Amanda The Adventurer – FULL GAME

The full version of Amanda the Adventurer is out. let's play it!
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Hour long video; lazy Saturday; I’ll take it!!

    Aiden HP

    5.3k likes in 9 hours wow

    Elaine Schow

    Hell to the yeah


    @yxel OHNOOOO you poor thing.


    YOO Leonhart hi

Rainbowz Grqce

Somehow, Amanda being confused is even scarier than her being, like, a demon. Something about it is just so creepy..


    She’s lost, alone, doesn’t even remember who she’s supposed to be, and is desperately trying to make sense of her world. She tries to control it, to make herself feel safe, but is’s never enough. She’s lost everything.

    Alrighty then

    33:29 was so unsettling, man.

    King Dice

    It taps into the more human element of being a sociopathic killer as opposed to a demonic entity. It hits way closer to home in the realms of realism.


    @Danny Adam chill out bro it’s not even that serious 💀


    @Danny Adam aint that serious bro😭


jack: *understands the plot of death stranding*

also jack: *continues to call a peach a apple*


    @JAMjar Hah, love that

    Eleanor Thorne

    He needs to make Woolly a peach pie! 🥧

    Cade Gaming

    @JAMjar15 yeah, YouTube is just really stupid with these things, even the smallest bit of affection like a high-five could probably get your video demonetized or get your channel deleted -_-


the fact that he kept calling the peach a apple makes me wanna cry, knowing that’s how you get a secret tape

    Ghoul Atypical

    He didn’t look for any of them and then complained when the ending didn’t explain anything 😭 that frustrated me so much


    @Ghoul Atypical He gave you something to do for 1 hour & 10 minutes. You can’t be mad with him.

    Tyler K

    Seems like growing all the pots may be something aswell


    ​@KoolAid it’s fineee I’m sure she didn’t mean any real offence mate


    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this but while watching the tape where Lauren goes missing they say her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip then when they from the camera Amanda says her favorite is mint chocolate chip so I think Amanda is Lauren

The Rogue Wolf

Amanda straight up throwing shade at Sean at every opportunity he gives her, you’ve gotta love it.


When Amanda says, “I’m out there somewhere”. I feel like she’s crying out for help more than a threat. She seems like she doesn’t wanna hurt anyone though.

    Sugar Flower

    I interpreted that as her body is out there somewhere and her soul is trapped in this tv show and she’s crying out for help

    Nick Button

    I think its implied that her body is “out there” rotting like “everything rots” and “We can share” is her spirit being shared by a demon.

    Haeden Stein

    She definitely wanted to hurt wooly that’s for sure lol

    big smoke

    Tell that to woolly

    Love, PandaBae

    @TheCompleteMental okay but what if wooly is an innocent volunteer who is a part of Hameln that caused this and Amanda wants some revenge… just food for thought


Yes Jack, there are SEVERAL tapes to find to really explain Amanda and what happened to her. That’s all I’ll say 😂

    Cass Dun

    In the game or can we find them on youtube?

    Elda Rose S.G.R.

    Tell us more!


    @Elda Rose S.G.R. There’s 5 tapes (you’ll see six but that’s in the game files, so you can’t get it normally) and it explains everything that happened to ‘Amanda’ and why she’s in the state that she’s in. You do have to pay really close attention to your surroundings but you can also just find the footage from the tapes on YouTube (though that’s far less fun than discovering it yourself)

    Nick Button

    @CraftyMaelyss I am personally of the mind that YouTubers would benefit from going out of their way to look up an “All Secrets and Endings” guide, if they aren’t going to search by themselves. It’d be more satisfying for them to have all of the clues, and the viewer could see their favorite youtuber piece together the story in different ways.

Nisa Rojas

“I love getting my friends treats from the POST OFFICE” her sarcasm and shade makes me hope that she becomes an iconic video game character


    Loved that part xD

    Love, PandaBae

    Reminds me of old Animal Crossing when you could actually have beef with the villagers and they would come for your neck. Ah, the good old days.

Dan Hatter

I really wanted to see Sean’s reaction to bringing the bucket of water to Blabbot and not splashing him immediately. For context, he *begs for his life.*

    A B

    AND he confesses his love for you, hence why he said something along the lines of “We were going to have an amazing life together” though I think Sean didnt hear that because when you splash blabbot while hes talking the audios mix together and he becomes incoherent.

