The Flagship vs Midrange Debate: Galaxy A54 Review!

How close is a midrange phone actually to a flagship in 2023?

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A54 provided by Samsung for review.




The King

I tell you what, the A54 vs. Pixel 7a is going to be a good comparison. With all the upgrades the Pixel a series is getting this year.


    ​@The King wasnt it $200?

    Miles Harrington

    @Taala, RV this bro, @GOOOGLLEEE listen lmao

    Alex G

    Pixel 7 already beats the a54 , googledidca good job when they sold it at 479

    The King

    @Max R. Pixel 7a launches in the 10th of this soon.

    The King

    @ѕυмє∂н 𓀫 • 12 years ago a lot of people slept on the A52s. A surprisingly powerful chip for it’s price.

Illusive Destroyer

It’s great to see the 5 pillars make a come back, I remember when it used to be the baseline for the “perfect” phone and now a midrange is basically nailing all the criteria for a “perfect” phone


    But where is the repairability/sustainability/longevity of support category? I would like to hear something about that as well

    GodL 乄 ProSahaj

    this is not a perfect phone , instead of this u should buy s21 fe , at lesser price


    ​@username9312 From my experience the A series are not as repairable (used to not be anyways) as the S series. When I had the A14, the screen cracked and the repair guy told me to buy a new model. It was cheaper because they’re not easy to repair on purpose.

    Both series A and s afaik are supported for 4 years.

    Nabil Izza


    Sedem Nyatusah

    Yep, the last time I saw it was in the Note 9 review.


Really appreciate that the A series exist, bought my dad one and he’s loving the large battery and the price point of it. It does the job well and it’s really impressive.

    Serox M.

    Hope you bought him a case too! lol


    Good gift for your dad👍🏿.

    I took this A54 in store and it works well. MKBHD did too much with Maps and fingerprint scanner. This phone is a good complete midrange which can do everything. 4 years OS Updates / 5 years Security Updates. Cameras do the job : we don’t have to act like everyone is doing Content Creation or 60 FPS game everyday: average smartphone consumer still exist

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂 !!


    not only exist but majority of it tbh


I tried the A54 a couple of days ago and was absolutely astounded at how good it is for the price. It almost feels exactly like the S23 be it the design, the display or the software. Even the camera is great. Can’t think of any reason why any normie would spend $1000+ on a phone these days. Kudos to Samsung and I hope they keep pushing the A-series more.

    Robert S.

    @𝐚𝐧𝐦𝐨𝐥 longevity ain’t purely about updates though. over time, processes will become overbearing for mid range processors.

    take the note 3 for example, does just fine even after all this time. but midrangers from that time struggle heavily nowadays.

    the degree might not be the same anymore, but its the general idea.

    Prison Mike

    ​@Snow Man “trust me” 🤡

    Pro tip: Never say trust me if you want people to take you seriously and have more credibility.

    Prison Mike

    ​@polla2256 “Motorola” 🤡

    David Ojesi

    That’s not true. I have upgraded my A72 a couple of times. Now on Android 12 U.I 5.1. No issues!

    Miguel Angel

    @Ben The Boss Jackson It was an Amazon certified used phone. It was running on an update from last year. The phone was in mint condition. I think someone used it and returned it immediately and it sat in a warehouse until I bought it a year later lol.

    I am typing this with the same Fold 3. Not a single issue !

Paul Wehbi

Keep the midrange reviews coming at least from a trusted source ❤

    Emre Ercan

    @Paul Wehbi just saying pixels are good tells me what kind of business man he is with these companies paying him to lie to you using his popularity

    Paul Wehbi

    @Emre Ercan aha so chinese brands are way better. And paid influencers to promote Chinese mobile phones are much better. By the way this video is for a Samsung decent midrange product. Software updates are way better than chinese brands non sense features. To each of their own and its my money.

    Emre Ercan

    @Paul Wehbi yes they are better than pixel
    Not better than Samsung in flagship segment but at midrange segment almost everything besides xiaomi is an actual joke 🤣🤣

    Deva Narayan S

    @Emre Ercan xiaomi fanboy 😂

    Emre Ercan

    @Deva Narayan S xiaomi fanboy that said xiaomi is not even an option in the flagship segment….. Yea sure🤣🤣

Furqan Majid

For a student the A lineups are like godsend, I use A72 which was around 450 dollars, has water resistance, decent camera and 8gb ram 256 gb storage and also has a headphone jack.Although it has 90hz refresh rate it is great with battery and charges really fast

    Michael Spanring

    Ive been rocking the a71 for 3 years now and it still works amazingly well and has a great battery life too.
    I’m super happy with mine too


    I got the A52 5G, and it’s pretty much the same as yours, with the only differences being obviously the 5G, 120 Hz refresh rate, and the absence of a telephoto camera.


