Ada Wong is HOT – Dead By Daylight

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Your videos are fire H2O

Hunter Dulebohn

So happy to see DBD make a return


    He should’ve been a better friend maybe he’d be playing with delirious


    @Scorps29_TheReal_wesker ?

That one dbd player

LOVE THE DBD CONTENT now all I need is delirious playing as ghostface and my life is complete

Restie Celeste Jr

I clicked so fast when I saw Ada and Delirious’ name popped up on my notification. XDD


Luv he always does a mix of so many games, not just one game. Delirious Army Rise!

Dade “Zombiemaster” Moore

This man is a comedic genius

jeian agtas

DBD vids with yall are the best. But, i would love to see an evil dead one too or the texas chainsaw massacre video once it comes out


Imagine Liz watching the intro, Delirious will be sleeping on the couch, lol 😂😂😂

    Ordinary Mann♤

    Or cosplay as Ada

    di mz

    @Ordinary Mann♤ ☝This

    Ian Cortes Contreras

    ​@Ordinary Mann♤ smart move

RaKim Dalida

Delirious DBD? Hell yeah!!!


Kind of refreshing seeing someone play dbd how it was supposed to be played originally.😊

Dulce Munoz

My little niece watched this and was giggling the whole time and jamming to the outro song 🤣🤣 guess you have a new fan

Miranda Lynne

Wait when did you start playing DBD again! This is great! I think you’ll like the changes!


I miss this game with Bryce and Cartoonz.

Alex Plays Games

Man I wish I could be with the crew.

Universe Imagination

I miss Delirious playing as the killer.


I feel like Delirious, Rilla, and Cartoonz all need to play together again!!! I hope there’s a 3 person coop game or something that u 3 can play bc it’s cool that y’all knew eachother irl for years

Dragon Keiyper

Thank you so much for playing dbd with Daukey and an amazing crew.
I seriously wanted this to happen and I believe I mentioned it in one of your older videos! I appreciate you listening to me and of this happened by coincidence then OH WELL I sooooo appreciate this ❤❤❤

Adrian Smoke1212

Is it possible to get your mask for the trapper still?

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