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Epson, that company that makes printers and scanners and projectors and GAMING PCS? Well, they might not in America, but over in Japan, Epson is a jack-of-all-trades company with tons of offerings. What does a Japanese Epson Gaming PC have in it? What sets it apart from the others? Is there even a market for an Epson PC?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:28 Peripherals
1:56 The Chassis is a Classic
2:54 Optical drive? Why?
4:19 Rear and getting inside
5:46 GPU bracket
7:36 Motherboard is rebranded?
10:59 Securing the GPU
11:31 Close it up n Boot it up
12:29 Hotswap Bay
12:54 Booting up for real this time
15:18 Conclusions




Not gonna lie, would seriously consider this case as an upgrade if it was available as a stand alone part. I love the retroness of it as well as the front hot swap HDDs as it could double up as a backup for my home NAS. I still have and watch DVDs and use the optical drive in my PC because I don’t want a TV and a PC in my bedroom. Also, that GPU bracket is essential in this day and age.

    M Scott

    I have only a PC in my living room (with a 47″ TV as a monitor, although it wasn’t always thus), and it has an optical drive so I can rip DVD’s and blu-rays to the media library on it (I use Kodi and a Windows MC remote). It’s (IIRC) the fifth in a succession of them since 2000, this one built in 2020 around z390/Intel 9th gen. The choices of case with 5.25 bays were limited, I went for a Fractal DefineR5. And as it has two more, I added a SATA drive bay (set to hotswap in BIOS) for old drives with music and movies going all the way back to that first PC in 2000. ETA >> like a lot of people I don’t have the space or resources (or the inclination for that matter) to build and install a NAS.


    @Kiri 36 i only buy pc cases with optical bays.

    James Halliday

    Couple of BR drives and would make a lovely machine to rip onto your plex array running on that bank of spinning rust.


    Silverstone CS380 is perfect for you, 2x 5.25″ and 8x 2.5/2.5″ hotswaps out front. No GPU support bracket though, and it’s thin steel to keep costs down. Something very similar to this would probably cost you close to $500-600 just for the chassis alone as it’s basically a pedestal server.

    Joseph Bartholomew

    I think the hot swapping should be upgraded for more recent drive types, and then I’d be all over it.

Swirrll Folfsky

I really like that case tbh. I wish more companies would make cases like that these days


    yeah, I was going to comment that too!! i really love it


    I agree, we need more plain computer cases made of premium materials. It would seem that if you don’t want a tempered glass side panel and RGB fans, then your only other choice is a cheap, thin and low quality no-name brand case obviously meant for low budget or bulk generic office computers. I don’t need tempered glass or RGB in my case that will be sitting behind a divider where no-one will ever see it, but I still want good quality materials, dust filters in front of the fans and enough space for a full size motherboard and GPU without paying the “gamer tax” for flashy nonsense that I don’t want.


    There’s a market for retroish cases with modern IO. I’d say the Fractal North is a good example. Really captures that 1970s “wood electronics” feel.

    N Hill

    This case is definitely my style lol.

    Miko Yotsuya

    The whole pc setup is a mishmash of old and current tech…I love it 😂

H Koizumi

I am Japanese. I was one of the handful of my people to become a PC gamer back in the early 90s. The hardware and software was very hard to come by. I vividly remember, while our every electronic store was advertising DVD using PS2, I was asking around for Sound Blaster Card. I also remember smuggling Half Life 2 close to launch. I may have been the few or if not, the 1st Japanese to create Steam Account. And now, I see that my people are catching up. And all I can say is, never late than never.
Btw, we pronounce Geo (Gay-O). I’m serious.

    Orion Kaelin

    is it pronounced more like ゲオ or ゲァオ?Or something else? Im learning Japanese so those are novice guesses without looking it up.

