Should We Move To America? – WAN Show April 28, 2023

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So weird to actually catch the tail end of the wan show these days! You guys are real troopers

    Alcoholic Nerd

    a what?


    @Alcoholic Nerd WAN SHOW


    @piketfencecartel A TAIL!

Andrew :)

Super pumped about a potential $600 ROG Ally!

[0:02] *Topics*
[1:03] *Intro*
[1:29] *Topic 1: Canada’s Bill C11*
>2:08 Background
>5:15 Unintended consequences
>9:26 What is Canadian Content?
>12:05 Local content
>18:04 Cultural pride
>19:40 C11 Cynicism
>27:36 What will happen at LTT?
[30:44] *Topic 2: AMD’s Burnt Chips*
>33:35 Computer parts, then vs now
>37:26 Quality control
>38:46 Foreign Manufacturing
[44:57] *Topic 3: ROG ALLY*
>44:58 Leaked price (600 dollars)
>45:43 ROG ALLY vs Steam Deck
[49:21] *LTT Store Update/Merch Messages Explained*
>50:34 LTT Store Deals
>54:48 LTT Onesie
>56:07 Carabiner update and demonstration
[1:07:25] *Merch Messages 1*
>1:07:26 Advantages/Disadvantages ADHD
>1:09:14 Approach to content creation
>1:13:30 Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
>1:15:29 Nvidia 50 series
>1:15:35 Atlas OS
>1:18:11 Nebula corrections
[1:23:48] *Topic 4: School Chromebooks*
>1:26:19 Kids break stuff
>1:27:45 Device lifespan
[1:33:18] Sponsors ft MSI, Vessi, Akiflow
[1:38:18] *Topic 5: Twitter Re-verification*
>1:41:16 Elon’s deepfake argument
>1:43:01 Twitter sucks
[1:44:15] *Topic 6: Linus’ Cosmetic Surgery*
[1:47:52] *Topic 7: LTX 2023 Update*
>1:50:34 LTX Digital Pass
>1:54:50 Canadian cash woes
[1:57:50] *Merch Messages 2*
>1:57:51 Motherboard Chipset
>2:01:16 What other company might Luke want to work on?
>2:03:45 Building LLMs
>2:06:23 GameLinked
>2:08:42 Unlimited money
>2:09:17 Ultimate gaming minivan
>2:10:53 Favorite April Fools Video to shoot?
>2:18:43 RCS
>2:19:31 LTT Cowboy hat (no)
>2:20:21 Luke’s favorite bird memory
>2:22:13 WAN show as Audio Podcast
[2:23:07] *Topic 8: Activision Blizzard Merger Blocked*
>2:26:14 Luke’s (accidental) rude hand gesture
[2:27:42] *Topic 9: Colorado Farmers Win Right to Repair*

[2:30:02] *WAN Show: After Dark*
>2:32:32 Youtube ads and sponsors
>2:37:22 Favorite memory of new tech
>2:39:15 Companies supporting games
>2:41:38 Future town square platforms (hi future you!)
>2:43:46 Future Framework Modules
>2:44:46 Perception of value
>2:46:31 Shooting videos at Linus’ home
>2:48:58 Linus’ pool update
>2:51:58 Non tech-savvy people

[2:53:07] *Bonus Topic: Luke’s NASA Trip*

>3:00:14 Microcloud Server
>3:02:57 Tech concept products
>3:03:50 Apple and gaming
>3:05:44 How to time manage for Linus
>3:07:35 Merch message ideas
>3:09:34 Motivation
>3:11:09 Embarassing screenshare moments
>3:13:02 Pet birthday
>3:14:51 Solutions for C11
>3:15:53 Relocation for LTT
>3:17:36 Upcoming Movies
>3:20:25 Young kids and video games
>3:23:20 European customers
>3:23:30 Product updates
>3:23:54 Coding bootcamps
>3:25:36 Product design
>3:26:46 Accessibility in gaming
>3:28:42 Wedding ring
>3:30:40 Quality over Quantity
>3:31:34 Nostalgia and childhood games
>3:35:40 Model train project
>3:36:36 Wii on the Steam Deck
>3:37:31 Closed vs open source code
[3:40:43] *Outro*

    I’m Aron

    I don’t see LeLinus in the timestamps, I am outraged




    Thank you

    Steve Austin

    Thank you!


    You’re amazing, god bless!

Andrew Drechsler

I was travelling in Australia recently, I watched an episode of Letterkenny on local TV. I wondered if anyone in the country understood the references being made in the episode, they were intensely Canadian and hockey centric.


