Amanda’s Dark Origins [All Secret Tapes]

I found all the secret tapes in Amanda the Adventurer and found her origins
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Nicole Robertson

This game certainly has a lot to it, lorewise. I really hope the devs flesh it out more for a sequel. There’s a lot of potential here.


    @A. noName they pretty much set up a sequel at the end


    @A. noName no cause we have a lot more questions that they won’t give us. How did aunt Kate get the tapes, why did she give it to us? Who killed Sam, Where is Rebecca’s Body, who was the guy in the trench coat in one of the endings, what happened to the missing kids in the secret tapes etc


    They could add more characters, plus add more lore to what happened to Rebecca. Maybe the show is evil and it’s possessed by demons. What if Amanda is Rebecca trapped in the show and can’t escape? I could see a trilogy of this, but yeah. We also don’t know who the character we are playing as. So much lore and lots of theories, I’m hoping for a part 2 of this to launch eventually.


    lore bores me,

    Jarry Garry

    ​@M.P. Leandre MatPat will have fun to explore this game


Honestly I’m surprised on how Jack interpreted everything.

The way I see it Amanda is Rebecca. Hamlin experimented on her and put her into the tapes along with a demon who possessed her. Hamlin also might have killed her once her consciousness was inside of the tapes since she said that she could feel herself rotting,and also said she was out there somewhere. Hamelin also killed Sam so he couldn’t interfere with their experiments.

    Error 606

    I was surprised too with how Jack was absorbing all the information. But I’m not sure if maybe there was just a lot going on that might’ve distracted him, plus with him being sick and all- but i’m glad he’s reading comments and tried to do all the secret tapes!

    Si Ameno~

    Then who tf is wooly


    @Chelsea W I 100% agree

    Lewis Cherrie

    Howard hamlin from better call saul😮

    Aromal Rohith

    @Lightskinshortyy you watched game theory live didn’t you

CJ Ashton

I love how jack is trying to piece the lore together while not taking it seriously by joking halfway through 😂😂

    Mario dude

    True lol

    vic !

    and he still got the demon names by joking about it 💀

    Twist _ Ending

    @Don’t Read My Profile Picture okay

    Ryan Soltani

    @vic ! yeah




For anyone who’s confused:
The director forced Rebecca to repeat the names of demons , which perhaps sold her soul or something, or turned into a demon. In the rotting episode, what we’re looking for might actually be Rebecca’s dead rotting body. The aunt mentioned in the beginning of the game is considered to be the person who watched the tapes in the last games, and then asking her niece to finish what she started. Everything has eyes because they’re the people who got sucked into the TV. Hope this helped!

    House Wilma

    @Encyclo Chemeleon yep exactly.


    Too much time on your hands, go outside or something


    ​@House Wilma Wooley cant be a demon. He’s weaker than Amanda, if he is. He’s afraid of her and begs you to help him. He is killed by her at one point. She keeps injuring him in the “accident” episode.

    What’s the point of summoning a demon who’s too weak to even fight a cartoon demon? He can sometimes break the 4th wall, but that’s about all he can do. He seems to mostly try to keep Amanda “on script” because he fears what happens when she’s not.


    @Encyclo Chemeleon Bael – not Belial, but yes.


I’m really loving the lore in this game!

What I theorize is that Hameln, being a reference to the town in the tale of the Pied Piper, are one of two evils going on here. They saw how popular the original Amanda the Adevnturer was and wanted to be a cartoon powerhouse out of greed, so they offered up the cartoon to get a hold of the creator and the talent (dad and daughter).

They wanted a way to capture viewers, not necessarily harm them, but to entrance them and sought supernatural means of doing it. But they needed a host/sacrifice and seeing as Rebecca was THE voice of the show, they figured she would be perfect. They had her reading off names of demons to try and find any demon at all that would grant them this power and attach to Rebecca. Baalam was the one that responded, and possessed Rebecca.

