Nvidia Said No.. I said YES! – The 1000W GPU

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 – A 1000W RTX 4090????
1:00 – Limits to overcome
3:49 – Easy OC with GPU Twerk
6:15 – Probing and Soldering a 4090
7:35 – Volt Mod on Air
10:50 – 1000W BIOS
14:44 – Chiller!
19:29 – VideoCom
20:03 – Outro



Alekz YNot

I love the videos where its just Alex and Linus.

Absolute chaos.


    @MASTER nobody Der8auer did this with a CPU already, multiple times


    @Diesunddas that makes it even funnier


    These 2 do make the best videos. I got where i cant even watch videos with Jake anymore. My god that guy has got annoying over the years.


    It’s called jank and ruiining good ideas.


GPU Twerk is the only graphics card tuning software I want on my system.

    Peter Belanger

    @Filip Sikora Why does Linus do this to us?

    Lindustries Outdoors

    @TH3C001 Linus Torque Tips

    Entry Man

    @Lindustries Outdoors no Linus touch tips

    Tomas Fisher

    ​@Lindustries OutdoorsLinus Twerk Tips

    Dago Hutahaean’t



Alex has the best job in LTT. He makes crazy projects, enjoys in them and plays with interesting tech


    @Paul Serdiuk not how any of this works


    He is a legend as well.


    Yup.. Where does one apply to become a coworker of Alex?!

    Bogdan Kashchen

    When theses two make video together, I’m prepare to see something unusual 😅


    @Bogdan Kashchen unusual janky


This entire experiment was like firing gunshots at a puddle of gasoline.

    Static Builds

    @Jeremy Beaverson Depends on the type. Diesel is harder to ignite but petrol is a lot easier. Jet fuel is also quite difficult to ignite. All fuel has different temperatures and conditions to ignite so there is some “gas” which is as flammable as movies make out

    Samira Peri

    Liquid gasoline is relatively safe, it’s the vapor you need to worry about.

    Samira Peri

    @rawr monster Charcoal isn’t a momentary heat spike. It was enough energy to vaporize gas and then ignite it. A bullet might not.

    Gabriel G

    @Jeremy Beaverson youre fun at parties


    *laughs in gun rights* That’s not how bullets work. Real life is not like a video game, and you need some very specific circumstances (and the right ammunition) to actually get it to light. Watch the mythbusters video.


Alex vids where he’s just casually willing to risk destroying expensive things are my favorite videos.

    Jon Donnelly

    Silly silly, you don’t think they actually paid for it?


    It’s a no lose situation, either it works and it’s great content—or it blows up and it’s great content. Linus always gets his money’s worth, the only thing that changes is the title of the video and if there needs to be a follow-up


using Linus’s afterthought to fill the awkward pause was genius lmao

Сергей Смирнов

The 4th thing you can be limited by is critical path in the silicon itself. There has to be enough time between clock pulses (the thing you decreasing by increasing clock speed) for signal to propagate from one register to the next.


    In this case however, it’s a natural limit and not one artificially imposed by nVidia.


    @Serina Yeah, that would come down to manufacturing nodes and actual chip design to make those routes shorter and more efficient;
    You’re gonna run into other troubles with that at some point though, if you go too close with transistor gates you might get electrons going where you don’t want them to.
    Once you get closer than 3 nm on your gate size you start getting tunneling effects, so there’s a fundamental limit to how small you can make one.


    ​​@Kr0noZ Manufacturers actually want to distance nodes, because you need to cool this thing and there’s already a limit of how efficient heat can be transferred from silicon to coolant.

    random Dude

    ​@Serina in short: yes
    in long: yes until they go fully insane


    Yeah that’s basically it. The card is limited by physical design, which is basically where you want to be. Because if paths are overly short you start wasting power if the rest of the design is not capable of hitting that.
    When you have a clear clock speed target it’s actually better to slow some parts down that run too fast in order to save power. The disadvantage is that it gives the design a clear clock speed wall.
    Given the power characteristics of the Ada chips my guess is that’s exactly what NVidia did here.

Jarryd Watts

This makes the 4090Ti look very promising. The 4090 isnt using the full ad102 die. The leaks suggest the 4090Ti will be 2x 12pin ATX3.0 new connector thingies. So the power limit will likely be way above 600w. I think the Ti version may just be insane.
EDIT: Maybe its AD103. Can’t remember. The point remains the same.


