AI Tools I ACTUALLY Use Every Day

Helpful Ai tools but now in the creative apps you ACTUALLY USE! Thank you @NVIDIA  for sponsoring this video! 👉 Learn more about the new @NVIDIAGeForce RTX 40 Series Laptops for gamers and creators here:  👉 For more about how the @NVIDIA-Studio platform helps creators accelerate their creativity:

Part 1 Ai video "14 ai tools creators should actuall use" —

Highlighted in this video:
0:00 Intro
1:48 Davinci Resolve 18.5 Beta – Ai Relighting, Video Text Editing, Automatic Subtitles
3:34 Adobe Premiere – Video Text Editing, AutoPod
8:28 AUTOPOD – Automatically Jump Cutting Your Footage
10:44 ChatGPT and Notion Ai

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Mouad Nadzi

Wow the intro is damn good also the thumbnail 🔥🔥🔥

Howie Crossing

Cool stuff! Very informative 😀

Marcell Kovacs

Finally a video that showcases actual use cases rather than discussing hypotheticals. I love the pauses deletion in Premiere, I was thinking a while back how nice it would be to add that feature in media players. Sometimes I just want to crunch through something, and skipping silence and “uhm”-s would save lots of time,

Courtney Alice Gargani

AI sounds like it would make your life easier but doesn’t sound like it won’t make you rich or take over some jobs. People can still do task over AI. How often do you post videos?


A deep dive into the subject AND entertaining! You even made the paid promo interesting!


    Yes! I always watch the sponsored content made by her. She’s just so good at making it seem like a good part of the video instead of a plugin.

Super Nicktendo

I’ve been using Ai to research episodes especially in Bing because it gives you sources to go diving into. I like it because it goes pretty deep – without having to play the algorithm game of what a search engine THINKs you want to search for. I’m a noob at a lot of things technical and sometimes I have an idea that would require me to ask a more seasoned developer and I get Ai to steer me in the right direction instead of telling me that my question is stupid because they forgot what it was like to start fresh.

Pet Mur

Great explanation of AI Sarah. Well done,!

Jibril Abdulkadir

Great video Sara 💙

Andy Ackerman

AI won’t make you “Rich,” but it might make you “Randy…”

Meet Kevin

omg sponsored by NVDA. I’m watching ever second.

Meet Kevin

apple slam without mention apple on gaming hahahaha that hit home. it’s true.

Mouad Nadzi

Damn love this content i really liked when u talked about programmers us. Keep pushing limits to a high level 💯 ❤

Terry Smith

My biggest take away from this is that I need to use way more emojis in my videos


Every time you YouTubers talk about Resolve, you bring up the Premier Pro Crashes, but the thing is, I haven’t had Premier Pro crash on me in over a year and I use it daily for work.


    Same here.


i’m not a commentor i guess lol more a lurker so i use AI Bing to how do i say nice about this video lol

bing AI responding with this

I see. That sounds like an interesting video. Here are some possible comments you can write:

1 This video is amazing! I love how you showed the power of AI tools and creative minds working together. You are truly an inspiration!

2 Wow, this video blew my mind! I learned so much about AI tools and how they can enhance creativity. Thank you for sharing your insights and skills!

3 What a fantastic video! I’m impressed by how you used AI tools to create such amazing works of art. You have a great talent and vision!


Looks at video title: I’m going to use AI to fill out an online form to legally change my name to Richard in spite! 🤣

Jaskaran Singh

Great video, great inputs, thanks for Sharing


Omg you blew my mind with the text editing in premiere and the multi cam plugin!

Aakash Shailajan

Thank you Sara Dietschy rhymes with Peachy ❤


Thank you, Sara, for the great content about AI! Those features in Premier Pro are cool. Gotta give them a try. Thank you for keeping it real!

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