I regret buying this MYSTERY TECH

Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at . Thanks to Stamps.com for sponsoring the show!

Thanks to @JakeSimmons for the most cursed Xbox / Sonic the Hedgehog controller I've ever seen…

Totally not a PS5 Fan on Amazon:
MKBHD x Atoms M251 Sneakers:
Amiga A500 Mini on Amazon:
NexDock Wireless:
Belkin MagSafe iPhone MacBook Mount on Amazon:
Hoglet Fidget Mouse on Amazon:

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 PS5 Fan
1:37 MKBHD Sneakers
4:27 Stamps.com
5:26 Amiga A500 Mini
7:50 NexDock Wireless
10:01 EliteTac Flashlight
11:04 Belkin MagSafe iPhone Mount
13:40 Hoglet Mouse
14:50 Cursed Xbox Controller




Probably the only YouTuber who goes from getting scammed on Temu to buying mysterious tech

    Me Alien

    Mr. White, you’re everywhere!

    isaac bejjani

    Bad bot

    Abominal Chicken


    Marc W.

    He didn’t even get scammed on Temu.


    ​@Me Alien I just saw his comment in Gameranx and came back to say this.


another great episode of mystery tech!

    Chris Rogers

    I think older ones are better

Benjamin Gonzales

Jake Simmon’s controller is the best thing to grace gaming since its creation

Jake Simmons

I finally got something for Austin that he didn’t smell

    Offical Legardokoth Phoniex

    ​@Christian Blaze Blank fr


    @Austin Evans you gotta smell it now

    Ryan Saldana

    Is there an Austin Evans Pokémon card binder?

    Larz Veld

    I think Austin should have definitely smelled it! 😂

    NPR Wikeepa

    The tragesty

sanskrut sayam

Austin: What should I make?
Ken: (without thinking for a second) Good Videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    David Hirtz

    And then Austin’s reply of “Let’s be realistic” 😂😂😂

Miles The Peaceful Inkling

I totally wasn’t expecting the Amiga 500 Mini! That thing is so cute!


It amuses me to think of the possibility that some kids got a fan for Christmas instead of a game console.


On what planet is almost $200 for a pair of shoes “very reasonable”? lmao

    Derek Berry

    Especially with those materials.


As an original backer of Nexdock (used it with my Microsoft Lumia 950XL with Windows Continuum). I’m quite happy to see this one is a lot more refined than what they have like almost 7-8? years ago.
The original one you have to use a USB-C to HDMI adapter or a USB-C dock/hub, and the original don’t have enough power to keep 950XL draining, let alone charging). On the original, the keyboard was always Bluetooth, so I used to just use a Microsoft Wireless Display receiver to use it completely wireless, use a 3A charger to charge the 950XL.
It was pretty good with doing work on Word, Excel but the best part is you don’t have to lug around a laptop (mine was 2kg) to do presentation.

Stephen Carruthers

I’m actually gonna admit Austin I’m one of those late 80’s early 90’s computer nerds and the Amiga and the Commodore 64 were the beginning of pc gaming

Andrew Whitney

A500 (Amiga) was not obscure in the UK and Europe.
A500 was more popular in Europe and the UK then in America USA. Even thought Commodore main offices was based in the USA. They had a manufacturing plant in Scotland, UK.

    Grumpy Grandy

    He actually called it an ‘Obscure console from the 1980’s!’ Jeesh! I actually cringed when he said that. The Amiga 500 was HUGE in the UK and Europe. It also wasn’t a console!


Austin: What should I make?
Ken: Good Videos.
That’s a real friend right there lol.


Those “tactical ridges” on a flashlight actually serve a pretty useful function – you can’t sit the flashlight down vertically and forget that you left it on.

But yeah, not worth more than 15 bucks or so.

    Jason Melton

    i got a 10pack of flashlights pretty much exactly same for 15 bucks lol


    Yeah, but the main purpose is for melee use. They should have sharp edges though to be more useful for that.

iLoveUmami Food Reviews

Idk but all these mystery tech videos never get old.


The nexdock is actually dope as hell, reminds me of the laptop dock Motorola did for the Atrix 4g, which I had back in the day… Because it was the world’s first ever dual core phone and it was a MONSTER at the time lol

The dock was great too

Bennett Hackett

The funny thing about that Elite Tac flashlight is that I have one that looks pretty much exactly the same, but I think it’s actually brighter. It cost like $15.

    Joel H

    I got mine for harbor freight for ab $15

    galor shooshan

    I think he used it with AAA adapter instead of 18650, which has an impact on power


That Breaking News segment was showmanship at its finest ❤

Strider Wolf

Yup more funny humorous videos please! When austin sniffs a product we the viewers collectively gasp and cringe at the same time ^_^


Matt really stuffed an Xbox controller and Kenzie into a box and left a note that says “make something out of this”


Those shoes are like the £20 unbranded high tops you find in cheap stores.

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