What to Expect From Google I/O: Lots of AI

Google already made plenty of AI announcements this year, and we’re expecting more at I/O 2023.

0:00 AI Ambitions at Google I/O 2023
0:37 How AI Fits Into Google's Products
1:33 Using AI in Gmail and Google Docs
2:23 Using Google's AI Tools Ethically and Correctly

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Unga Bowa

Now you know that their technolgical advancement is more important than the safety and good of the people.


    Man discovers tech giants in 2023

Josef Torkelsen

Waitong for world to create basic AI rules…. …. …… Where is the United Nations or US leadership on this?

    Josef Torkelsen

    Btw, I want rules that prevent robot violence and evil and that promote safe robots. I’m purely ok if robots take over human jobs though as, although that will be painful, if we leverage it, we can finally live a life where robots work and humans can relax and enjoy life.


And skynet was born 🤖


Did Google write the transcript for this?

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