    But it’s still won’t overclock, it won’t matter if it’s the 4090 or 4090ti so long as NVIDIA removed the ability to do so and continues to push out third party board makers who knows how to push the damn things (like EVGA).


    ​​@Jeremy Beaverson they don’t care they realised they can sell half as many for twice as much and also they’re going ham on selling cards to companies doing ai crap.

    Siegbert schnösel

    No it will be ad 102 definitely. Fully euqipped ad102 will have 144 SMs instead of 128. So about 12% more shader units for the upcoming 4090ti. Hence a 600w TDP should provide plenty of power.


    If they go full AD102 they don’t need for than 600W. Some third party cards may go with 2 16-pins for OC headroom or something but that will still not be the norm because what kind of PSU does even have more than 1 16-pin connector?

Robin Lange

Fun fact: it is said that if you try this mod at home, the warranty card for your GPU spontaneously combusts.


    Your PC just transforms into a little robot that electrocutes you and then runs back to Nvidia


    I mean if I were to do it I’d use a glue gun instead of soldering wires to the GPU. You could also use glue gun to shunt mod any GPU . Not that I condone warranty fraud of course

Captain Marshall III

“It will probably be fine” is the unifying theme of every Alex and Linus video.

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    what’s up with this crazy upload time

    Charles Bro-son

    Famous last words…


    ​@Charles Bro-son 47 seconds ago!!

that green neko

You definitely gave NVIDIA ideas for the RTX 5090.

Asher McNiel

When alex says “It might be fine, it might not be fine” at 14:00, it dawned on me that they are doing this on a GPU that costs almost four times as much as my computer


    If you add up the stuff they have in storage it will probably be more than your house (or the house you would like to have) is worth 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ray Baker

I love all the Linus and Alex videos where the whole idea is “we shouldn’t do this. It’s insane and kinda dumb. But let’s do it anyway and take it to 1000%.”


    @Ray Baker no, it‘s about doing some sensible experiments. For stupid fun and giggles videos, the use of resources is insane.


    @alfie gordon in a company that invests 7-digit into a scientici-grad test lab. yeah sure.

    Paul Serdiuk

    ​@RandomUser LTT Labs is for testing consumer products as-is. These videos are for entertainment only.


    @Paul Serdiuk JFC the good majority of the videos here show actual useful projects and not for fun only, this is not CSF for crying out loud.

    Paul Serdiuk

    @RandomUser No. None of these are useful to anyone except a select very few people who already do this kind of extreme testing as a hobby, and they don’t need data or instructions to do the same things.


I love how they are building a high tech lab, yet they do sketch experiments still.

    Jason Allen

    @Navdeep Singh Well, that and the dropping of things.

    I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    Sketch experiments is exactly the kind of stuff you want to do with a high tech lab.


    I mean the only difference between science and dicking about is writing it down


    Beyond human made comforts It’s sketchines all the way down, labs are maximum expose to sketchines.

    Lars Hidding

    It’s because they make video’s about it.
    If you don’t know. Every video production from a bedroom livestream to a hollywood megaproject… Everything is barely hanging together with gaffer tape and tie wraps lol. Just like LTT haha

Jon Donnelly

It’s good to know the stock cooler on the Strix is really really good and water cooling is not necessary to get really good performance out of this. Plug it in and forget. Just don’t forget to plug it in properly.


Every time I see Alex in the thumbnail I know I’m in for some nervous giggling and questionable activities. I love it. I hope that the future of these projects include modifying parts even further. Basically that chiller didn’t just unlock the full potential of the CPU and GPU, I feel it’s also unlocked the full power of Alex.

    Vis Major

    Alex is not in the thumbnail


    @Vis Major they may have changed the thumbnail


Glad that even though you guys have an actual lab with expensive equipment still manage to do entertaining videos

Paul Brooks

Now I’m even more interested in why it was stuck at that performance cap.

Georgios Zampoukis

Even 450W is way more than the card actually needs. I occasionally set mine to about 60% PT at which point it only loses about 5-8% performance but it draws about 250W. This thing is crazy efficient. As a reference, my previous 3070Ti would deliver way less than half of the performance while drawing about 330-350W

Jenny McKenzie

More of Kyle please, watching him suffer trying to sanity check Alex is hysterical.

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