I feel so disrespected right now.

We’ve made our fair share of clean setups for PC gaming, going so far as to create what we believe is the cleanestest setup of all time. But the folks over at Unevn think that they have us beat. Their super portable, e-sports/LAN gaming system is not just a cool case, its a WWE-style folding table… or I guess just a desk. But they thought it would be too hard for me to build in. Well, I’m gonna build a better one than them. Nvidia RTX GPU, duh. Super fast AMD Ryzen 7800x3D? You bet. And I’m gonna build it

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Check out the parts used in the stream!

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU:
ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-I Motherboard:
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 6000Mhz CL30 2x16GB DDR5 RAM:
Gigabyte AORUS Waterforce X 240mm Cooler:
Coolermaster V1100 SFX 80W Platinum PSU:
Crucial MX500 2TB 2.5" SSD:
Crucial T700 NVMe M.2 SSD:
LG UltraGear 27GR95QE Monitor:
Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Mouse:
Logitech G915 TKL Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:

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Uneven is NOT a good brand name for a company selling a 3600 dollat desk LMAO

    Docolin Dan

    Damn, you had to spoil the price with that top comment there


    @DASPRiD AMD would like to disagree lol


    @G0LDEN Paypal me 3600 dollats


    @Jeff Bezos 100% trust Bezos to know how to market


    It’s also not a good name for a company selling desks in general XD

Patrick Foster

I’m wondering if that GPU fan was wobbly cause it was so close to the glass on top and it was creating turbulence.


    @357Nayster delayed turbulance


    GPU fans can not create turbulences anywhere near strong enough to move something as heavy as a GPU



    Lisa Louise Keen

    ​@TheSandmanKS film roit hell ya.


    @Lisa Louise Keen yesssss! I knew someone else had to watch that too! 😂


The moment the stream shut down was perfect.

Blue Mark

Great sound design is tough.

Linus mentioned they were working on a future Framework PC-in-a-desk collab with an unnamed person who is exactly who we would think he is. Sounds great. Unnamed does some really good audio projects – hopefully he will bring some tremendous high-end sound design to the desk build. I imagine he and Dan would really geek out about that (if Dan is allowed on set).


    Not Louis Rossmann?

    Mohammed Jamshed Alam

    Just for confirmation who do we think it is?

    Kushagra Agrawal

    @Mohammed Jamshed Alam matt from diy perks 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Christian Stonecipher

    @BG You aren’t alone, Louis Rossmann is still my guess for unnamed as he is the main youtuber I think of when I think of Framework.


    @Kushagra Agrawal it probably is DIYPerks since he does a lot of wood work with computers.


I never laughed so hard.. The look that Linus gave the desk when he heard the price. LOL


    @Nocturnal101 Ravenous ferraris buisness model is to sell merchandise since thats where they make most of their money.


    @Efadd You’re right, it’s a black plastic folding table with some sound deadening. Are you actually trying to defend something that’s priced at 4000$ when it costs less than 20$ to make?

    Saul Goodman

    I don’t know how he can complain about the price. When he sells a backpack for $250.


    @Saul Goodman Because while it may not be overly priced based on the cost, the use case is so limited (and I’m sure he didn’t say it on camera but from the looks it seems flimsy) it’s hard to justify someone buying this. The money can be spend better elsewhere.
    A $250 backpack that can survive a beating and will likely last 10+ years isn’t so bad.
    We tried finding a replacement for my wife’s backpack recently and there just isn’t anything looking as good while looking like it would last.. so we spent 30 euros fixing the zipper through a seamstress.

    Saul Goodman

    @Ferinzz There’s other backpacks that are cheaper that will last long.
    Anyway the point is, that the table cost a lot of money to make.

Andrew :)

The stream had ups and downs but 2:40:36 made it all worth it!

