This $65 Idea Raised $2M on Kickstarter…

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Would you play to flip a stacked monitor configuration on its head? Are you willing to sacrifice the screen you already have? Apparently a lot of people would and are, since Mobile Pixels raised a ton of money on Kickstarter to bring us the Gemios and Geminos X, a double monitor, stand, and dock combo.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:17 The Geminos
2:20 Who Is It For?
3:24 Subpixels
5:03 Flipped Top Display
6:10 Trying It
7:25 Testing
8:50 Trigger 6
12:00 Conclusion
14:38 Outro




Forgot how good they were at consumer product reviews wish they did more


    @yeetloaf Everything I look at on short circuit just seems to be an unboxing/first impression, not a proper review.


    @nicholas dean The last video on this channel you could really call a review was 12 days ago, the GT 1030 review. That’s not a ton of reviews every single week.

    They do videos where they showcase an item and maybe try using it blind, I don’t know if that’s really a review though.

    Not Interested

    Everyone sues then forced NDA.

    I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    @theSpooner Lab is still in the process of being built and building up data. There’s still a way to go before they’re gonna be at a point where they’re pushing out frequent content. Eventually, lab is also going to have its own website. They’re already doing earphone measurements for short circuit and such.

    I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    @Bob Smith Not really, they also test some of the products as well.


Not sure where $65 came from, but $1000 is eye wateringly bad to not find a solution to avoid the upside down panel. At 2000 of these sold, I really thought they’d be able to find a better solution.

    Jacob Pedersen

    @Miff Curved monitors aren’t really curved enough for that to be a factor, it’s only a few degrees of curve and it doesn’t stretch as far as a tri-screen setup would. I play a ton of ETS2 and racing games, never found that to be an issue on my 27″ curved monitor.


    No, no, no. Two people went out and bought $65 of booze, got drunk and this was the best idea written on the back of a cigarette pack in the morning.


    for less than 700 the LG 24QP88D dual monitor is available with better panel, mount and versatility.


    it’s cost issues

    Perfect Human Interface

    @juubilo But they’re only curved on one axis. So you’d adjust only the horizontal FOV? 🤔

Darryl Ransier

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an ending sponsorship in its entirety. That was hilarious, super entertaining, and educational.


    @Shaun Young what was the video?

    Jonathan Soko

    I paused on the big mac and went and bought one

    Shaun Young

    @Cryptic I don’t remember. Some upgrade to the living room of his old house.


    @Sumsub Not enough money to keep the hosts of the channel, but enough to sponsor LTT? Okaaaay

    Viral Living

    @Dale Johnson bro i thought that was funny af too


Well, considering it came from kickstarter, the fact that it even exists and functions (mostly) as promised is impressive

    Joshua Cheng

    Wait….. isn’t the Geminos just an oversize Yoga Book 9i on a snazzy stand?

    Ender Duck

    @Joshua Cheng yoga book is a laptop, this is just a monitor. So you could connect this to whatever laptop or PC you want. With the laptop, you’re kinda stuck with the config you got it with. So this would be longer lasting if you got it, since people tend to want to upgrade PC components more often than they upgrade their monitor.

    Ender Duck

    @Slow Lane Gamer it’s a Kickstarter project, anything they make right now is just proof of concept. The fact that they have a working proof of concept right now puts them ahead of so many other Kickstarter projects that take the money and never manage to get a prototype out, or just completely disappear.

    Mr. Songib

    noo, dont let them get away with kickstarter excuse, come on.

    Slow Lane Gamer

    @Ender Duck it’s literally not a proof of concept it’s shipping today and they have already discounted it by like $400. From what I can tell their website seems to show that you can order this and get it shipped today … I mean even if it was a proof of concept this is literally just the specs of the monitor

    I mean they might make a different version later on but this is what the monitor is at this time and it’s what’s going to be shipping 🤷🏼‍♂️

Atomic Tom

Dennis really knocked it out of the park with the sponsor segment. Love it


Let Dennis do the sponsors more often. He’s a natural!


    he’s hilarous, it’s like seeing your classic Asian auntie in an ad, but it’s Dennis.