    I’ve got an a70, works perfectly and don’t plan on upgrading soon

    Puneet Maheshwari

    My dad got A70 in 2019, mom got refurbished A71 this Jan, i was hoping for A54 (coz A73 already was out of budget) but since there is time in my clg, i will wait for S22FE till oct (festival sale time in India) or will just buy this (but in oct)

    Puneet Maheshwari

    @pixel my dad’s A70 is a little slow, but that fir me I bet wouldn’t even notice that, only noticeable thing for him really is that it is almost full (coz he gets many doc from office) + they really kicked out the camera now, it was wayyyyy better in 2019

G Four Gadget

Not everyone needs a flagship, and not everyone can pay a premium to enjoy the latest tech. Midrange are good enough for most people, and Samsung is doing a good job with the A series.


    ​@K K Y’all stop acting like sheep and thinking that a phone dies as soon as it stops receiving updates. IT DOES NOT.

    A phone is still hella useful and secure even when it stops getting updates. Security has way more to do with user habits than security updates.

    It doesn’t matter if you buy a 3000usd flagship and get the latest updates. If you use your phone like a fool, you’ll get burned regardless.


    Bought a poco back in 2021 and it was an okay phone. If you’re just gonna tiktok and play some games like Ragnarok then it’s decent

    Charles Moswane

    @MrTheK1LL3R I have an A53, I hate it. It is slow. The camera is very buggy and it crushes. Mind you, I am coming from an A31, so it should have felt like an upgrade. The A31 was less frustrating, but it was still super frustrating. I found myself missing the Huawei P8 lites I owned previously. Now I feel coerced to buy the flagships because of my frustration with Samsung. People’s take on Samsung is the same as that of one of the late Apple fanboys.


So I actually went with A34 this time cause they made A54 more expensive 😅 anyone heard of some battery problems ? With 5000 mAh, it should go for a day and a half without problems but I had to turn on battery saver on and it’s still draining it insanely fast.


Using the 8gb/128gb version, and I can say you’re right. Display is great, handles games well. Honestly, it feels like a flagship. The bezel influence goes away with time.


    It doesn’t feel like flagship really, incomparably worse screen, with both worse colors and *much* less bright gives it away instantly. Camera, speakers, feeling in the hand, speed of the phone in demanding apps, multitasking, etc. Flagships are a different world, and it feels instantly in every possible way, as soon as you pick it up before even unlocking the phone, which everyone can see in a random phone carrier store with phones displayed. That doesn’t mean midrange phones are necessarily bad, but to say it feels like flagship (especially to mention games where some games have literally half the fps) is wrong.


    @Nioh It feels like a flagship to him and thats the only thing that matters, of course you are gonna notice the differences when u use them side by side, but lets be honest u are never gonna do that, in the real world experience is great and for the price its even better


Would be cool to see a comparison from a value centred company like Xiaomi. I recently used a Xiaomi redmi note 12 pro and it felt like it cost multiple times as much as it did.

    Jan Benedict Cruz

    Try redmi note 12 turbo, the best in redmi note 12 lineup


I have used the A72 for 2 years now, with great joy, but the new A54 is a step back from my 2 year old phone now. 6.4 instead of 6.7 inch display, 3 times optical zoom for the A72 while the A54 doesn’t have an optical zoom. These things did me decide to go for the S23 ultra flagship again. I had the S10+ 4 years ago and the better chipset from the S23 compared to the A54 gave me the push to step up again to the flagship S23 ultra. The A54 is too small for me for many reasons which where not shown in this video, like the use of the stylus and Dex. Camera zoom, bigger display, more internal memory, faster chipset, stylus and Dex is more worth to me than a cheaper phone with less capability.

أبو حور

I got the A52s and it’s really impressive for the price. I never go for top of the line products because usually they are overpriced and you end up paying more for less. Value is what matters most and midrange products is where it’s at.


    A52s was a good product from Samsung and it’s nice Samsung keep doing good midrange and also increasing Updates time.

    Same design for both A an S smartphones is something i also like. Good value smartphones.


    Also a lot of people just want a good overall phone. Most people are not geeks or don’t want to spend time watching tech videos to understand if it’s better to get UFS3.1 or 3.0 or Exynos xxxx vs Snapdragon 778G. They go in store, check the phone speed, check if it will updated long, do quick searchs on internet. You give me good overall speed, nice photos, 4 years OS Updates ➡️ I buy it, simple ✅

    Edrel Aquino

    ​@MESSY – AF problem with that is getting one from a reputable seller, scuffs and scratches, also battery health of the device

    david duarte

    @Raashid Tak not necessarily. My iPhone XS Max is still great in everyday tasks, battery life is the only thing where I can say it struggles. I do not need to swap it out because honestly I dont see the point in it yet. It’s 200 bucks used, great display, great cameras, great design and I dont really worry about it because it’s kind of cheap nowadays

    Charles Moswane

    @Federico Lercari Ruskowski The A53 is garbage.

