6 STUPIDEST Social Media Challenges

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videos like this really make me question the internet 馃槄

    duell collins

    What about the tidepod challenge the lick ice cream and put it back challenge, the smoke bathsalts challenge, or the hey Kiki challenge?

    Dalton Bahr馃憤馃槑

    Shure shure


    Now, we know that’s the result of your camera testing earlier; right?

    daniel kaminski

    You follow TEWTIY!!!


    the last part made me question you 馃槕


Imagine you are a worker and the store is about to close and a guy throws a gallon of milk 馃拃馃拃馃拃

    Da Neon Bandit

    @kelp vibe bro aint no way 馃槶 that honestly sucks. Hopefully karma does its thing ig 馃拃

    Shinobu Kocho

    鈥婡kelp vibe yes and don’t let him leave the store until he cleans up his own mess. The Janitors can have their break for now 馃槉

    Shinobu Kocho

    鈥婡fitness cat and that’s where your wrong bud. He made a simple joke, and I know he/she wasn’t trying to get likes for fame. He didn’t expect that so many people liked his comment. If you don’t like this comment, then don’t reply, mind your own business instead. I’m only replying to this comment because I want to agree with them. But to you, I’m only saying that you are in the wrong here.


    鈥婡Shinobu Kochobro woke and spoke fax

    kelp vibe

    @SKG GAMING i know i will be overpowered


Born too early to explore Space
Born too late to explore Earth
Born just in time to witness social media’s shenanigans, what a time to be alive

    Meme Reacts

    Bro I’ve subbed to you only and only cause I see you everywhere bruh

    F*C袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪I小


    fitness cat

    Born too early to be famous.

Balpreet Singh

Arun’s dedication is on another level. Soiling himself for a short!

    F*C袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪I小



    nah, soiling HIS shorts


    Considering that other people are actually peeing their pants for a couple of likes. Arun is okay.



nozomi kaminashi

Driving blindfolded 馃拃馃拃
These ppl are crazy

    F*C袣 袦袝. 孝袗袪 0N MY 袪I小



I swear people are just getting to a point where they are so bored the decide to harm themselves


    That point has been reached already

Superb Star

Bro half the time social media can be a synonym for stupid


In the future, CringeTok will create a trend that makes people die because of Eat a poisonous food and not to die challenge

Artun Ulkusal

Ain’t no way bro said peeing yourself is crazier than driving blindfolded馃拃

    05-13 Etty

    @Android that doesn鈥檛 mean that it鈥檚 ranked at all

    Teddy Cook

    Watch me I can do both at the same time 馃槒




    He didn’t say “Top 6” in the beginning he just said “6 of the stupidest challenge”

    Prasanna Samarakone

    But it鈥檚 also cause like it was meant to be a parody but people still decided to do it thinking it was real soo ig it鈥檚 crazy馃槄

Felix Bebernik

This is a perfect example of 鈥淧lay stupid games, win stupid prizes.鈥


    How? What prizes?


    鈥婡HSDiamond21 cancer, police case, and hospital bills


    @April Very rewarding鈥

    A Regal Gal

    Taylor swift be like:

Usagi Tsukino

At this point, I’m not even suprised at what they’re doing, it’s not even surprising 馃槜

Productions 205

Random person: Smashes milk gallon on floor

Janitor: I hate my fucking life鈥

    Extreme 1001

    Janitors don鈥檛 get paid enough to deal with that BS.




Everyday, we understand more why ultron wanted to do what he wanted to do

    Ra Hul

    Ultron took one scroll through tiktok and decided.. “Total annihilation it is.”

    Vipul Karkar

    Even thanos was also right.

    Sleepy Dobe

    You know, if Thanos got rid of all these stupid people in the world, we might have a realistic chance against climate change and saving the Earth’s resources.


    He predicted future in 2014

Matthew Lawreence

Those people who started those challenges should be arrested

Rimu Kanami

Today I can’t even begin to understand what has happened to society because of stupid tiktok trends


    Its easy to understand cause all they want are views. They like a lot of people to watch them so they can go viral. That’s all


That’s why the dad’s aren’t coming back home….
All the milk is being smashed!馃槀馃拃


honestly i鈥檇 just put a shape (like a piece of paper) or a lot of sunscreen concentrated in the area, put sunscreen on, and just tan. same thing, less harmful

Chris Edwards

You really need to do a full video on these 馃槀

    Theodore Bradley

    Yes please, I have avoided most all social media, except YT comments, most of these is my first time hearing about it. Full video of the consequences please.

Faiz Sufrikhan

I hope the kids who did the milk one got the backroom treatment before the cops arrested then

Walt Kowalski

6 Social Media Challenges Millennials Fell For…fixed the title.

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