0:00 *Start*
0:50 Teleprompter Woes
1:52 Unevn BASE Overview
5:43 Sponsor – Moment
6:01 Unevn BASE Unboxing
15:12 Merch Messages Overview
16:28 *Computer Build*
16:29 CPU (Ryzen 7 7800X3D)
18:16 RAM (G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 32g x 2 CL 30)
19:37 Motherboard (ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI)
21:27 SSD (Crucial T700 2TB)
22:19 >MM:Stubby Cable Straps
23:09 >MM:Streaming Products at LTT Labs
23:40 SSD Woes
25:23 SSD #2 (AORUS Gen5 10000)
26:24 Motherboard Install
29:34 >MM: Handheld Consoles
34:12 >MM: Future of ShortCircuit
42:38 Case Fans
45:03 >MM: CPU Overclocking
49:24 >MM: Pyramid PC
51:47 >MM: Cross Body Sling
55:01 >MM: Wooden PC
56:56 >MM: Business Tips
1:00:24 Panic Sets In
1:01:25 >MM: LTT Store Water Bottles
1:04:16 >MM: CPU Trends
1:07:16 >MM: Green Tech
1:09:55 Front IO and Cable Management
1:12:00 LTT: Then vs Now
1:13:41 Power Supply (Cooler Master V 1100 SFX Platinum 1100W)
1:15:23 >MM: Upcycling
1:18:13 Case Woes
1:19:02 >MM: Hardest Videos to Shoot
1:23:21 GPU (RTX 4090)
1:26:14 >MM: Releases in Tech
1:29:40 >MM: Floatplane Roast?
1:32:13 >MM: Steam Deck Upgrades
1:36:30 >MM: Nvidia Grid
1:37:23 Monitor (LG 244hz OLED)
1:45:08 >MM: Merch Messages Overflow
1:46:08 Monitor Woes
1:51:39 >MM: Display Screen Compression (DSC)
1:54:22 >MM: Home Lab setup guides
1:56:37 Sponsor – Sweetwater
1:57:22 Keyboard and Mouse
2:00:58 Does It POST? (No)
2:01:10 Troubleshooting
2:04:47 >MM:LTT selling desks
2:05:44 It POSTS!
2:09:22 >MM: LTT Tank Tops
2:10:51 BIOS
2:12:09 Desk Woes
2:17:40 >MM: Framework Upgrades
2:19:12 SSD Woes
2:24:34 >MM: Facebook Account Hacked
2:25:59 SSD Woes pt 2
2:29:43 >MM: Best Handhelds
2:31:32 More Woes (FT Luxe Backpack)
2:37:20 Halo Infinite

2:38:18 *Linus Figures Out his Password*

2:40:36 Sick Dance Moves
2:41:34 Sad Linus
2:42:52 Benchmarking
2:46:20 Ehh (End)


    You should see the beginning of the floatplane version lol even more worth it.


    1:11:07 did it for me

    Dan Cojocaru

    What does MM mean?


    @Dan Cojocaru that you like the food


    I hope you are getting paid for this.


This production value is awesome from the start.

Kevin Johnson

I totally didn’t realize this was a live stream until the kerfuffle with the sponsor footage failing to run… I love your team’s high production value, even when thing’s don’t go according to plan. Keep up your great energy ^_^


Actually I know a couple of companies that have bootcamps / hotel suites for esport teams that would probably benefit from desks like that the most – especially the carrying part.

    Collin J

    I can absolutely see that niche. Cool product, lots of good ideas, just not got the average consumer

Clara Young

Linus – Im gonna build a computer as good as this one in under an hour.

Me looking at the vid length….yeah ok Linus you say so 😂

    william delmer

    Thats impossible for Linus, hes outta practice and hes a talker.

    Faith Black

    We all noticed. One hour for us is two hours for him. Two hours for us is four hours for him…WAN show.


I think this is aimed at esports event organisers, not gamers.

You need a lot of computers exactly the same, easy to deploy and store.

It starts making sense when you look at it from that angle.


    Even then organizers would rather just buy and keep a bunch of folding tables and get their PCs from sponsors directly. God help them if the *desk* needs troubleshooting during setup or mid event.


    ​@Valanway well that’s kind the point, you just grab another unit, you don’t even need to diagnose what is wrong you just hot swap the whole desk, and then work out what’s gone wrong and needs replacing with limited effect on the schedule.

    Don’t need to unplug anything but the desk it’s self, keyboard screen mouse all the hardware just gets flat packed, carried away and replaced almost immediately.

    Hexi Hamaski

    especially with how the ssd drive is meant to be installed.. seems like its meant for multiple users

Pen Fold

I like that they designed the leg bracing so that it doesnt get in the way of a gaming chair sliding underneath.


Gonna be honest. This new segway format of stalling for time is absolutely brilliant! You guys should do this more often.


That outlook at the end of the build with Linus sitting on the box seems pretty accurate for anyone building their gaming setup and had to sacrifice their entire furniture portion of the budget for this table.

Lai Parco

For the crossbody sling bag, why don’t you guys take a page out of Camera bag manufacturer’s play book. The Gear compartments are usually configurable by dividers that attaches with velcro. So you guys can have foam lined packer blocks that velcro on to the interior of the bag, which should change the volume. Should be easy enough to design since you know the volume of your target devices, unless you are doing a form fitting case.


Congrats to Moment for having, arguably, the most memorable seguay of LTT.


This does seem like a good option for gaming events. Could save a lot of space by not having any pcs on the floor or table beside them.


Respect to all the important people, camera man Andy, mic boom arm holder, setup guys, editors and everyone else behind the camera …they are the ones making the videos look and sound so fantastic


I just hope Linus doesn’t forget how valuable his off-the-cuffs commentaries are whenever he does things live. They contain so much good information and insights. WAN show is a bit too long for me to watch every show in its entirety these days, but hearing Linus talking about the mutual exclusive nature between sponsorships and reviews is always nice.

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