Fabio Ferrari

I made my OnePlus 5 last for 5 years before switching to pixel 7. Even if I agree on the fact that what you get out of the box is roughly 80%, cheaper phones get old real quick, and in the end you may find yourself changing them more often. I think one has to just find the best deal the market currently offers for top-range-like phones, and I believe at any time given there will always be someone filling that spot for nearly half the price of the competitors.


    “Budget” phones do get old quicker, but a decent mid range, still lasts long enough. And with the extreme pricing of current flagships, the base pixel 7 isn’t really the high end. I would say that’s the sweet spot for a phone. And you’re right with the deals point, waiting for a good deal for a 500-700$ range is probably gonna meet the needs of most people and last long enough too.

    Beetle Juice

    I’m still on my OnePlus 5T, bought it on day 1. 💪😎

    Though I’m definitely going to finally upgrade soon.


    @Beetle Juice Same, going strong for 5+ years now. But its starting to show its age (slows down etc)

    Mola Diver

    I’m very sad I dropped my Pixel 4a. It was dirt cheap and easily the best phone I ever had. It aged really well for a cheap phone and felt just as fast in the end. Pixel updates and optimizations kept it nice and fresh. In terms of usability I dare to say it’s better even than my new S23 (normal size). UX on a Samsung is quite mediocre compared to a Pixel. I tried to repair the 4a but unfortunately one of the flat cables to the backpanel snapped. I still miss it. Waiting for the Pixel 8 now as it will be smaller than the 7a.

Md. Zarif Kaisar

It’s great to see your styles come back in this video, and also I think you’ve reached one of your peak levels of success, and you’re gonna go even higher as a video journalist. I would say one thing, Marques, my man, your videos are “simplicity at its finest”. Quality, style, information, and visuals. Perfect representation from the best tech reviewer and one of the best video journalists out there. Keep going, man. Keep inspiring us.

Nick Sky

I recently got A73, a great device. If Samsung made A74 (they decided to abolish the A70-series, at least for now) the gap with the S-series flagships would be even smaller, hence less reason for many people to buy the more premium device, so that decision by Samsung is understandable, but it’s also sad, of course, because the A70 series was a great middle ground for consumers who didn’t quite need all of the flagship features, like me. I was choosing between A54 and A73. They’re very similar in many aspects, so I’d say it’s mostly down to personal preferences.


    man, it’s complicated. the a52s is literally the same specs as the A73 with the addition of a headphone jack. And I’ve seen a lot of people argue that the s20 FE is more value for money than the a73 because of similar prices and the s20 having a snapdragon 865 + telephoto vs the a73’s 778G + macro camera.
    Both phones are good of course, at this point in time, but the end of the A70s is because they were little bit more expensive while having other competing phones from the same company beating them

Juliet Mumbua

Would be great if you did more reviews of mid-range devices💯
The device is pretty solid 👍

Bryce Johnson

My dad needed a phone recently and was tired of dealing with the low range performance and weird issues like dropped calls so I got on the S21 Ultra for $380 before tax refurbished on eBay. While it won’t get all the updates that this mid-range will get, I feel like it might be the better choice for many


Could you do a follow up comparing how flagships and mid range phones depreciate in user experience over time?
Until recently, my biggest motivator for getting an S series was that I could expect it to be a pretty decent 5 years after I bought it.
My S8 lasted me 5 years and my S22 is set to last me another 3-4 years.
If mid range phones still provide a nice experience 4 years after release, I’m going to consider a midrange for my S22 replacement

    Ewen Mackenzie

    I think the trick is in the build quality. And the fact that companies know that you are not going to change a flagship, and they need rotation in lower level phones.


Hey, thanks for the comparison and yeah I went and checked the A54 at Best Buy. Phone screen looks great in the speakers are pretty good too but like you said, if you’re used to a flagship experience, the lag of the slowness is noticeable if you come from another a series phone, you probably won’t notice anything I would say the one negative about the 854 is the longevity of the phone, I know they’re gonna give you four years of software updates but I think two years down the road is things going to be moving kind of slow because it’s already kind of slow but maybe I’m wrong I’m not an expert. it’s all about expectations and I thought about getting it but I need to be able to use Maps and Podcasts at the same time and then switching into returning a text and not have the phone kind of lag and I think the a54 might be that kind of a phone

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Actually bought this for my parents. They are just used to Samsung phones at this point. They were adamant to transfer from the A71 even though they were having problems already. I’m just happy to give them something better.

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