Capture Entire Pages in iOS Screenshots #shorts

This secret trick can help you screenshot entire articles and multiple pages on your iPhone. #ios #iphonetips #iphone

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I wish it would just let you save it as a long image. What am I gonna do with a PDF? Lol


Ur late 😂


It been on samsung phones for years. Iphone is so far behind samsung

Jack Alope

Depends too heavily on the competency of the web developers. Sometimes they put all of the content inside of a scrollable element rather than making the page scrollable and that means what you see is what you get.

Mustang Medic⚫

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    Daniela marchi

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    Abd al Matin ibn Kareef

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    Michael McCullough, Photographer

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    I’m a living testimony of Joan Scarlett her platform has also done a great thing for me

    rudyanz geneziz

    This comment section is fake as squidward’s hair 😂
    They are all the same person answering each other lmao

aight bro

Can do a better one with android 👍

Pieceof Shitzu

Except it turns it into a pdf, so u can’t send it via messages unless it’s iMessage

The Gadget Guru

I mean that’s great but Andriod just beat apple to the punch with that one


Welcome to 5-6 years ago Apple. Good job

M O N E C ㅤ🚀

In Galaxy , we can also😂

Chitrarth Srivastava

Apple takes one step to take its users out of dark ages

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