    Roky Hawk

    Ha yeah, Sean and his ADHD brain with a short attention span lol

Sofie M. Marskar

The irrational comfort I felt when he was holding the bucket 🪣
Thanks Stanley Parable for that incredibly strange conditioning ig 🤣

    Chex The Royal Bastard

    YES. YES I WAS THINKING THAT!! I saw bucket and I felt like it was the right direction


    Sorry to break the news to you but, a bot stole your comment lol

    Anthony St-Onge

    @KrisKross this is a sad day to mourn words


    I couldn’t put my finger on what it was but it’s this! I had the exact same thing.

Cap Simp

That moment where she stopped sounding like she was talking through the TV and sounded like she was right next to you was epic

    Serenity Phillips

    ​​@Anna ___ near the end where amanda says “im out there…somewhere” its more clear and no static, like she is in the room infront of you


    That might have been the scariest part of the game to me, or atleast the one where I was the most freaked out lol

    Serenity Phillips

    @Yes yeah, it caught me off guard quite a bit

    Salwa Creation Time❕

    Woah , I didn’t noticed that at first ! That’s genius :0

    Team Awesome

    Maybe the monster is her body. Hence why she says she’s out there somewhere and that she can feel herself rotting


This game manages to share so many emotions, you feel pity for Amanda, but as well as awful fear for her, and sympathy for her confusion and her being alone. As well as her sass. Its amazing how they managed to convey so many emotions deemed positive into a “villain”. This game is wayyy better than I think anyone actually thought it was going to be!


The fact that both sean and cory forgot the aunts name was kate but still randomly guessed it is amazing.


    @RiKShaw231 but coryxkenshin and Sean both said they guessed it so I don’t think so

    Nick Button

    @Tasoq If you listen at 12:27 its pretty obvious that he was going to guess “Arin” I dunno why he plays it off like he intentionally put “Kate”


    @Nick Button ah yes, my bad.


    1,000th like B⁠-⁠)

    Jhonatan Gonzalez

    It auto fills at that point. I’ve seen someone else play it, and they didn’t type kate.


“Oh no. Wooly fucked around and found out.” Had me cackling 😂 Wooly needs a hug lol

Itz Lucy

I love how when Amanda was genuinely confused it kinda seemed how she was questioning what she was doing and her actual personality was breaking through the possessed and lost little girl


10:25 The fact that Amanda just straight up ignored Wooly’s question is just hilarious and depressing


    i actually felt bad for wooly when that happened, like damn… my boy don’t deserve that 🙁




I find it nice how wooly is still so nice to her beside what she’s done to him. Unless he’s being forced to act like that, which he probably is


    ​@Bingley ♪ I’m guessing he doesn’t want Amanda to do her demon thing, and the only way to do that is by moving the plot along.

    Jordan M

    @Mold But he wasn’t scared like he usually is when Amanda starts doing freaky stuff. It looked more like he recognized she was having difficulty and tried to steer the episode somewhere positive, make it good and wholesome again….and thats when something else kicks in to prevent that from happening.


    ​@Jordan M wooly for some reason is always the opposing force to Amanda, like in the episode everything rots he constantly tries to stop amanda from exploring the topic further. Wooly wants to think they are friends, but also never really agrees with her? He might be there to keep her in the show in some way, not thinking about her past maybe?


    @Makawav He is like a coping mechanism trying to cover up trauma

    Paweł Kowalczyk

    @Makawav yeah it gave me kind of a mastermind vibes
    there is a… boring? secret tape with him too
    even doe he gets hurt a lot he propably has some higher purpose to the story and it isn’t necessarly a good one


Seeing Amanda getting scared and confused is even more scarier and horrific than her possessed self. The creators did amazing on this game!

Eric Hurtado

Don’t worry, Sean. Matpat will have 12 episodes dedicated to explaining the lore you don’t feel like finding


    I watched both parts of matpats playthrough and tbh it’s really cool that matpat played the game more “i will listen to amanda” because most people won’t do that, so it shows you another side of the game. I mean, the endings are the same, but how they get there is just so different and it really makes sense to watch both seans playthrough and matpats.


    @Leo That would require me to watch MatPat’s content and that is something I just cannot subject myself to.


    So does that mean Rebecca isn’t stuck inside the tapes?

    Lucky 4D

    ​@CleverTwist sucks for you then I guess.

    kjf 365

    ​@CleverTwist Your loss. His content is just great.

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