    Haha, I’m Australian, hope you enjoyed your stay haha. Never heard of letterkenny…. I think most people here may never had heard of it due to them exclusively watching popular shows and movies on Netflix and YouTube lol

    wobbly sauce

    Been following Letterkenny for a long time, at first some of it was huh? But over time got most of it… that and talking to others from CAN/US gaming while being from AUS

    First Last

    Well I live in the BC boonies now, but I have lived and worked in Quebeck and NB for years.

    Hockey is pretty universal in Canada. Though how to pronounce things like poutine definitely aren’t 😅

    BC: Pou-tea-ne
    Quebeck: pu-sin / pu-tin,
    New Brunswick: puz-in.

    Callum Mcneill

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you travel? The east or west coast or red centre/outback?

    Dr Ian

    Or south or north…


Canadian culture needs to be protected who else is going to drink milk from bags.



    chris millar

    We’re gonna have to move to the USA buy milk In cartons the pour them into bags


    You’ve never heard of Wisconsin?


    @John B I’d say that while Canadian culture is multi-cultural there’s stuff that’s very much Canadian Culture even if it’s for different parts and people groups within Canada, Jacob Two-Two and the Jewish Montreal culture is Canadian as is Scott Pilgrim with its use of Torontonian landmarks as well as the light winter for telling the story.


    @First Last damn I didn’t even know. Although I guess makes sense, I don’t drink much milk, so I don’t pay attention to that section of produce


So happy to hear you mention Kim’s Convenience. That show really is great.


The thing that makes the internet great is being able to connect with others from anywhere, seeing others views, cultures, learning new things you likely would never know about without it. I’ll watch content on Youtube from anyone, anywhere if it’s good, interesting content, That should be all that matters really. I’m in the US but watch a lot of content on Youtube from Canada, the EU, UK, Australia, all over the place, as well as the US but rarely local, local to my area stuff though. Yeah a local tab/row isn’t a bad idea, it’s good to know about stuff happening in your area but I wouldn’t want Youtube and other platforms putting is it local above all else just because it’s something near me, that ruins the best thing about the internet.

    Late Night Fire

    instead of the government forcing platforms to recommend canadian content, the content creators could uhhhh, idk, maybe make content worth watching and we’ll watch them?

    hard to listen to canadian songs when it’s just drake and bieber shoved down your throats on spotify. the radio is even more obnoxious.


    Triple upvote from a Hungarian. I simply do NOT like local content the vast majority of the time. This would be absolute hell for me, especially if our current crime syndicate gets their claws on this. The one last real place we can escape their hateful, fearmongering, absolutely disgusting propaganda is the internet, if we lose this just nuke us please. It would be a mercy.

    Throw Acnt

    It’s not about protecting culture or anything like that nonsense, it’s about censorship. Why don’t people just get this? It’s hilarious but also insanely stupid.

    Maybe Shimo

    exactly. this is why I like that twitter gives you the option of how you want your feed sourced. But the canadian government mandating it, and then having the power to pick what they do and don’t allow isn’t okay.


Not just your kid benefit from education. Your employees are educated by the school system, the fans in the audience, the vendors you work with to get products built. We all benefit from the taxes that go towards education.

And this is coming from a DINK.


I have a tiny 60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD (the same as Luke mentioned) that was in active use for about 7 years, wrote its entire contents at least 100 times over. It still works.

    Pavel Selivanov

    I bought 120Gb Agility 3 about 10 years ago. It worked in 3 laptops I used for work, and right now it works in my brother’s laptop. Not a single problem with it and it should work at least 10 more years according to SMART.

    Rainbow Dash

    SandForce SSDs are solid. Those were among the first real good ones. Got some Corsair Force GT with Sandforce 2 still going in secondary rigs. Dropped 300 bucks for a 240Gig one to replace my dying 150GB Velociraptor in 2012 – that was a night and day difference! Bought a 120Gig one then as well to replace the 60Gig OCZ Vertex that I had running in my Samsung NC10 since 2009, but never installed it because I had to replace the monitor cable at the same time and also wanted to replace the WiFi module, but I was totally unable to remove the Chinese Butter Screws. Didn’t have iFixit tools or even an LTT Screwdriver back in the day… even tried ScrewGrab. Didn’t want to drill the thing up though XD

Jonathan Wilson

Regarding YouTube and C-11, what they could do is to have a separate box for Canadian content whereby the content in that box is filled using the normal algorithm but applied only to videos that count as “Canadian” under the law. That way there is a gaurantee that a minumum % of videos shown to a visitor to the YouTube front page are Canadian but at the same time they don’t need to tweak their algorithms all that much or give away any secrets about how they work.

