Try Not To Cringe

This might be the hardest I've ever cringed watching videos
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my tiktok is kleen_editz

Thank you sean for sacrificing your mental health for this video

    Dat Random Internet Dude

    And mine


    I almost turned into a raisin just watching it, but yes

Pop Culture Data

Sean has the power to make cringe watchable by only using 1% of his power

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    @Cocobeanvip1 Sean

    rishi tomar

    the cringiest moment of my life was when i sang disstrack on pewdiepie on my 13th birthday

    asd gdsfgdg

    ​@Pepsiwhat did it says??

    the gamer 64

    @Ķ8ţhěbėşț Ģämįňğ racism

agro_ ghost

Sean is the only man that reduces the cringe for us 😂



    Markus Paus

    Exactly. Like I dont know why but for some reason no matter how cringe things can get I just dont get cringe. It’s super wierd

    The Twisted Truth

    I guess he does play the part of cringe reduction for some of us. I usually make a giant try to avoid it, so yeah he makes it watchable, weird.


    Some of them are just… Weird imo… Like those raw meat etc



Sentient Mustache

Sean was the only thing preventing me from turning into a black hole by collapsing into myself from all the cringe

    Lioness Child

    Yeah he was the one doing it for us 🤣


    ​@bluelfsuma kirby is coming to vibe check you…

    Hey, you!

    Except for music video, it was fun


    Rlly isnt that bad


The joker one actually made me pace around my room to try and expel the cringe


    the real estate one was a banger tho

    Juicy juice 2 Juicy juice 2

    Bro for real joker one killed me

    Jordan Newman

    @Juicy juice 2 Juicy juice 2 I think he’s autistic. Not sure but it really seems like it, I have an autistic brother and this guy is showing similar signs, so try not to be too mean. I think he’s genuinely just trying to make her laugh, and wasn’t trying to be creepy.

    Fire bird that heals you

    I don’t understand why that was cringe


    @Fire bird that heals you for real, it sounded like the joker from the old batman cartoons

Colin Kahler

As Sean has previously stated, that’s not cringe, that’s crime


    Lol cringe to a next lvl is crimge
    nice one ^^

    Emmanuel Narayanan

    yo crime, you jail


    @Emmanuel Narayanan I believe you tried to write crimge but your autocorrect did not let you ?

    Fire bird that heals you

    ​@RainBwateur not, it seems like he wanted to write crime, cringe would not make sense in his phrase


Sean defending his queen as he should. the best part for me 💅so cute ☺️☺️

    J Burnett

    This is seriously my thought a lot. They are probably the cutest couple ever, and I love their smiles whenever we see them together.
    Relationship goals!


    @Fire bird that heals you okey 🥰 hope you have a genuinely nice day 🩷

    Fire bird that heals you

    @Loopy “defending his queen” 😬


    Wow someone doing the bare minimum as someones significant other,


The freestyle part had me on the floor clenching so hard I was cracking ribs. Dear god why?

    Lets Plays von Aja

    The other girl was good at least, but god, the first girl was so bad
    She didn’t even present the lines right, it sounded like she’s just normally talking and not at all like rap


    @Lets Plays von Aja yeah there was a very clear winner of that rap battle lol


    @Lets Plays von Aja it’s probably cause she doesn’t even listen to rap lmao, i mean she mentioned eminem twice and no other rapper, seems to me she only listened to rap god and thought she could spit in a rap battle 💀💀


    ​@Lets Plays von Aja no, she was NOT good lmao, it’s just the other girl was so much worse that it made her seem at least decent in comparison. But no, they were both hot garbage

Pickle Wart

It wasn’t just cringe because he tried to do a joker laugh to impress a girl and failed at both, it’s cringe because he thought it was a good idea at all.

    Fire bird that heals you

    @Pickle Wart that’s not how it works, you must apologize


    Yeah well she’s kinda trash for secretly recording it and posting it on Tik Tok.

    Leon Russell

    ​@Pickle Wart good on you for sticking up for yourself

    Phoenix Burns

    @Jordan Newman I’ve been in the same friend group as this guy for 5 years, and I know for a fact he works at a McDonalds. I understand if you don’t believe it, but either way the original poster of the video confirmed after she took the video down that this guy is autistic. Whether it’s my friend or not, it’s still a confirmed piece of info.

Miracle Song

seans videos are my happy place, there just so wholesome and chaotic

Gabriel Cancinos

Something i love about the rap battle is how the blonde is actually rapping while the brunette was basically doing spoken word

    Heidi R

    I was laughing about that too, just two very aggressive slam poets lol

    Stephh Colsefni

    Can someone link this atrocity? Saving it for a rainy day cause I’m 😂😂💀💀

    My Giga Academia

    ​@Emerald Rose same

    J Burnett

    ​@Gregory I almost skipped it as well, but my dumb little brain was telling me that it would get better. It didn’t… 😂😭


This gave me such bad second hand embarrassment that my entire body felt uncomfortably warm

NGC 7635

I love how there’s an entire portion of society that actually believes that making a scene in public is totally fine and if it bothers anyone that “it’s their problem”. That’s called being obnoxious and narcissistic.

    Megaloudis The Great

    I feel like If I (and probably my colleagues too) saw a girl like that in a classroom and doing such weirds stuff like dancing with a skirt interrupting the Lecture, I’ll either carry her in my arms and throw her outside (If I like the class), OR just stare and LMAO (If I don’t like the Prof)🌚.
    I’m dazzled how none of the students did anything! Was the Cameraman that big and scary?😯

    Zouraiz Khan

    @Fire bird that heals you i suppose ur one of those ppl

    Fire bird that heals you

    @Alli Cat you don’t know me little sheep

    Polygone 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    ​@Fire bird that heals you i love your name lmao

Lesley RedRhody

The Cringe Award goes to the woman who licked ice cream off the kid’s face!

I honestly don’t know how Seán was able to commentate over that, because I couldn’t watch!

Props to him for surviving this cringe montage!


    This is the first comment I’ve seen talking about it. Reverse the roles, and adult man licking a little girls face, the comments would be flooded about it


I was laughing hysterically by the end of this video LOL Sean just adds some extra flavor and charm to it all


I’m so glad that he ended up with the purple nurples, got me laughing so hard 😂😂😂


“I don’t think that’s a prank, that’s a crime” is my favourite quote from Sean now.


    My favorite quote from him will always be “top of the mornin to ya laddies”

    Monroe Robbins

    It feels bloody awful, kinda skeevoid.

    Riley L

    Honestly could apply to at least half the pranks on YouTube lmao

marzin kotwal

I should remember to never watch Sean’s videos while drinking something as the humour (or the cringe) here makes me choke at times!


    Amen 🙏😇🤣

Sezn •

My bearded dragon of 5 years passed today and I’ve been crying for 2 hours.. thank you for always making me laugh Sean!

    Cody W

    Ah I’m sorry buddy

    F Jolliff

    Aw, hun. I’m so sorry to hear that. Bearded are amazing, I always wanted one myself but didn’t have the means to care for it properly. You have my respect for your success. And I bet your beardie loved every moment with you! 💜

    Jasmine Dragon

    That sucks :((
    May the little dude rest in peace. 💔

    Corgi Pants

    I’m so glad this community is this wholesome. Stay strong and prayers for your dragon. They make great pets. ❤


    Sorry for your loss❤


i love the way sean says whales, it’s literally my favorite sound ever like if i could just hear sean talk about whales for an hour i would love it.

    Ben Hazevoet

    I saw your profile pic and I thought that I made the comment

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