    @mda187 I need to watch the Sponsor ads from know on Denis was hilarious


    @mda187 skipping dennis sponsor segments is heresy!


    I was coming to say the exact same thing he is hilarious. And I loved him getting to poke fun at the boss. It was to perfect.

    Patrick Vienneau

    I was logging in to say exactly this. That was the most amusing sponsor spot I’ve seen in a while.

James Clips

It would be interesting to see how far u could push this setup, like maybe rotating the top screen or using nvidias custom resolution to push the screens past the 60hz refresh rate to maybe achieve more performance to make the experience better


I was legit having a pretty crappy day and that ending with Dennis absolutely made my day thank you


I remember when I was in college, they had heavy CRT monitors mounted at a 45 degree angle underneath the desk, with a tinted glass top so you could see it. The bottom panel in this video reminds me of that.

Christian Habermann

The sponsor segment in the end was AWESOME! The acting, the editing, the idea, holy moly, whoever this guy is, give him an own channel! Potential, lots of potential!

    Christopher Hallett

    He’s too busy secretly living in Linus’ house to run an entire channel!


    he runs a channel called channel super fun. he is so funny

    Ender Duck

    He runs Channel Super Fun

    Brian krimpens

    i almost pissed myself with the burn about the hack with linus, so good 😛

    Pyro D Blaze

    Yeah his CHANNEL would be SUPER FUN to watch!

Chaos Corner

That’s interesting on the lag. I always assumed flipping the display would be handled “magically” by the GPU.

    Joshua Cheng

    Yeah and if the “bottom” display has the higher input lag why not just invert the whole thing physically with the less-laggy bottom as the “top” display and inverting the new “bottom” display (former top display) in Widows right side up.


    @Joshua Cheng if you turned the whole thing upside down you’d still have to flip the image on the top panel to make it the right way up so no matter what you do the top panel will always be slower

    Joshua Cheng

    @stainlessteele5 oh so it’s not because of the panel itself, but laggs because of the processing overhead from the flipped image?


    @Joshua Cheng yes, a GPU streams data at the same time the monitor is displaying the data, when you flip an image it has to stream the data into memory and then feed it to the monitor backwards, that’s an extra step. It’s the same reason that the Clearview font looking disgusting, because everything set up to go top to bottom left to right whilst this flipped monitor runs bottom to top right to left.

    Chaos Corner

    @stainlessteele5 Potentially it’s the same step because you could just have similar but different circuitry to translate the framebuffer to the display signal. I guess not enough people use inverted monitors with a requirement for low lag for them to do that.


all the recipes for LTT’s best video yet, great involvement of multiple employees, Linus absolutely ripping into a quarter-bakes product, and Dennis with one of the best ad segments ever


Dennis is absolutely killing it in his new role.

    Not Interested

    😂 he’s top G in the company.

Ivo Trindade

The touch version might actually be cool for a recording studio, have the timeline view on the upper screen and the mix view on the lower screen, if I can control the faders with my fingers or the knobs in the plugins it might be a good option


I actually use this layout. There’s a far better option which is buying the kind of stand you get with a drawing monitor and using that on your lower monitor and using a monitor arm with extra height clearance for the top one. A cheap VESA tablet stand can be harvested from a something like the Parblo PR100 tablet stand and gives you all the tilt you’ll ever need.

Mantra Chhaya

I think the idea is not bad and the design has a good potential to be improved, theycould use better panels and most problem will be removed and the io also needs bit of work, it is something which can be fixed in upcoming models


Dennis will single handedly protect the channel from now on and I feel a lot better knowing he’s there keeping everybody else safe.

Jair Rivera

This is one of the few times in a while, that I’m actually interested in something by an ad. Not only in LTT, everywhere. Kudos to Dennis.

Dettweiler / DJ Dett

If they made a MST version and started flipping the panels around for the top screen, I can absolutely see these getting popular in the workplace. Most solutions right now require buying 2 monitors and a separate hub, and this could really simplify and cheapen a lot of office setups.


I have to say, letting Dennis write the sponsor spots was the best business decision LMG has made in years!

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