So the algorithm might show someone who watches a lot of tech videos videos from Canadian tech channels. Or someone who watches a lot of comedy content would be shown content from Canadian comedians. Or someone who watches a lot of news content would be shown content from Canadian news outlets. Or whatever.

    Dmitry Burlakov

    I’ve switched to Canadian YouTube a while ago (not Canadian but it’s English language with metric measurements so I use Canadian format everywhere) and it’s already existing. The thing that Luke was talking about, on main page of YouTube there’s a section outlined with two thick borders with 4 to 8 Canadian news channels. Not necessarily Trudeau faces but yeah completely irrelevant Canadian news (I watch it sometimes tho 😂).

    Jonathan Wilson

    @Dmitry Burlakov I get the news bar sometimes too here in Australia, its almost always guaranteed to be news outlets that suck (i.e. basically any commercial news outlet in Oz since all of them suck) although sometimes its a video from the ABC (national government funded broadcaster)

    First Last

    ​@Dmitry Burlakov I watch it too. I just hit “do not recomend” for the few that block comments. Before that it had probably been 5 years since I watched more then 30 seconds of Canadian news. I usually watch DW or France 24.

Jack Linde

LINUS – Regarding the pool contractor situation, just remember this: If the contractor is “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”, they will NEVER get caught up and are going to eventually fail. You can’t protect the current customers from this from happening. SOMEBODY is going to get screwed, regardless if you don’t say anything or do. This might be a case where ripping off the Band-Aid (TM) to cause pain now will save a lot more people from future pain.

That being said, BE VERY CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU DO. You do carry a lot of clout and there’s always the unintended consequences to your actions. Make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that DOXING AND OTHER MALADAPTIVE BEHAVIORS ARE NOT ALLOWED! (People can be assholes. Just saying.)


    Would be a great time for him to watch the Louis Rossmann flooring contractor saga

    Emil Riikonen

    This is not true mathematically. They could just charge Peter way more than they pay Paul. Obviously if they ended up in that situation in the first place they are probably not capable of digging themselves out of the hole but it is technically possible.

    Jack Linde

    @Emil Riikonen The problem is few companies that find themselves in a hole and deciding to use this unethical (and potentially criminal, please check your local statutes.) method to refund customer projects ever do pull themselves out. They end up either getting shut down by regulatory bodies or collapse under their own weight. And most instances, there are other things going on that contributed to the hole in the first place.


Love when Luke laughed about Linus talking about DP points and Linus didn’t get it.


For me as a British person, Canada looks like a genuinely nice place. I have never been to America or Canada though so I suppose I don’t know really 😂

    Krozar TAL

    If you ever go to Canada, just be sure to always hold open doors for everyone behind you. You wouldn’t want to set off an international incident.

    Innocent Bystander

    ​@Krozar TAL
    Unless it’s for a wahmen, in which case you may be arrested for your efforts… You’d be better off slamming the door in their faces.


    It’s not.

Dean Richter

When I graduated high school they let us keep the Chromebooks because they didn’t have any more security updates. Swapped the 16gb ssd with a 64gb one and put Linux on it. Works great for browsing the web. Can’t do that with the school Chromebooks anymore because they started soldering the storage to the motherboard.

Ray LF

this actually made me think about where the youtube content I consume comes from. I regularly watch content from canadien, scottish, australian, british, and german channels. These are creators that I almost certainly would never have heard of or heard from without youtube or a similar platform.

    Brandon Munsen

    Source. I’m Canadian


    @Brandon Munsen canadien is how quebeccers type it, it’s valid

    Callum Mcneill


Lasse Hjalmarsson

The “three computers voting” sounded familiar – turns out that scheme was used in the guidance system of the Gripen fighter aircraft back in the 80:s, that’s where I heard about it.

Orphan Uprising

Have you guys tried swapping out the XLR cables to see if Luke’s phone still causes interference? That’s what I’ve noticed at home. It’s not one phone or another that causes it, but the cable’s shielding

Marz Rover

re-backpack pulls: I am currently traveling with the LTT backpack and knowing the pulls can break, I’m always concerned when i’m “locking” them as i access items from the bag on the train. the new ones will definitely satisfy me as it’d be very easy to tell something isn’t going right before they break

Alex Schubert

A local tab with local news would be super cool, if we can have people submit stories that be cool


I bought last year a thinkpad t440p from like 2014. Put an ssd on it, runs like a gem

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