Bing Chat vs. Bard AI and ChatGPT: A Battle of Conversational AI Titans

Watch as we delve into an in-depth comparison of Bing Chat, Bard AI, and ChatGPT, exploring their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses in the ever-evolving world of AI-powered conversation.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Overview of ChatGPT-4
1:33 Bing Chat's Large Language Model
2:34 Bard AI's Large Language Model
3:34 Bard's Coding Update
3:50 Bing Chat's interface
5:12 Bard's chat interface
6:50 ChatGPT's interface
7:30 Using Bing for a food recipe
8:16 Using Bard for a food recipe
8:47 Using ChatGPT for a food recipe
9:06 Using Bing Chat for work
9:26 Using Bard AI for work
10:04 Using ChatGPT-4 for work
10:30 In conclusion the best AI Chatbot right now is….

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How to Use Bard AI, Google's New Chatbot

How to Access Bing AI Chat and Search

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First to watch and comment 😅

    Edu PE

    No you’re not

steven lee

My ai….is my mom


I’m third 🙋 before the comments become hot


First. Tell me I’m wrong!


So I learned that Hed and Dek mean heading and description 😮

rocks are yummy

now make a video on local models like llama, stable vicuna and wizardLM


    Will look into it. Thanks

Brad McKinley

OpenAI ChatGPT is the most helpful and more accurate with complete details and suggestions. Google bard is way behind and lack of details most of the time. 😊

    Micah Johnson

    Bard is not “way behind”, it’s fairly behind for the most part it does a majority of the same things and details can be worked out. So, it has the potential to catch up very quickly but I do agree that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is very helpful and Bings implementation is right there with it.


Really showing us how you can be replaced by AI.


hopefully this will be put into alexa to make her more passive aggressive 😏

Jim J

Should make an epic rap battle between these chat bots!


    Great idea! 💡

chandler smith

And Maggie?


    That’s on our radar.

Blue Blue

Its just a search engine

Brian Donegan

I really like Bard so far. I have taken full advantage of being accepted into its beta but I have stretched my imagination. I have asked very specific and detailed prompts snd have been surprised with Bard’s acceptance of the tasks I’ve asked it to perform for me. These tasks take time so I don’t have results yet but have been able to check on their progress. I am very impressed with its accountibility and transparency.

Dan Harold

I am looking forward to Elon Musk’s truthful Chat Bot. At least i hope that is what he was talking about.
I use openai and bard side by side.
Both try way too hard to be PC.
Both SEEM to have a tendency to attempt to please the person asking the questions.
Both suck at retaining context.
Where no real data exists they effectively make it up.
They equivocate too much.
They seem to choose political sides. It is OK for Russia to invade Ukraine but the US having a base in the Philippines is not.

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