S8 was still running good, huh?

Adam Schulte

I have a Galaxy S21 and I’m going to upgrade to the Pixel 8 😊

Arnold M Xavier

It is always iPhone and Samsung for you guys in the tech world. Why can’t you do a video titled. Upgrading from zenfone 7 to zenfone 9 or Xperia 1 mark 2 to Xperia 1 mark 4

    Ryan McLeod

    Unfortunately the keyword volume is low for those 😢 or else I’d love to do another Zenfone 9 video, especially a versus. Sorry to disappoint you. Especially with how poorly the ROG7 video did. Just have to stick to algorithm stuff for now. But, if they eventually make a Zenfone 10, I’ll probably still do something for that. Thanks for watching still!

123the prodigy

My friend just did the exact same thing, she upgraded from the S 21 ultra to the S 23 ultra.

Damjan Dimitrioski

No, the biggest question is whether to switch from S10 to S23 :D, mainly it’s the camera and battery and the os version support that is changed; why should I throw 95% used device for a newer model?

    Damjan Dimitrioski

    My S10’s battery in 5 years went down to 90% capacity. So nothing kills these phones.

Jeeva Naga Karthik

I’m watching this on an S20 and had already decided to skip the S23, the camera improvements were not enough of a change to make me upgrade. Maybe the S24!!!

123the prodigy

Despite being an iPhone user, the S 21 ultra was my favorite, the S 21 ultra is still impressive in my opinion.

Rath Kaplan

What do you think about Xiaomi 12 t pro


Thanks for the video. I have an S21and I love it. I still don’t see this comparison as reason enough to upgrade tho. My battery life has improved contrary to yours. Plus, my phone runs so well and I’ve never had any issues with it.

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