Dredge has a mind blowing ending that you won't want to miss
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Best indie series we got in years, i salute you jack for listening to us.



    Brody Gruskin

    @minekush1138  little angry are we


    someone got fucking PISSED lmaooo


    @minekush11 I don’t get notifications for replies lmao.

    Senor Potato

    ​@minekush11bros having a mental breakdown 💀


In the first ending (bad ending), the individual you lost is the woman who is frequently referenced in the notes found within the bottle. The completion of the curse causes a catastrophe to befall the entire map (You can see the in end credits, the village is on fire). The fog, the monsters in every region, and the abnormal fish that you always catch are all a result of that book.

I don’t know if you can call it good ending but the second one, that monster serves like a guardian or some sort. If your boat tried to leave the map in the game, the monster swallows you. In my perspective, you save the village from the curse but you also pay for your crimes.

    Cat K

    @That-Gay-Dork 3 that makes sense, except for the fact that the lighthouse lady dies too


    The way I perceive the ending after you’re devoured is “and then the seas were calm”, now that you and the cursed book have gone.

    Nhật Phạm

    ​@Cat K i dont think she goes with him. She control the light house to guide you to the spot

    Jaiden Koch

    @Nhật Phạm yeah she says she’ll point the way with the lighthouse

    extra cheese

    when you get eaten it kind of looks like you use the teleport spell just before it closes


“I wanna open a portal to another dimension and Cthulu comes bumbling out”
It’s like he can see the future



    Gio’s Technology (Giovanny V. Rico S. G.)

    10:30 many eagles out here, shut up already!… what is this, America??!?? Nooo is ancient Rome or Greece XD

    Indigo sunfire

    It’s like he can? No, he definitely can.

    Sleepy Kirby plays

    when he got the second relic he said
    imagine if now i could teleport


    “With his tiny little booty. A man can dream.”


One of the things I noticed, besides the collector’s first appearance being through the ship’s window, is that the manifest ability says “take you back to where it all began” which takes you to Blackstone Isle. It hints that the island is quite literally where everything all started for the main character, even if you as the player don’t know at first.
I’m so happy he finished the game, as soon as I saw the first episode I immediately got and played it, it’s such a fun game


    also lighthouse lady recognizes you at the start and the old mayor as well


    Also you can see that the collector is not at a door but an mirror. And at the end you can see that he doesn’t get eaten but uses the return ablity. You can see the ability effects going off.

    Sup Guys

    There are some very clever and nice hidden clues here and there, especially regarding the character’s interaction with the Collector. One of these examples is at 46:47, when Sean chooses to take a step closer, the collector “lurches forward in response”, because the character is actually facing a mirror, so taking one step closer to the mirror means that his reflection also takes one step closer.
    There was a similar reference on another one of the interactions with the Collector, I don’t exactly recall what it was but I was aware of the ending as I was watching Sean’s videos since I had already watched Gab’s playthrough, so I immediately caught that. It is a really nice addition and shows that the creators worked really hard on making this story whole.

    OMSK C_gB

    During the intro when your guy is making his way to the isle you can actually see the book in the boat


    Imo the game was good, the story was a little rickety but the twist at the end was good

jakobe sanders

The fact sean enjoyed this game so much makes me even more upset that he never finished outer wilds lmao


    Glad to see someone remember that wonderful game lol

Angsty Doodles

I thought the Collector’s art looked a little weird. The background looked almost shimmery, like it had a glare, and the door frame looked like a picture frame. The fact that he didn’t take up inventory space on the boat was a great detail as well. Very cool.

    Darth Biomech

    Oh. I just realized something else. Neither ending give you any additional items (Like the passengers), so that if you trigger them when at full capacity you wouldn’t stumble on it by needing to throw any items away before heading out.


What an game! Dredge’s Creature design was top notch, especially with those endings! I’m so glad Seán stuck with this and played through it!


Sean not understanding what the npcs mean while also not talking to any of then for more information is so funny 😂💜


I love that ha found both endings without us having to tell him! Also, all the bottles point to the past, before she was lost!


