Fortnite Escape Rooms – Haunted by Delirious and Hidden Walls!

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Lui Calibre – @KingLuiCalibre
Terroriser – @Terroriser

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ShadowSydney gaming

2:32 Lui’s yell
3:30 I mean he asked for it
4:39 Sark’s first bicycle
9:56 Human Fall Flat Delirious

chiraq 2 death

lui just squeezes into these vids nowadays huh 😂

    lShowSpeed 🅥


    UpbeatSpade 529



Watching vanoss videos always brings a smile to my face 🙂

    lShowSpeed 🅥




Carlie Fisher

been watching this channel since i was a kid and i’m about to be 20… never gets old❤️

    Machine Gun KeIIy 🅥



The guy that never disappoints

Ryan Kelley

Still putting in the time to make great videos even after amounting enough success to hang up the headset, or even drop in content which vannoss never did.

    White Wolf



    Gotta make that generational wealth.

    Maxwell Curtis

    What do you mean hang up the headset what happened?

    Ryan Kelley

    @Maxwell Curtis no, I’m just saying I’m appreciative of him not retiring from YouTube after all the success spanning over a decade and 26 million subs later.


    ​@Maxwell Curtis he’s said it before that he can and could retire but he just chooses not to


Glad to see Lui back in the recording sessions after being gone for years

    Irish V1nce cuh

    Bro he has been back for almost a year maybe even a year


    ​@Moriarty thought?*

    vAquaa xo

    @deeznutz! though?*


    @vAquaa xo  zip it pal do you know who your talking too 🤡🤡


Vanoss has really started getting more and more into these Fortnite horror maps, makes for a bunch of fun to watch!

    Reginald Mustard Bacon

    It feels like gmod scary maps xD

    Jeremy Brylle Navarro

    This is his next addiction after Backrooms


    Even tho it is….. you know, fortnite.


    @Branflakes yeah, but eh, it’s fun to watch


Evan never disappoints!


I been binging so many of vanoss’s videos at this point I’m jus rewatching💀

Laila Marie

Vanoss videos never disapoint 😂🙌🏼


I appreciate the frequent scary games and maps we’re getting from these guys

Nana the fire fox

I’m so glad when I can come home and watch something funny and relaxing like this.

Matt from Wii sports

I never thought I’d enjoy fortnite , but when we needed him most , Lui returned

Timothy Narvaez

been watching since the old gmod days and honestly it’s amazing to see you guys coming back even more….I don’t think i’ve ever seen you guys try rec room you honestly should theres plenty of scary maps as you could say especially backrooms


Vanoss playing Fortnite “horror games” with Terroriser and Lui is something we didn’t know we needed

Cody Bettis

I love when Terroriser does the “you taste so good” I die everytime

Jancel Abobo

It’s genuinely fascinating that the game Vanoss prefers not to play years ago is now being used for one of his favorite genre: Scary maps


No matter what game it is, the vanosscrew will always make scary maps funny and full of content for everyone to enjoy.


So glad you’ve started doing Fortnite content the videos you’ve made on it over the last few weeks have been amazing and it’s nice to have Lui in them

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