What’s next for Microsoft’s giant Activision Blizzard $68.7 billion deal?

UK regulators have dealt a blow to Microsoft’s giant $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft will now have to fight to keep the deal alive, with a key EU decision in the coming weeks. #Technology #Gaming #News

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0:00 Biggest deal in gaming history gets blocked
0:36 Acquisitions in the gaming industry
1:15 The Call of Duty problem, explained
3:15 Existing Microsoft licensing deals
3:41 Microsoft needs mobile gaming to battle Apple and Google
4:00 Video game streaming and subscriptions (Xbox Game Pass)
4:58 CMA blocks the deal citing cloud gaming
5:45 Microsoft’s response to the decision
6:28 What happens next? FTC, EU decisions incoming

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The Verge

What’s your K/D? (Be honest! We’ll fact check)

vinayak agarwal



Rip Microsift
Ps5 have better performance than trashbox


Nice @tomwarren

Adam Burke

The irony is Sony made in-game exclusive to their platform, but Microsoft acquiring a whole accompany as an issue.

    Baylon Melanie

    Bungie exclusive to their platform? and downplaying how huge Activision Blizzard is compared to other publishers and studios? 😂😂😂

Chris Truitt

Sony literally owns the rights to produce Spider-Man games preventing half the console community from playing those games


Thanks Tom, very good video on this!

Alex Nuggz

Good video thanks Tom. Hoping it goes through, Gamepass is an affordable way for those with lack of funds to access new games day one. It allows the kids from low income families to play big titles alongside everyone else and fit in with the crowd at school without feeling alienated because they can’t afford the costly entry fee’s for new games. £69.99 for a new game is just ridiculous lets be honest.


That’s $68.7 billion + profits, that Microsoft will try and extract from gamers. How is that going to be good for us?


Meanwhile xbox has no great AAA games

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