Google spoils its own party and teases us with some Pixel Fold footage #shorts

This is Google’s first foldable phone. More details are coming at Google I/O on May 10th.

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Christian Cruz Rodriguez

I don’t mind the front screen but the inside has huge top and bottom bezels. Gotta see what they do OS wise for it which will be extremely interesting and price cuz price can make it or break it.

Press Kevin To Continue

I smell the flop from miles away. They should’ve done a pixel that folds to a smaller size like the moto Razr. There are too many big phones in the market already

    The King

    This isn’t a phone they have to sell a lot of. Folding phones will probably never outsell “candy bar” shaped phones. Since Google hasn’t established themselves in the tablet market yet, and it will be hard making a dent in it with iPad’s dominance, I think it makes sense for them to try being at the forefront of this emerging technology.


Holy bezels, batman!

Arthur Zakaryan

Really hoping pricing rumors are wrong and we’ll see it for something like $1499. The Pixel brand isn’t at the level of Samsung’s Galaxy line, even in the US, their largest market so until they get there, they will have to continue their trend of undercutting Samsung that started with the Pixel 6 phones, carrying into the 7 phones and hopefully will continue with the 8 phones in the fall.

    The King

    I was really disappointed by the pricing leaks but this phone has been in constant development for two years nows so Google might just leap frog Samsung on quality. From what I’ve heard, each time it was canceled it was for quality problems and part of the marketing for this phone will be how rugged the hinge is.

Tim Moore

This is what Google does. They always “leak it” early.

The King

Bard will probably overshadow the Pixel Fold during I/O since this phone will not appeal to most people. Not me though. I’ve been waiting for this phone for 2 years and following the leaks.

Wielson Factolerin

Ugg Lee

AD Ptr

Ooo man the crease. Will it be noticeable than the oppo find? And quality more inferior to the galaxy fold?

Lavada Groundterry

It’ll work better for me cuz


This is actually gonna be dope.

Cooper 109

hey at least Google wouldn’t *hopefully* use white bezels… (but please Google don’t do that)


Just another creased monstrosity.

Karthik Lingappan

I hate the TikTok style short. Just make a short that’s Verge style. Please.

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