Google Pixel Fold and The Evolution of Foldable Phones

Google’s first foldable Pixel phone may be arriving soon. Here’s a quick look at the state of foldables today and how far they have come.

Find these foldables phones here:
Galaxy z Fold 4 –
Galaxy Z Flip 4 –
Galaxy Z Flip 3 –
Microsoft Surface Duo –
Motorola Razr –
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X Ray

Amazingly well put together

    J Boogie

    Too early to say. These are only reports


    ​@J Boogiei think he’s talking about the video

    J Boogie

    @Scaletta aaah, thanks! I agree lol

Nomayer Alam

Apple hasn’t made a foldable yet either.
And the flexpi is trash.


    I hope they won’t, it’s all a gimmick.

Tet Zet

Definitely the folding and flip phones are the future.

Сигурни Молотоид

When the place of the bend does not affect the flatness of the screen, it will be a good device.

The CunninLynguist

pretty happy w/ my samsung fold z…but was always interested in a pixel…so if they go the fold route, I’m there. but these companies gotta bring back the SD slot. Only reason I’ve also kept my note.

    Ronaldo Vera

    foldables are dead

nawam arora

It’s like Nintendo 3ds😅

Burning Questions

Foldable tablet phones are essential for older people who need larger text, larger key pads and keyboards–since everyone looses their reading vision after age 40, and many their finger dexterity in the last quarter of life. I have watched 3 cousins over 55, unable to use a smart phone because of small screens and small virtual keypads that lack tactile feedback.

For myself, book reading is 1000 percent nicer on a 7 inch tablet than a 6 inch phone. I also use a spreadsheet outside several times a week, and a wider larger screen would reduce input errors. A 30,000 nit (lux) screen or old fashioned black and white lcd, like the kindle has, would be useful outside since the minimum outside lux is over 25k lux, if not shading the screen.

My favorite phones had stereo speakers and large batteries and screens. But I carry 3 phones now since I can easily use up all 3 batteries on each if I am using the phone a lot. But I usually only go through 1.5 to 2 4 Amp hour batteries in a day. What is surprising is that a larger phone gets longer battery life, typically, despite the larger screen. I guess the larger battery is more important.

(I own and operate about 14 phones, since I buy them for all my family and employees.)

I could probably justify the extra money for a flip phone, if the screen scratching wasn’t an issue, as well as a glued in non swappable battery and a limited 2 year battery life was not an issue. I had lots of phones and tablets that had plastic screens and plastic covers in the early days. The inevitable accretion of scratches yeilded a greatly reduce satisfaction with the screen over the life of the product, VS the glass screen generation of devices.

    Ronaldo Vera

    foldables are dead


My z fold 3 is awesome love this phone

T.J. Entertainment

I still use my Samsung Fold 1. It still gets security updates and is an amazing phone.

    Ronaldo Vera

    foldables are dead

Vaux Glandzer

Worldwide offline & online official stores availability..

Coy Tinsley

Price isn’t feasible in todays economy! $1,800 is ridiculous! Just keep your old phone and buy a laptop?!?!

Flipping Cars & Repairs

I be worried it will break 🤔🤔🤔


A good camera on a book style foldable and solid battery and im sold on the pixel fold!


I love foldable phones but i can’t handle the fold bump, it’s too distracting and feels like a defect


Apple will be last. But I’m sure it will be the best.

    Mark Stelzl

    Omg. Isheep alert. 🤷🏼‍♂️😂🤣


    In what way?

Mark Stelzl

Your first statement was completely wrong. Is Apple not a major brand?? OMG 😳.


1st gen fold = expensive beta test. Good luck to the people brave enough to buy this.


“few hundred more” ? more like almost double


Had Z Fold 1-3, just couldn’t bring myself to buy the Fold 4. Heavy, clunky, poor battery, and poor cameras; I thought they would get better over the years and it’s very slightly. I dont have high hopes for the Pixel Fold especially with how expensive it will be and their track records with introducing new devices.

Eli Mejia

I was almost about to purchase the Galaxy z flip 3, but I got the s22 because of the questionable of how durable and reliable are the devices. Because I’ve heard that they last between 14 to 16 months.

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