Think it’s time we did a gender reveal


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It’s unbelievable how far Pewdiepie has come, after raising a whole generation he’s now settling down to raise a child of his own. Congratulations Felix.

    kibin ☻「キビン」

    hi, the gender is a boy because here in japan we hang fish carp streamers during boy’s day.

    Ayush M Nair

    Guys ignore that igger guy,he just want attention

    Subhrojit Das

    why did you congratulates felix..isnt that pewdiepie’s lookalike?


    @OutSpidey yes and i dont get it

    Kye Ikemi

    @igger die


no matter what gender it is, i just know felix is gonna be a great babysitter for pewdiepie’s child



    Itzzz Zach






    Silly Cupcake! 🧁

    Lol I hate this 🤣 {i love dis}


Well the Koinobori hint confirms it, ITS A BOY. Carp streamers were originally flown as part of Japanese Boys day with a carp representing each son for those unaware. What a beautiful way to reveal.

    A A

    @Eli Benthanks for sharing


    Nice spot, I was thinking the same ☺️

    Lauren C

    Ok this is so precious! Thank you for sharing this what a beautiful tradition


    That is pretty cool


    @mirae all of them do


Congratulations! 🎈🎊🍾 💪


    Nope. F that could


    why are you everywhere


    chocolate rainnnnn :O

    December 277


    Emily Darling

    More people excited mr chocolate rain guy commented than the gender of Felix’s kid 😂

Victoria Harkins

You can just tell how great of a father he is going to be. He is so caring and sweet with marzia and the baby! Love you Pewds been watching for 9 years!!


I’m super happy for him. being a fan for 3/4 years and finally seeing him at the peak of his life gives me so much joy.


I love seeing Pewds happy. Could literally cry from it

    John Slick

    it makes me cry from different holes


I just have to join the choir of people expressing love and happiness for you guys. I really never thought I’d enjoy lo-fi vlogging videos like this but man, does it make me feel warm and fuzzy. You will forever be number 1 for me.

Also, sjukt snygga glajjor!

Namaste Bharat

I hope this channel never ends and keeps spreading happiness


Okay after google search : IT’S A BOY !! Those fish flags are for the celebration of Children’s day in Japan. Nowadays they symbolize good wishes for both boy and girls but this holiday is still referred casually as “Boy’s day” :))) congratulations Marcia and Pewds !

    Caitlin Hall

    I saw the blue in the background and just thought boy hahaha 😆

    Alberto Rodriguez

    ​@Instagram User reporting

    attitude era glamazon

    ​@Morgan Watkins I was too.

    Hej Monika

    Thank you!!!




Being a fan of pewdiepie for over nine years and then seeing him making videos about how great life is to finally be setlled in.. it makes me tear up a little. We’re all so happy for you, thank you for the memories

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    Instagram User

    Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs DNA seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I!! 😂👌


    Hard to believe feels like yesterday he was in bra and panties doing the Harlem shake. Good times bro 👊.


My absolutely favourite youtuber never fails to make me smile to see him all happy and living his life to the fullest with his family in Japan. Im really glad that boy is gonna have the best childhood ever. Best of luck to you Felix and Marzia

Robert Rubbinaccio

As a dad of an 18 month old boy, all I can say is you are going to love this kid more than you can possibly imagine. I’m sure you know that already … but take that, multiply it by 1000, and that’s how it’ll be. I’m so happy for you guys!

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂!!

    Instagram User

    Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs DNA seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I!! 😂👌

    China Virus

    Pewdiepie left for Japan to avoid war in Europe


    You want him to multiply it now or after the baby arrives? Coz if he does it now it will be 1million times after baby arrives. 🤔 it sounds like an iteration.

    Lol just kidding. I like to aimlessly brain storm.


    ​@China Virus Your point?


Wow! It’s so crazy when I think back to when I was a kid watching this, I’m in my 20s now, I’m so happy for you two! Congratulations to you both!!! 💙💙💙


    same but I was 22 when I started watching now i’m 31


Whatever it is, we all here will pray for you, Marzia, your newborn child and the doggies. Congratulations Pewds and Marzia!


Watching Pewds go from playing amnesia in Sweden to the vlogs on his life in Japan have been a hell of a journey and I couldn’t be more happy for Pewds and Marzia, Its so wholesome to see what a wonderful life they have and I wish them all the best. Congrats Felix and Marzia, and Momo and Edgar


The world can be so sad sometimes, but seeing people happy and living life to the fullest makes it bearable. Congratulations Felix and angel Marzia! 💙

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Ĥi ĝuys

    Instagram User

    Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs DNA seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I!! 😂👌

    Alberto Rodriguez

    ​@Instagram User who hurt you


There’s a very special bond between a boy and his mom. I can confirm this via my mom and other family members that have boys. Congrats on the news! I’m so happy for the two of you! I shed a manly tear for my Mom and for the joy about to enter Felix’s home. You two are going to be amazing parents.

Caitlin Wood

congratulations felix and marzia, he’s the luckiest boy to have you guys as parents! so happy for you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    James Douglass

    How’d you know it’s a boy?


    @James Douglass did u watch the video

    Caitlin Wood

    @James Douglass Koinobori (the fish) symbolise children’s day but originally boys festival, while girls festival is Hinamatsuri which is march 3rd.
    so definitely a boy 🙂

    Chelsea Craig

    @Dimi all it showed were Christmas lights. How the hell would I know what it was when there’s 10 different random colored lights everywhere?


So unreal to think Felix is gonna have a child running around in his videos soon.

    Bluy Molla

    I agree


    @China Virus LOL what war??? He was in UK


    @China Virus what war?

    Shorts Sounds

    @Instagram UserYou are right. How didn’t I think of that? You’re very wise. Please teach me your ways.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


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