    ADee SHUPA

    @Orion Kaelin 오리온 カヱリン

    Cordovan Splotch

    It’s funny, I didn’t get into PC gaming until my PlayStation 2 finally gave up on life around 2008-9.
    I was one of the first European kids to play the original PlayStation because my dad was a technician and trainer in the Danish branch office of Sony.
    He took my mom and me on a business trip to Norway where he trained technicians in repairing new products.
    On the first day he brought a Japanese PlayStation and a projector to the hotel room and asked me to try it out.
    I must have played 30-40 hours of Motor Toon Grand Prix that week and driven my mother insane with the music.
    I got my own PlayStation that same Christmas when it was released.

    Now I’m exclusively a PC gamer, and as a fan of vtubers I imagine vtubing being a large part of the new popularity of PC gaming in Japan these days.

    Cordovan Splotch

    ​@LemonRush hello fellow Polka fan.

    Yury Zhuravlev

    @Nathan Brown any computer things is very expensive in Japan. Also, taxi is 3x more expensive.

Levi Richard

As someone who lives in Japan your intro made me laugh. I also live right next door to a Geo and can confirm, it’s always got customers morning to night. Besides DVD and manga rentals, Geo also sells snacks, console/handheld games, and second-hand electronics too. Plus, their parking lot has an ice cream vending machine


    @DOS Storm right they been a thing since the 90s at least


    @crowaust i love vending machines i wish there were as popular here in the US as in japan.

    Lin Xiaoyu

    @Sherr yeah after that part, the segway to the sponsor is the one that is a japan-ish style reference

    one hour music

    Yeh that intro was hilarious. Appears on every sponsors in japan tv channels

    Nuttawat Kittisakulnam

    as an otaku, I also laugh at the intro.

Nevakonaza –

Actually really like this system,seems very well built and no RGB crap..the hot swap HDD bays right out the box is a very nice addition…would be nice to see additional tests done on this system to … HAVE asus locked down that bios to cater to specific needs/restrictions requested by Epson when it comes to CPU upgrade or overclocking 🙂

Voltaic Fire

I like that hotswap storage bay, easily sliding in a 4TB SATA SSD when you somehow fill up your first one would be really nice.


That case is some Japanese engineering indeed, I would actually love that kind of sturdiness in more modern cases. Sometimes I even miss the grey look, but I used to use cases with that look for a long time.

    Jb. Engalan

    You needed sturdiness in that chassis due being its japan and earthquakes are the norm


    Fractal Torrent with black metal sides, no glass. 👌👌

Eternal Lasting

Back in the 80’s in Japan EPSON manufactured a clone of the highly popular NEC PC-9800. In these times IBM was not super popular in Japan due to their lack of support for Japanese Characters (Kana and Kanjis) NEC and their PC-98 had support for this. On some model you had to buy expansion ROM board to include more characters.

Tish Vanden Bosch

I’m so weirded out by the idea that optical drives are supposed to be a weird thing to have lol. I have a large collection of cds and dvds, it would feel weird to not have access to those media formats on my puters


    Same, I love buying CD albums of my favorite bands and rip them in lossless quality to my PC and I still prefer buying big AAA games on physical media, because installing a 100 – 150 GB game via discs is still faster than downloading it over a 100Mbps connection and I’m not willing to shell out for a Gigabit (doesn’t really make sense for me anyway) just to speed up the occasional game download.
    Unfortunately, most games you can buy in media stores these days are just an empty box with a download code inside, makes no freaking sense at all! A waste of resources without any benefit! 🤦‍♂️

    Still, my PC doesn’t actually have a 5.25″ bay. Instead I use an external drive that’s taped to the underside of my desk and connected to a USB KVM, allowing me to swap it between my main desktop and my retro PC where I play some old disk-based games with the push of a button. Optical drives ain’t dead!

Ali Imran

I wish more PC makers start revisiting this style of cases. This one is slightly edgier than I’d like but I’d love retro looking cases that actually has more thought out, modern cooling features integrated into it.

    Alex Strömberg

    Yeah if you want fans louder than your headphones

    Ali Imran

    @Alex Strömberg I’m sure there are sleeper builds on customized retro cases that are actually quiet. That’s why I added the part about “modern cooling features.” 🙂

    Brook Beam

    I’m just going to say it: I miss front bays and everything you could do with them. Drives, fan hubs, pump/res combos, etc. Was such good usable space.


