7 Amazon products that should not exist!

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send this to someone who would actually buy this stuff 😭

    Mohammed Shinaaz

    Bro will you send me?😂

    geberale gofa

    Make ps 5 please 0:22

    The Hand Of God

    you gotta change the channel banner one up more.

    jaydeep jain


    SpaceBird Aerospace

    But u already have the video

Toka Cubing

I can confirm you should NEVER buy candy from amazon let alone eat it 🤣

    Supreme Calamitas

    @motitire wasting your money on candy that Amazon can easily destroy through the packaging? Heh, good luck

    Nate Higgers Moe Lester Nay Gigga Dig Bick

    ​@motitire goofball


    @Toka Cubing okay wtf we have the exact same taste for videos

    Toka Cubing

    @Elijah LOL


    @Supreme Calamitas  Yet to happen. I even order to deliver in other countries. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised. 😉


all of those fashion items seem like a one way route to getting made fun of anywhere you go ☠️


    Nah I think the handerpants are a must buy

    Dani Dani

    When you get made fun of with the grads flip floppers just say: Atleast im touching grass.

Ali Hasan

Dobby the elf has been wearing those earphones all along


    He found new ways to punish himself

    Simon P

    It’s life Jim but not as we know it!


“Thumb goes up the big hole”

That’s what she said 😂

    Julius Capacia

    It’s So Big😩😫


    @Julius Capacia yo what


Those slippers are perfect for Reddit and Discord mods.


    Lol ikr

Cynthia Padilla

Now gamers can finally touch grass without ever leaving their seats while wearing flip flops

    Priyansh Playz

    Did u just copy my comment….., ouch


    They will be immune to those jokes now 😂

    Ali Reactions

    I love this guy man


    Tf this bots Profile pic💀

    Supreme Calamitas

    @Dr. Visphotak how tf is a random person commenting a bot?

Mohammed R Islam

People who beat the system:arun wears grass shoes


“I would not want to be seen alive with them”
-uploads the video online


The Spy Camera should ACTUALLY not exist

    Cereal Box

    Noooo, I love spy cameras ❤




“i just would not want to be seen alive in them”
*shows himself wearing it to 14 million people*

    Techno Brain


asgar Khan

My cousins used to wear those slippers so whenever their mon asked them to go touch the grass, they would touch their slippers.


“Those grass slippers are specially maded for gamers 💀”


    Like you


Those glasses are actually a really good idea.
The main reason I usually stop reading is because my neck hurts.

    Dylan Lewis

    Can confirm


Genshin players need that flip flop fr


Bro took touching grass to a whole another level.

Nationwide Shipping Unbox

the 90 degree glasses are useful if you don’t want to strain your neck reading a textbook

    Dylan Lewis

    Can confirm as I am wearing them right now


    or for belaying people so you don’t have to look up all the time

ProVong Bandith

Amazon fr just turn the sentence “Go Outside And Touch Some Grass” to a whole another level.


bro took touch grass too literally 💀

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