How a Journaling App Makes Sense for Apple

Apple is reported to be working on a journaling app to be integrated into iOS 17 to aid with mental health. CNET’s Bridget Carey explores what Apple could offer.

0:00 New iPhone Journaling App May Be Coming Soon
1:05 The iPhone is a Blessing And a Curse
2:17 Health Is Nothing New for Apple
3:16 Trying the One Day and Daylio Journaling Apps
5:02 Journaling Hurdles Apple is Facing
6:49 iPhone as Life Coach?
7:22 Let Us Know How You Journal

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Journaling seems to be Apple’s mental health play imo


Tweeting is basically open journaling

Eugene Horner

I really like Bridget’s voice ❤🎉


    Her and the Watch Mojo Lady should seriously consider voice acting.


    Look! I thought it was just me!!! Ok. I feel less creepy now. 😅whew!


It would be amazing

Muddy Export

Good hair!

PED Garage

Journaling is good for your mental health, but turn off the phone and use a “boring” notebook.
Practice gratitude, write down your tasks and goals for the next day, better in a to do list form with an assigned time of the day to do it.
It will help.

    Rhiannon Rivas

    If that works for you great, but I will always journal on devices. As someone that moves a lot I try to not have so many books, and I like not having to carry books. Plus, I’ve had ppl go through my journal every time I’ve had a physical one, never again. There’s pros and cons to both

Charles Smith

Full disclosure: my Mindfulness practice has 27 non-negotiable mindfulness sessions (see Emily Fletcher’s Stress Less Accomplish More)
I think Apple’s Journaling Platform is going to be like Final Cup Pro, Motion & Compressor: they are engaging in the space in ways that will elevate and improve access. Because Fitness+ is a thing in the aether, Nike Run Club & Nike Training Club has a partnership that rises the tide for connected fitness. Because of the iPhone & it’s camera Nikon, Canon Sony, FujiFilm and the L-Mount Alliance have potential new camera enthusiasts. The Same holds for Premier & Resolve.
In Dustin Brown’s Meditation Episode 19 he makes the point that we always need to balance our awareness with focus. Like seeing the pine needles as well as the evergreens. 🌲 Using the Camera, it’s like seeing at 15mm versus 150mm. I think the Journaling platform will be a tool to make these connections. Like looking back at one’s Fitness+ dashboard for trends, regressions & progressions. There is also that Freeform app that utilized the drawing libraries waiting to be incorporated.


Sounds like you are a candidate for Screen Time!

I’d use this as a goal setting, accomplishment app and memory assistance.

Also, don’t use work calendar for your private life. Imagine the awkward ping from HR about “May 10th CNN Interview!”. Never merge personal life with work apps. They can legally see anything they want on their servers.

Peter B

Lizard brain? Oh I have goldfish brain

Igor Costa

Great app for iPad + pencil. I do it on notes weekly and it helps me a lot. Turn off notifications and use it as you please.


Great video. I love your delivery. I genuinely felt engaged with the material. It was well paced and well organized. That being said, I don’t like to type out my journaling. Part of the therapy of journaling for me is hand writing it. So, I use my iPad mini and GoodNotes. This app is a pass for me. You brought up some good points though. ❤

Shreyas Gupta

I just love the expressions on her face sooooo spot on! Keep it up

marc goldstein

No thank you. All of it.

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