I think it would be about this time where Sam “disappeared”, because he wanted to help his daughter with fight whatever the company did to her. They killed him and held onto their possessed “sacrifice” to integrate it into their AI program to get tons of viewers hooked on the show with Baalam’s “help”.

But Baalam, “the man in the headphones” was tricked into possessing Rebecca, a child with no real autonomy, to do the bidding of Hameln, who only wanted a widely successful show due to greed (the same greed that the original villagers of Hamelin had when they wouldn’t pay the Piper)

Hameln experimented on Rebecca, successfully implanting both her voice and Baalam’s influence into their AI to make the character Amanda. Rebecca died in the process, and was disposed of because the company had what they needed from both her and the demon.

They realized after that Baalam was angry and unruly and had to add a being to try to keep both Rebecca from realizing what happened to her, and Baalam in check, which became Wooly. They even modeled him into a sheep that stands upright, like depictions of Baalam. But the demon himself was angry for being tricked, and angry that Hameln thought they could control him, and that’s why he occasionally lashes out against Wooly. He also twisted his influence to not just entrance kids, but actually take them away, just like the pied Piper. He was wronged by Hameln and so their vision for greed was corrupted to so far more harm than intended.

All of the disappeared children are anything with eyes in the show itself. Baalam would call them into the light like the escape ending, through doorways or something, and they would be transported into the show itself.

I don’t think that Wooly is Sam, but I do think he also is a soul trapped by Hameln to act as a sentient guard to Amanda, but he was unwilling and knew about the evils of the company, which is why he’s scared of both the company (doesn’t want Amanda to figure out what happened to the real her, Rebecca), and of the demonic entity that is attached to Amanda and seeks revenge and an escape.

I guess the last thing is that although Baalam is trapped in the tapes as part of Amanda, he has influence over the body that Hameln attached him to, and that’s why the corrupted body of Rebecca can find and kill you when you do enough wrong to suppress Rebecca and anger Amanda, it give Baalam more power when Rebecca is suppressed and he can command the body to find and kill you, thus finding the tapes (maybe to free himself?)

Idk prob a bunch of gibberish but it made me think a lot and I wanted to get the words out. Sorry for the length and also love you Sean!


    What happened to HamelN afterwards?

    Grace Swan

    I like this theory!

    em0 b0y69

    @bill bill i love this

    Ken Willen

    Just as an interesting side note, Balaam is a demon of greed, which fits in very nicely with this theory.


If Amanda is Rebecca trapped in the TV, then the reason she chose cookies is probably because that’s what their “studio neighbor” always shared with them.

    Wid Jan

    I never made that connection!!


God after hearing about the Pied Piper story being connected to the company from GTlive, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Hamlen is totally luring the kids away like in that one tape with the kid named Lauren (?), it’s hard to not think that when thinking about the Pied Piper story and the end of this newspaper at 12:03 “What inspired you to produce a show that is *focused on getting our kids.* ” I know for sure that part wasn’t a happy accident, it fits too well lol


I think it’s interesting that a lot of people immediately latched onto “they’re training an AI” at first before recognizing the names of the demons that are mentioned. I feel like a few years ago (before ChatGPT) people would have jumped on the demon train immediately.