Would love a case like this. I have a bunch of old HDDs I’d love to be able to integrate into my system, and I miss having an optical drive. A lot of the movies I own hard copies of just aren’t on streaming services here.

Weeping Scorpion

As someone who likes sleeper builds, although in my case probably better to say reverse-sleeper builds, i.e. retro systems in modern cases, I really love this case. Even has spots where you can put extra COM ports. That’s certainly not something you see every day these days. Very nice.

    Zaydan Alfariz

    A bit pedantic, why is it called reverse? Like reverse sleeper or reverse… harem (if you catch my drift)

    Weeping Scorpion

    @Zaydan Alfariz Well, a sleeper build is usually modern tech in retro/vintage cases. Reverse sleeper is just the opposite: retro/vintage tech in a modern case. 🙂

    Zaydan Alfariz

    @Weeping Scorpion Thanks for the info

    Weeping Scorpion

    @Zaydan Alfariz You’re welcome. 🙂

    Paul Stubbs

    Revere sleeper builds …. Now there is an idea, I can actually put my original IBM PC motherboard (with cassette tape support) to use, as I’ve kind of given up ever finding a proper case for it.


I would definitely buy this. I miss the drive bays and the diskette bay since I have a lot of old devices and having a CD player and a good card reader with q lot of options would help


For anyone who doesn’t know, Delta is like the King of power supply OEM. Whatever power supply you have in your house right now, they could make a top tier variant of it, from small tiny ones like a 12V DC brick, all the way up to a Level 2 EV charger.

    Zaydan Alfariz

    Waiting for Level 3 charger


    I can’t imagine level 4 charger

    Tuah Danish

    now, imagine level 5

    P W

    level 6 would be crazy


Ya know I actually really like the case design on this one, it feels kinda modern retro in a sense, I personally like white cases, and the little splash of color of orange is a nice touch imo, if it could have a nice window on the side panel that would be dope.


Japanese corporations never cease to amaze me with the Japan only products and services they offer, I didn’t even know Epson did this many things outside of projectors and printers lol
Also, excellent, EXCELLENT segway to sponsor at the beginning, thank you for giving me a huge smile on my face


    In Japan, they are are as prevalent as Fuitsu, Dell and HP in the desktop market (in the Laptop market there are also Panasonic, NEC, and Sony). Epson are one of the go-to suppliers for businesses, that buy (or lease) desktops in bulk.


    Because they don’t like relying on imports to survive which is cool to see

    If only everything wasnt so expensive


    @Freestyle : Actually it’s a bit of a myth, that Japan is so expensive. It really is not.
    FYI, Living in the centre of Tokyo is actually cheaper than in most major European of American cities.
    Granted, the living space is smaller, but you’re really not missing out on anything.


    @bikkiikun I meant PC parts and PC builds, the prices are expensive from what I personally saw them listed for

    I dont know about anything else, never been there.

Don Ernesto

Linus and team thank you, your videos are always awesome and entertaining, please keep up the great work!


Geo is pretty cool because most of the Japanese TV broadcasters are incredibly slow/outright unwilling to make their back catalogues available for streaming. Even when they do, there’s often giant holes in their collections for annoying “compliance” reasons so DVD rental places like Geo and Tsutaya are often your only choice if you want to watch a particular show.

    Zaydan Alfariz

    Is Geo related to Geocities?

    Surfer Dude

    Even here in Canada, some of us still want 5 1/4 drive bays for an optical drive. It’s getting really hard to find them as streeming services push us as hard as they can toward the subscription services where we NEVER stop paying and our favorite content may or may not be there.

Thomas Boom

Funnily enough, Epson was also one of the first together with Leica to make a digital rangefinder camera, the RD-1, which has become quite rare.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

I really love the sponsor reference from Japanese tv shows. Really spot on.

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