OMG that second ending is so beautiful! As he throws the book back, he throws his only chance of bringer her back. The book, instead of sinking like the relics did, floating there just beneath the surface, so that he could look down to it, and look down into his reflection, be reminded of who he is. In this moment of peace and acceptance, the deep comes to claim him, and he invites it openly. With this, all of the horror, the destruction, the eldritch intrusion, all is gone. His story came to a close, just as the book did, and now he can truly reunite with her in death.


In the first episode of this series at 15:30 the old lady at the lighthouse already knows who you are. Speaking as if you are merely trying to “act” as if you remember nothing. It was something I caught onto immediately, and seeing 40:20 in this episode shows that she knows specifically who you are at this moment. “You’re really asking me? After all this time? You know it must be returned.”


    @Brandon Baris this very niche fact made me realize it was really him all along, before he decided to “take” the book from the Collector. Before this, when anyone else asked to tag along, they would take up space in the cargo. So it makes sense that he himself would not take up any extra room.


    Sidenote: The Collector would use the term “we” or “us”. This is due to him talking to himself. Though we aren’t really given any hard evidence until we “take” the book


    fun fact: in the intro cutscene showing your character sailing into the storm that causes him to crash at greater marrow, you can actually see the crimson book near his right hand.

    he’s had it all along.

    also also! Whenever our character spoke to the collector, he always had these rays of light across his body and legs. it’s the reflection of the light bouncing off the mirror. the “door’s” frame was a mirror frame all along.

    it’s how he simultaneously has never left the island while also appearing through the window of your ship after finding your first abnormality.


    Another thing I thought was really cool (aside from the stuff that other people have already mentioned) is the fact that the Collector, when you’re approaching to ‘take’ the book from him, doesn’t back off, or try to physically stop you in any way.
    Instead, he moves closer to you. He literally mirrors the protagonist’s movement.

    fino hangouts

    The lighthouse lady also says your engine sounds familiar at one point.

Matěj Sedlák

God, Jack made a lot of people happy. I’m definitely rewatching this series.


This comment is dedicated to expressing how cute Sean’s hair looks in this hairstyle with this blue ribbon/tie


The fact that you are talking to a MIRROR the entire time and we just assume it’s a doorway just blew my mind. Such a great story, I loved this game.


    also the reason we only see him on the window of your ship too

    Alex Coad

    We assume it’s a doorway because the first time you go there it says he’s standing in a doorway (it just doesn’t point out the doorway is the one you’re standing in)


    Typical Lovecraftian fiction


    such a cool detail too that when you stepped to take the book from him, HE came closer as well (cuz reflections lol) so subtle, so dope

Krista Abell

when he punched the collector and his face “shattered” i lost my damn mind! what an AWESOME twist!


Looking back, the collector is always framed in reflections. First the glass of your ship window where he directs you to the old manor. Then from there, what appears to be a door frame is a full length mirror. If you ask around about the old manor people say that no one’s lived there in years. It’s well done how they kept the twist hidden whilst also dropping hints


Can we just appreciate Jack voice impression, he literally gave every single character in this game their own voice which brought them to life

Shiloh Mazarac

It doesnt matter what ending you get, its gonna be a bad, or sad ending, litterally made me tear up-


    I wouldn’t call the second one a bad/sad ending. It’s bittersweet. Yeah the fisherman died, but he’s finally reunited with his wife. Not to mention he saved an entire region from the fog and the nightmares.


This game’s art direction is beyond amazing. The collector was always framed, like he was standing in a doorway. But he wasn’t, he was in the mirror. Oh my god I love this game.

Added note, absolutely love the ending that the guardian kills you, because even with your moment of clarity it doesn’t trust that you wont go back and try to find the book again and start it all over again. Protecting and making sure the islands are safe.


Jack: I’m not doing voices for this game, sorry guys.
*Jack then proceeds to do voices for everyone and make them unique to everyone. The room claps.*


    I think he just meant for the first episode because his throat was a bit sore and he didn’t want to lose his voice

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