This is what me and probably many other people interpreted the secret tapes: Basically after adopting Rebecca, Sam is inspired to make a live-action show which would turn out to be Amanda the Adventurer with Rebecca as Amanda. The show, with Aunt Kate promoting it with every storytime, gained a massive following. At some point during the show’s fame, Hameln approached Sam with the interest of making Amanda the Adventurer into a cartoon (hence the tapes we see in the attic), to which Sam is very excited about. However, during the cartoon show’s production of it, Sam became more concerned and suspicious about Hameln’s true intentions with the show and Rebecca (hence his reaction to when Rebecca is trying to read out “Paimon”, “Baal”, etc., and her reaction to the “man in the headphones”). It may have come to the point where Hameln decided to remove Sam from the equation which leads to Sam’s disappearance and his daughter by herself with the Hameln company. Without Sam, Hameln basically own the rights to Rebecca which leads to her unknowingly sign her life away to become an experiment for the devil which I would call “The Pied Piper Experiment” since that’s the connection that almost everyone makes (as shown in one of the tapes where Rebecca signs the contract). Rebecca is now physically dead but her subconscious is now trapped within the tapes (hence when Amanda says she feels herself rotting and that she’s still out there somewhere). The more we learn about the story, the more we realized how sad Sam and Rebecca’s stories are. All Sam wanted is to share the light that Rebecca shared with him to the world only for that light to be corrupted by a company who takes advantage of it and use it as the opposite to gain children, possibly to add more to their Pied Piper experiment.
Edit: This is actually a lot of fun seeing you guys add in some info and/or making your own theories about it! I enjoy having these conversations and theorizing back and forward!! Can’t wait for the devs to give us more lore whether it’s through a sequel game or something else entirely. :>

    Megan Q

    @Crow Smith plus, they framed Sam’s disappearance as him ‘abandoning his daughter’ instead of focusing on how good of a father he was, or how usually it takes foul play for parents to leave their kids like that

    Jerey The Gundam Luna

    Paimon??? Emergency food???? Baal??? RAIDEN SHOGUN???

    balls lover

    ​@L0ST in NEVERLAND and their slogan is “follow us to fun” 😧


    Sorry I’m late to the party, but something that also builds on the theory of the Pied Piper story is the fact that:
    – The company is names Hameln, which is the name of the town in the Pied Piper story (aka Hamelin)
    – Their logo is a mouse/rat, which is what the Pied Piper was hired to lure away
    – Their slogan is “Follow us to fun!” (in the background 7:15), which might be a hint to what the Pied Piper did to the children of the town

    Ashley Thompson

    Does anyone have a theory about what the motivation was from Hameln’s perspective? I suppose maybe I missed it when going through these replies, but what’s the point of creating a demon, assuming they created the monster that attacks the player by summoning it into Rebecca’s body or whatever?

    Also, who is Riley and what connection do they have to the story? Are they simply a family member of Aunt Kate’s who got pulled into this and is now searching for the truth, despite Wooly and the demon trying to keep it from them, or is there more to who Riley is? What did Aunt Kate manage to find out about the show when she investigated it initially? Is she still out there, trying to take down Hameln, or is she dead, too?

    It’s all very mysterious.


I need a DLC or a sequel to this game asap. It was too creepy and too good

rich karter

isn’t there also a secret where when she says “what’s you favorite pie” you can type kate and wooly gasps and her “that sounds delicious” sounds hella more sinister than the normal options??


    Yea But Wooly gasps with other options aswell, particularly ones to do with sheep or himself
    Although blood and organs work aswell

    rich karter

    @Nonameneeded i did just see that somewhere else, that is interesting


    @rich karter  yea, it goes to show that wooly can communicate with the viewer

    rich karter

    @Nonameneeded Yeah, I do like that little easter egg tho, it’s neat

Kelly Charlton

The fact that Sean recently finished Dredge and now came back for extra Amanda the Adventurer, just shows how truly awesome he is.


The idea Wooly is a demon is interesting, also adds a new layer to how Wooly constantly tells Amanda she’s just tired or confused once she begins to remember.

    House Wilma

    as far why wooly would let amanda “hurt” him its because of what he likes as a demon as BALAAM.

    he likes CUTE THINGS and CHILDRENS STORY BOOKS aka wooly wanted the show to actually be like a happy cute normal childrens show.

    just with himself and other actual children as the stars because that is what he as a demon likes.

    so he dosent punish amanda or fight back when she does creepy or dark things because he quite simply dosent like those things.

    this is also why amanda does them to begin with not to hurt kids but to torment WOOLY by doing everything he dosent like refusing to play along with the demon whos power trapped her soul.

    tayler powell

    Wooley is the man in the headphones in the last clip

    Helen Young

    I have a feeling Wooly is to keep Amanda on track so the theory that he’s a wolf in sheep clothing isn’t too far fetched.

