i’m back

We have finally finished filming the Iron Lung movie! And that means that I'm finally back!



TazManianAngel13 Devil

God he looks so tired, he’s definitely working hard. Get some rest Mark, you’ve earned it! ❤

    Army of One

    @LCM lol why do you think so?

    Army of One

    @Rena B. Yeah, he looks so different.

    Casey Binion

    Yeah buddy get some rest


    ​@LCM get help

Cole Kiesler

Markiplier: I am back

Also Mark: “Anyone finally figure out the truth that I am not a masochist.”

    cason sterling

    @igger L description

    Kuwait Grips

    @yyettwr so true, ha ha!

    Kuwait Grips

    @lilstrawhat John yeah dude, we should report him bro, he’s making fun of a stillborn, disgusting, hey.


    @igger no one. Mark is much better, at least he doesn’t have to go around and advertise himself in other YouTuber’s comment sections.

Alex Cantrell

Marks crazy projects: who killed markiplier, a heist with markiplier, in space with markiplier, and now iron lung. Oh and we can’t forget unus annus. Mark you keep working to hard but your work is just brilliant. I’m glad to have you here with us and I hope your life will only get better no matter how dark it may sometimes get. You brought many of us hope and happiness and we want to return the favor. Thank you

    Josh Francisco


    Marie Hook

    @Nolascana we NEED that content, we NEED that funny-ness…just sayin

    Marie Hook

    @Josh Francisco facts my darling


6:41 that quick little smile after he thinks about the fact that this project will have theaters full of people experiencing it together. Thats the best part.

    that one guy

    Yesss. Loved that moment. You can see a spark within him, of how dedicated he is


I know i am just one voice among a choir… but you are inspiring. You are the kind of man I seek to be, keep on killing it Markiplier. I cannot wait to see how far you go, I’ll be there until the end.

    Nico Schultz

    well said, couldn’t have said it better myself


ive been a PROUD fan of mark for 10 years (23 now) and to see mark achieve in his journey and also grow within himself is amazing. Mark, we are so happy and proud of you.

Will Schmitt

Mark I remember the first time I ever saw you my friend said “watch this funny guy, he’s playing the Stanley parable right now.” Watching you all these years you grew with me and your outlook and work ethic has literally helped me become who I am. I don’t think I would have the balls to pursue my dreams, nor would I be as comfortable with being myself if it wasn’t for you and Jack. Get some rest my guy. Can’t wait to see Iron Lung!


Mark is crazy, man recorded an entire movie and the first thing he thinks about is ‘welp time to do more work!’. That’s hardworking if I’ve ever seen it

    Normal? absolutely

    Hard to tell if he’s working if he loves what he does so much


“Ugh god its so hard making history everyday. The crowd sings and they sing for me. Glory comes at such a heavy price.” – Markiplier


    Where’s that quote from?


    @HamuelI know it’s in the Meatcanyon markiplier video, don’t know if it was from something earlier too

nothing ¡-¡

Take a break, please. at least two weeks or one, we’ll always be waiting for you patiently don’t push yourself for us, you know that we care for you and it’s okay if you took some time to refresh and rest. So happy for you Mark, we love you.


You mean so much to so many people Mark, and we are so proud of you.

    ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉Sirmarkiplier

    Congratulations 🎉🎉


Hearing you say “I will see you in the next movie” made me tear up. Gah! Our Markiplier is making yet another leap and it’s so exciting! The word Proud is prominent in these comments for a reason, we all are so proud of you.


this is so mindblowing. the way that we can see how proud he is just makes me so happy and literally im so excited for this because the teaser, his update videos, all of that it shows how hard hes working and how dedicated he is towards this project. im so grateful that hes comfortable enough to make videos about this and talk to us about anything. he really is a huge inspiration to all of us, we love you mark🫶


This man is so creative and amazing. You deserve rest Mark, you earned it!


God I don’t know why but seeing mark now be more then just some YouTuber and seeing “mark fischbach” as the director of a legitimate movie made me emotional seeing him grow like this is crazy and it makes me so happy

Poggers Dude

Seeing Mark so equally exhausted and happy makes it worth all the wait. Take your time, Mark. Take a break if you have to. We’ll all be patiently waiting for your return and – of course – for the movie as well.

Fitzgerald Laura K

Gosh, Mark, you’re so freaking amazing. Hearing you say you’re proud of yourself makes me so deeply happy. Don’t freaking worry about us not knowing anything, it’s fun! It keeps the tension! It’s gonna be great!! We’re here and we will stay❤



Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Everything about this project is so incredibly inspiring and fantastic, I don’t care if the reviews for this film flop – though I truly believe in Mark’s talent – there’s so much I love and admire about this.

Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Never imagined I would see the day that Mark becomes a movie director but here we are.

Iker Unzu

I’m so excited for the movie and so glad you’re so proud of it.

    RL renthlei

    Ikr…I’m so proud of him and i’m so lucky I found him through the internet, he’s my idol and I wish I could meet him someday…even though I know full well that isn’t gonna happen… 🥲


    Yeah, it sounds so exciting even though we’ve barely saw nor heard anything

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