Ryan Soltani

Just the thought that the devs knew people would go and try to find the 6th tape only for it to be Wooly sitting in a chair for 9 mins straight is the ultimate troll

    JJ Rays

    That is really funny, but I feel like if you turned captions on for that video, you may find something?

    Edit: Nevermind, I just saw the video and you can’t even turn captions on T~T


    I love games who put that in there, like The Looker and FNAF.


I’m so glad you revisited this game. Amanda is DEFINITELY not the bad one here. She seems to be a spirit stuck in the show forced to reenact the show by either Wooly or someone from Hamlin. She makes multiple references suggesting her dead body is buried somewhere in the forest, and if you tell her you won’t save the lonely kitten she’ll have a panic attack.


    you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the way she keeps hurting Wooly is Rebecca acting out against Hameln/whatever demon entity(ies) they used her to summon. she’s not cruel, she just wants to get out kinda deal?

Trisha Ryan

The story of the Pied Piper is set in the town of Hamelin, Germany (Hameln). The story is about a stranger who comes and helps the town of their rat infestation by playing his pipe and leading the rats into the river where they end up drowning. The townspeople ended up not wanting to pay the Pied Piper for relieving them of the infestation which ended up making him angry. In retaliation, he played his flute and the children of the townspeople followed the Pied Piper to a cave where he put all of the children in it and sealed them away except for two children; a boy and a girl. The boy injured his leg (much like Woolie) and the girl ran to town and told the townspeople what happened. The townspeople begged for forgiveness and promised him vast amounts of gold. The Pied Piper let the children go and then disappeared, and the townspeople of Hamelin learned to not be greedy and ungrateful.

There’s a lot to look at into this, as well. Also a sidenote, Lauren, the birthday girl who’s too focused on watching Amanda The Adventurer to celebrate, ends up fleeing/vanishing suddenly.

    Helen Young

    This lore goes so much further then just a man adopting a girl and creating a show that turns evil… this is so much more then that and I can’t wait to see the sequel!


The creators of this game are going places. This isn’t just up in your face creepy, it has an eerie tone building up as you play until you get to something truly terrifying, and that combined with all the stuff filmed in real life makes it the perfect horror game.


    I just hope they don’t go the route of other “mascot horror” devs…


    They also clearly put a lot of thought into it, story wise.

Lovely Dragon

I feel like more story needs to come out. Like what actually happened to the dad, and what they did to Rebecca. And figuring out Wooly too. I feel like we only have the tip of the iceberg


i love how lore goes completely over Sean’s head when it’s literally spelling itself out in-front of him

Wade Wilson

I really am so confused about what/who Wooly is. When Sam talks about the show with Rebecca, I never hear Wooly mentioned once. Seems like Wooly only existed after Hamelin got rights to produce the animation. And he has control over the in-world universe of the tapes like Amanda, maybe not to the same extent?
Whenever Wooly tries to talk to us one on one Amanda always intervenes, but if Amanda wills it she’ll talk to us alone. If Wooly tries to speak up over Amanda, shes always quick to keep him quiet or remove him.
Amanda does not consider Wooly her “best friend”, like he asked for a special treat and Amanda just ignores him. In fact she ignores Wooly at times, or cuts him down. Hell, she goes as far as to hurting him and torturing him.
Wooly always seems to want to keep the wholesomeness of what the show was meant to be, before Sam had disappeared.
He wants to steer Amanda away from gruesome topics, telling her its gone too far.
I can not tell if Wooly is a victim or somehow secretly a villain.
Though when you enter “Sam” for the rooster question, he looks over to Amanda in shock…because he already knows who Sam is. So he knows who Rebecca is. Wooly knows alot already. And that bothers me.


    What stood out to me was when Amanda says “it’s all just pretend, right Wooly?”

    Wade Wilson

    @L0ST in NEVERLAND Oh! That’s an interesting perspective. Like they both know they can’t really die in the cartoon.

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